Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Voting rights legislation: Democrats Club meeting, this Saturday August 21, 2021

Mary Ann Edson-Plumb, Club President is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.....

The Pacifica - Daly City Democrats Club will hold its monthly meeting this Saturday, August 21, beginning at 9:30 a.m., via Zoom.

Supreme Court Put a Dagger in the Heart of the Voting Rights Act | American  Civil Liberties Union
Current issues and legislation to improve,
reform and protect our rights to vote.

Our guest speaker, Brent Turner, is Co-Chair of the Voter Integrity Committee of the San Mateo County Democrats. His presentation will include discussion of the For the People Act (H.R.1 & S.1) and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act—what issues they address, current status, why passage is imperative, and whether passage in the Senate will require elimination or reform of the filibuster rule.
To set the stage, our First VP Connie Menefee will begin with a brief overview of how the U.S. Supreme Court has methodically stripped away the protections of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The Supreme Court’s hostility towards voting rights (as demonstrated in the pivotal Shelby County, Alabama case decided in 2013) set the stage for a deluge of voter suppression laws and underscores the need for a national solution.
Join the Zoom meeting Saturday morning by signing in between 9:15 and 9:30, using the instructions in the following invitation.
<https://www.google.com/url?q=https://zoom.us/j/96422590917?pwd%3DMnhuWFBwMDR2ZUowTFlWd2Q3Q2s0UT09&sa=D&source=calendar&usd=2&usg=AOvVaw3agmC1iLuVmvnH9xc4mbTRMeeting ID: 964 2259 0917 ,  Passcode: 691493 .

Alternatives:  One tap mobile +16699009128,,96422590917#,,,,*691493# US (San Jose). Or, phone dial  +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose) .
Note:  Pacifica Daly City Democrats hold meetings of interest for the Club and the Community every third Saturday of the month at 9:30 a.m.

Submitted by Club email information from H. James Crow, Club Treasurer
Program reference.
  1) For the People Act,  Brennan Center For the People Act (H.R.1 & S.1), "Summary: Bold legislation introduced in the House (H.R. 1) and Senate (S. 1) would ensure that our democracy works for everyone."  2)  John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, ACLU, "... Passing the VRAA will protect our fundamental right to vote and defend us against discrimination."       Note graphic from ACLU/Speak Freely blog/Vagins/MdDonald, 7/2/13, "Supreme Court Put a Dagger in the Heart of the Voting Rights Act."
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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Planning Commission meeting Monday August 16, 2021 cancelled

From the City meeting calendar:  "August 16, 2021 Monday:  Planning Commission Meeting CANCELLED."

Other City News, with weekly updates: 
Connect with Pacifica/Kevin Woodhouse, City Manager, 8/13/21.   Pacifica Tribune, (news on line and newspaper).
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Sunday, August 8, 2021

City Council meeting, Monday August 9, 2021

 This City Council meeting may be viewed and virtually participated in on ZOOM  https://zoom.us/j/99091160676 ,  or  through the City website livestream.  Dial-in is also available 1-669-900-6833 .  (This City Council meeting will NOT be televised on local Pacific Coast Television PCT/Pacifica Channel 26.  PCT also links their program calendar, and recent coastside civic meeting videos.

Complying with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease Notice (fully detailed on page 1 of the City Council PDF link below):  this civic meeting will not be physically open to the publicand will be held through teleconferencing.   
Public comments, see pages 1 and 2 of the pdf agenda below.  1) Live access is available through Zoom and dial-in: during the public comment period, press 9 to raise your hand; when called upon, provide the last 4 digits of your phone number.   Or, 2) comments for the record only prior to 4 pm date of the meeting may be submitted to publiccomment@ci.pacifica.ca.us.  1) In the subject line be sure to specify whether oral communications or an Agenda item and the number, 2) in the text include your full name, 3) limit your text to no more than 350 words.  Note: many of the pdf links below currently redirect to the City (requires an extra step to open).

Interactive City Council Agenda, 8/9/21.       City Council Agenda, 8/9/21, pdf pages 868.

Study Session, 6:00 p.m. 
Continuation of outdoor commercial activities, 
report.  a) Report, 6/14/21.
Open Session, 7:00 p.m.  Administrative: call to order, roll call, flag salute. 
Special Presentations, 
none listed.

Consent Calendar
   Approval of financial disbursements (checks) FY 2020-2021:  a) 6/1/21 -  6/15/21.
2.    Approval of Minutes,  Meetings:  a)  6/22/21 (Special),  b) 6/28/21,  c)  7/7/21 (Special),  d) 7/12/21.
3.    Continuation of a local emergency proclamation: Coastline, Westline Drive to the end of Beach Boulevard, report.  a) Proclamation.
4.    Continuation of a Proclamation, ratifying a local emergency: Anza pump station, report.  a) Resolution.
5.    Continuation of a Proclamation, ratifying  a local emergency:  Novel (new) Coronavirus (COVID-19), report.  a)  Resolution.
Approval of Maza and Associates financial audit services engagement letter for FY 2020-21 and contract extension FY 2022-23, report/Resolution.  a) Engagement Letter, FY 2020-21. 
 Approval of Hinderliter, de Llamas and Associates, HdL, first amendment for continued cannabis inspection compliance and financial audit services, report.   a) Agreement, 11/12/19.   b)  Amendment (first).
8.    Approval of Hines EDM scanning and digitization of City records Agreement, 
report.  a) Administrative policy 8, Draft records and information management program policy, 11/9/20,  b) Master Agreement.
9.    Approval of San Mateo County Resource Conservation District inter-agency agreement, amendment 3 for Pacifica State Beach Bacteria TMDL Monitoring Services.report.   a)  Amendment 3.  b)  Agreement.
10.  Approval of Anza Pump Station Repair Project pump 3 maintenance (rebuild and and repair pump gear drive) purchase, report/Resolution.   a) Pump Repair Service Co. Agreement.
11.   Approval and award the EQ Basin Water Cannon and Check Vales Installation Project to GSE Construction Company, 
report.   a) Agreement.
12.  Approval of 4LEAF, Inc. for construction management and inspection services for the Serra Drive Outfall Repair Project; and approval of a temporary construction easement for each property located at at 1407 and 1411 Serra Drive.  a) 
Serra Drive Outfall Repair Project Resolution.   b) Task Order 4LEAF.   c) Final Grant of Temporary Construction Easement for 1407 Serra Drive.   d)  Final Grant of Temporary Construction Easement for 1411 Serra Drive.
Public oral communications (through Zoom, or telephone).
Council communications, Staff communications.   

Public Hearings
13.   Two appeals of the Planning Commission's approval of SP-164-17, construction of a one-story single-family residence, 4,293 sf with 650 sf attached garage on 62,562 sf undeveloped0ed lot, located on lot 3 of the Harmony at One Subdivision, now known as Ohlone Point:  510 feet south west of the Fassler Avenue and Roberts Road intersection, (APN 022-150-470), report.  a) Resolution.     Planning Commission, 4/5/21:  b) Resolution (draft).  c) Report.  d) Minutes. e) Approved Project Plans.    Appeals:  f) Modified Appeals.  g) Joint Memorandum in Support of Appeal.  h) Unsigned Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Applicant and Appellants.     City Planning and Approvals:  i) Ohlone Point Subdivision Conditions of Approval (2007). j) City Council approval, 7/13/2015.  k)  Revised Project Plans.  l) Lot 3 CEQA Addendum.

14.   Introduction of an Ordinance to amend various Accessory Dwelling Units and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units provisions, related to the Reasonable Accommodation process, in order to implement provisions of the City's local Coastal Program as certified by the California Coastal Commission, report.   City Ordinance:  a) Ordinance (draft). b) Coastal Access Parking Area Maps.     c) Planning Commission: Report. 7/19/21.  d) Resolution, 7/19/21.     e) Coastal Commission Addendum, and Notification of Action, 6/9/21.     f) City Ordinance (draft), amendments shown in strike-through and underline.

Appointments to the Beautification Advisory Committee (1); Open Space and Parkland Advisory Committee; and Parks (3), Beaches and Recreation Commission (1), report. 
Applicants:  a) 
Beautification Advisory Committee.   b) Open Space and Parkland Advisory Committee.   c) Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission.

16.   Designation of City Council Voting Delegate and Alternate for the League of California Cities Annual Conference, (Sacramento, CA, September 22-24, 2021), business meeting September 24, 2021, a)  
Delegate/Alternate Advisement, 8/31/21.

Other City News, with weekly updates:  Facebook/Connect with Pacifica.   Pacifica Tribune, (news on line and newspaper).      Note photograph of the Ohlone Point area from Zillow/SFARMLS, 5 of 7. 
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Item 13. Ohlone Point neighborhood
  Lot 3 single-family home appealed.