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Coastal Commission to consider permit for Sharp Park Golf Course improvement, 4/16/15

The City of San Francisco has completed EIR studies in compliance with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and is asking for a coastal permit to make requested and required Sharp Park Golf Course improvements. In turn, the City of Pacifica has sent a support letter to the Coastal Commission. The Coastal Commission meeting to approve these Golf Course improvements is Thursday, April 16, 2015, as follows:

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San Francisco is saving our endangered golfers,
the vegetation, the frogs, the Club, and the land 
of Sharp Park. Thank you many enduring friends!
From the Coastal Commission Agenda: "Coastal Commission Meeting/Thursday April 16, 2015, 9 a.m., North Central Coast District, Marin County Board of Supervisors, 3501 Civic Center Drive, Suite 329, San Rafael, CA.  (Update 4/3/15). 

Item 8.  See Agenda Categories. Attention: Items appearing in this section of the agenda may be moved to the Consent Calendar for this area by the Executive Director when, prior to taking up the Consent Calendar, staff and the applicant are in agreement on the staff recommendation. If an item is moved to the Consent Calendar it will be processed in the same manner as other Consent Calendar items (See Agenda Categories) except that if that item is subsequently removed from the Consent Calendar by a vote of three or more commissioners, the item will be acted upon at the meeting in the order in which it originally appears on this Meeting Notice and in the manner Coastal Permit Applications are processed. The purpose of this procedural change is to expedite the Commission's coastal development permit process. 

a.  Application No. 2-12-014 (San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, Pacifica) Application of San Francisco Recreation and Park Dept. to improve infrastructures at Sharp Park Golf Course including: (1) remove sediment and emergent vegetation from Horse Stable Pond and Laguna Salada Wetlands; (2) install steps, gate, walkway and retaining wall; and, (3) relocate golf cart path, Pacifica, San Mateo County. (SR-SF)."

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Note:  photograph from Pacifica Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center, "Pacifica Pier & Sharp Park Golf Course." "The famous golf architect, Alister Mackenzie, designed the Sharp park Golf Course. ... built in 1931..."  Special thanks to Bob Hutchinson for bring this Coastal Commission meeting to our attention.
The famous golf architect, Alister Mackenzie, designed the Sharp Park Golf Course. This 18- hole public golf course and is quite affordable. Par is 72 for men and 74 for women. Total course yardage is approximately 6,200. The historic clubhouse, built in 1932, houses the Starter/golf area, lounge, large main dining room and a private dining room. - See more at:
The famous golf architect, Alister Mackenzie, designed the Sharp Park Golf Course. This 18- hole public golf course and is quite affordable. Par is 72 for men and 74 for women. Total course yardage is approximately 6,200. The historic clubhouse, built in 1932, houses the Starter/golf area, lounge, large main dining room and a private dining room. - See more at:
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Anonymous said...

The meeting is in Marin. I would expect that many of the anti-course people will be up there in force to testify against the project. The outcome might be surprising.

mw said...

The WEBLEEDU's lost in the federal courts and we're waiting to hear the verdict in a state court trial that happened yesterday (where the usual suspects are again trying to stop this small project). They've lost the political battles with the SF Board of Supervisors and Pacifica City Council. So yeah - we can expect a full court press from them with the Coastal Commission.

The Staff Report (300+ pages including attachments and exhibits) prepared for the Coastal Commission recommends approval of the project.

Every credible expert understands this small project repairing the pumphouse, clearing toolies, dredging the channel between Laguna Salada & Horse Stable Pond, and building more breeding ponds is good for the frogs and good for the golf course. It's an absolute win-win for both practical, problem solving environmentalists and golfers.

The only losers are a small group of golf-hating, "deep ecology" fanatical ideologues.

So far, common sense has prevailed. Let's hope we keep the streak alive with the Coastal Commission.

Steve Sinai said...

As expected, Plater lost the last court battle yet declared victory. He reminds me of Charlie Sheen, who thinks he's "Winning" while everyone else knows he's losing. From Wild Equity's website -

"On March 11, 2015 Wild Equity appeared at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in our ongoing legal challenged to the money-losing, endangered species killing Sharp Park Golf Course. A few days later the court issued a short opinion that clears the way for Wild Equity to “vacate” a mistaken element of a district court decision issued in 2012.

Specifically, the Ninth Circuit agreed with Wild Equity that our challenge became “moot” due to intervening events. Wild Equity proposed that the court therefore must either (1) declare the case moot so that the lower court opinion could be vacated, or (2) wield an exception to the mootness doctrine and rule that the lower court opinion was wrong on the merits. The court chose the former option, and now Wild Equity can move forward with vacating the mistaken element of the lower court’s position.

This ruling upholds Wild Equity’s lower court victories finding the Golf Course illegally killed endangered species for years, harming their populations, and ordering the Golf Course to pay nearly $400,000 in court costs for its illegal actions. It also paves the way for new legal challenges against the Golf Course for its actions that harm taxpayers and the environment. Stay tuned for the latest updates in our campaign to Restore Sharp Park."

Anonymous said...

Charlie Sheen is WINNING every time he pulls up his online bank statements.

Anonymous said...

438 Sadly, so is Brent. Like a minnow to a whale, certainly, but neither one is changing careers.

mw said...

Steve, I thought you were being snarky, but it turns out you are a prophet.


It is laughable, of course. The only way to understand this is to think of WEI like Scientology or North Korea. It does not matter what the outside world thinks about the ridiculous claims by the leadership. Their entire purpose of publishing this nonsense is for internal consumption to keep the true believers in line.

Serious Steve Sinai said...

I am always serious, Mike. Never snarky.

Plater declares victory every time he loses a case.

Sharon said...

WEI conducted a snake walk at Mori's Point yesterday and by the number of cars parked around the entrance it looked like a good turn out. Sure hope the golf alliance can get a good bunch to show up on the 16th since we know WEI is very good at rallying poorly informed folks to act out it's agenda.

Steve Sinai said...

I wouldn't be surprised if WEI claimed they saw a dozen snakes yesterday, but damn, everyone's cell phone happened to be broken so they couldn't get any pictures.

Anonymous said...

Demand strict enforcement of the one car-one snake rule.

Sharon said...

Just ran across this tidbit and had to post since the subject of the comment was such and ardent support of WEI "We’ve lost confidence in the current leadership and have a tremendous amount of faith in Vicki Hennessy’s ability to raise morale and bring respect and integrity back to the sheriff’s office,” Deputy Eugene Cerbone, president of the San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, said in a statement regarding Ross Mirkarimi's bid for re-election.

Anonymous said...

Poor Sheriff Mirkarimi. Life imitating art. His life imitating a telenovela-Venezuelan style.

Anonymous said...

Huh? Does the phrase "non sequitur" ring a bell?

Anonymous said...

WEI=non sequitur

Sharon said...

It is a non sequitur but interesting if you really know the history of the golf course controversy and spent any time speaking before the SF Board of Supervisors a few years ago when Mirkarimi was on the board.

mw said...

I am with you Sharon:

Mirkarimi and Me

And who knows...

After he loses his reelection bid for Sheriff, he may run for his Board of Supervisor seat again. I'd rather see him stay on as Sheriff than get back on the SFBOS.He can do and has done a lot more damage as a Supe.

Sharon said...

Certainly agree with you there mw.