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Opinion: Redevelopment benefits small rural communities, too

With all the attention to large redevelopment agencies like San Jose's, I'd like to offer a glimpse of what redevelopment means to cities with fewer than 50,000 residents and with small tax bases.

I work for the city of Los Banos and grew up in Merced County. In the 1980s, this community had about 10,000 people who all knew one another and in one way or another were connected to agriculture. As homes in San Jose, Gilroy and other South Bay areas became too expensive to purchase, the work force found our little community. In a 20-year period, we grew to 36,000 residents.

Homes became too expensive for locals, and while property taxes increased, our small town continued to lack amenities of larger communities: medical facilities, doctors, white-collar jobs and industrial jobs, for example. Instead, we saw a race of retail and fast-food stores to get a place on Highway 152 so they could capture the commuters on their way to work "over the hill."

Living in a small town with a short supply of stores and employment opportunities means most of our sales tax goes out of town, and those living in town have to commute elsewhere to find a decent-paying job. We lost our small-town atmosphere, gained overpriced homes, and the city was faced with the challenge of providing service for this new population.

In 1996, a redevelopment agency was formed. The RDA service area consists of our commercial and industrial sections as well as a small amount of "old Los Banos." Instead of working with special developers, we have worked with our community to provide projects that citizens and our RDA board felt were necessary. 


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Supervisor Don Horsley announces Coastside Office Hours

Jan. 28, 2011

San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley will be holding Coastside office hours in upcoming weeks at various places in the county in order to provide opportunities for constituents to personally discuss their concerns with him.

The first event will be Friday, Feb. 4, from 10 a.m. until noon at the Oceana Market, 200 Eureka Square, in Pacifica.  There is a community room on the second floor of the grocery store where Supervisor Horsley will be meeting constituents. 

Then, on Friday, Feb. 11, from 10 a.m. to noon, Supervisor Horsley will be at the Sheriff’s Office substation, 500 California Street, Moss Beach.  The supervisor encourages you to drop by, but if you would like to make an appointment, please contact his staff at (650) 363-4569.

Future dates and locations for Supervisor Horsley’s Coastside Office Hours will be announced on a monthly basis.
Chris Hunter Chief Legislative Aide
Office of San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley
Hall of Justice and Records
400 County Center
Redwood City, CA 94063-1662

Tel. (650) 599-1024
Fax. (650) 363-1856

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Don't Fergit - Pacifica General Plan Meeting, Saturday Morning 10AM-1PM

If you can spare a few hours on sat, I would encourage you to attend this meeting. Our good friends, those devoted to open space at all costs, will be be there in numbers. Preliminary ideas turn hundreds of acres of private land into parks, open space, and open space corridors. No protests and that's what we'll get. Too many people feel that our road to economic self sufficiency is by way of open space and nature trails. I believe we have plenty available now and we need our general plan to focus on avenues for business and economic prosperity. - Jim Wagner

Blogmaster's note: Wagner's right. The last time I went to one of these, the no-growth, "Keep Pacifica Poor" crowd was out in force.

General Plan Update Project

Pacifica's General Plan has not been comprehensively updated since its adoption in 1980.  The General Plan is the City's most important planning tool, and a comprehensive update would help ensure that information in the Plan is current and that the Plan's goals and action items are consistent with current City policy. In addition, a General Plan update will allow Pacifica to add and strengthen policies related to sustainability and economic development. Alternatives Analysis and Evaluation (Current phase of project)
Alternative land use concepts and policy approaches will be presented for community input at the third Community Forum ( details below ). Attendees will be able to discuss these ideas in small groups, and provide feedback to the consultants and City Staff. The community's input is integral to the General Plan Update Process, as Pacifica is your community, and the City strives to provide you with the services, capital improvements, and policies that will guide us into the future.
Community Forum 3
Where: Ingrid B Lacy Middle School
When: Saturday January 29th, 2011
Time: 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM: Sign In, Table Assignments and Refreshments
10:30 AM – 1:00 PM: Community Forum 3 Presentation, Discussion and Conclusions
For additional information contact: Elizabeth Claycomb, Management Analyst / Project Manager

650-738-7341 Department

650-738-7361 Direct
650-359-5807 Fax                                                         
Community Forum 3 Agenda

Alternatives to be discussed at Community Forum 3

Map 1  Residential Areas                        
Map 2  Commercial Areas Alternative A    
Map 3 
Commercial Areas Alternative B    
Map 4 
Commercial Areas Alternative C    
Map 5  Flooding and Erosion Hazards Areas
Map 6  Open Space and Trails Areas

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Adios Pacifica

Bruce Hotchkiss says good bye  to Pacifica
From his "Adios Pacifica" Pacifica Tribune My Turn article 1/19/2011 

"It seems so long ago that my then-wife and I crested the hill to descend into Pacifica. We couldn't believe that a town perched on the Pacific Ocean was one of the least expensive housing markets on the Peninsula. We found our little house in Fairway West and moved into it in June 1991. With a lot of work we transformed a rather rundown rancher into a pleasant home.

One of the first things we did was subscribe to the Pacifica Tribune. We felt, and I still do, that a newspaper was essential to the well being of a small town. After a few weeks of reading the Trib, and specifically the "Letters to the Editor" section, I noticed a disturbing trend. Many letters referenced the writer's tenure in Pacifica, identifying themselves as a longtime resident. Why is that so important I thought, why is their thoughts/opinions more important than mine or anyone else's who was not a "longtime resident," and what specifically denoted a longtime resident?

I thought the attitude was pretty provincial. I think I even wrote a letter to the Editor asking just how long one had to live in Pacifica before he/she mattered — never got an answer.  Albert Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I don't know if people in Pacifica, or at least a certain element, expect different results but over the years it has seemed to be déjà vu all over again.

When I came to Pacifica, Pacifica may be known as the city that never gets anything done. We talk about everything ad nauseum, then we vote and everything stays the same. How many charettes have we had on how many different developments? How many have actually gone forward?the city was broke. The big deal of the day was a vote on a street lighting and beautification tax that really wasn't (or was it?) about street lighting or beautification. The ballot measure lost and we're still waiting for street lighting and/or beautification. In 1991, the Manor overpass and its traffic "nightmare" was a hot topic. That hasn't changed. Over the past 20 years I've seen at least three proposals for the Quarry yet it is still, with the exception of Calera Creek, a scar upon the earth. Despite the best intentions of many citizens, or in another view because of the intentions of others, Pacifica is a mishmash of ugly block buildings with rusting nails, '50s ranchers, and a few architectural gems. Some people blame Caltrans for building the 4-lane Highway 1 through Pacifica. But that happened over 50 years ago and not much has improved since.

Pacifica still has enormous potential; it is still an affordable place to live. The Quarry is still, in my less than humble opinion, a great site for a "downtown." It is time the "build it" and the "keep it green" people started working together. Yes I know this is a simplification but c'mon folks, look around you; you can do better.

None of this is why I am leaving. It's all about the finances and enjoyment of life. Four short years ago I met a woman, Nadine, who I want to spend the rest of my life with. Two years ago I promised her 20 years. Then coworkers started having heart attacks; a man I admired in So Cal who worked for the same government department dropped dead of a heart attack at work. It was then that I decided to retire and enjoy life instead of joining the ranks of those who die on the job.  Because of my divorce and a couple of bad financial decisions I found that it would be impossible to stay here and retire. So we're moving to a part of the country where homes are still affordable.

I will miss Pacifica, not necessarily the damp and cold that chills to the bone, not the salt air that eats away my cars, but the sound of the ocean at night or early in the morning, and the sight of the Farallon Islands when the fog lifts. I will miss the people in town who I have grown to respect even if I don't agree with them. I will miss the Tribune, not just because they've given me an outlet for my writing, but also because it is the voice of Pacifica. There are new, Internet news sources but never, ever let your printed paper die.  All my best to Pacifica. Please, please surprise me when I come back for a visit, show me you can do it."
Submitted by Kathy Meeh

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sharp Park Golf Course recycled water project gets green light

Updated: 01/24/2011 10:01:12 PM PST

PACIFICA -- It seemed like a no-brainer to water the Sharp Park Golf Course with treated, recycled wastewater and save up to 50 million gallons of pristine Hetch Hetchy drinking water each year. 

But the shovel-ready project, which had $2.4 million in federal stimulus funds available for construction, was delayed for two years over a wildlife controversy. Now a vote by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission has removed the final hurdle to the $8 million project, which will break ground next month.

San Francisco has committed $4.8 million to the construction of a pump station, a water-storage tank, and three miles of distribution piping that will carry the treated water from Pacifica's Calera Creek Water Recycling Plant to the golf course nearby.

The North Coast County Water District, which serves Pacifica, kicked in another $1.6 million, according to water district General Manager Kevin O'Connell. "It's time to put the pedal to the metal," O'Connell said.

Some environmental groups have lobbied hard against plans to upgrade the San Francisco-owned 18-hole golf course, given that its lagoon supports a threatened population of California red-legged frogs and San Francisco garter snakes. Advocates say the chosen course of action, which includes enlarging the lagoon, will not solve the basic flooding problems on the golf course and subsequent loss of species each year.


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Saturday, January 22, 2011

New City Fire Assessment - "Tax" or "Fee"?

Interesting/confusing story on Patch regarding the upcoming Fire Assessment. It looks like Council may try to avoid a vote by calling this new assessment a "fee", rather than a "tax" which requires a vote.

Blogmaster's note: Mayor Mary Ann says that property owners will be voting on this, although nothing's official yet. The Patch story was a bit misleading.

Posted by Steve Sinai

SF Rec & Park and PUC Commissions Unanimously Approve Sharp Park Water Recycling Project

Submitted by Richard Harris

Meg Whitman hired for a different gig!

Life after a campaign - joining the Hewlett Packard Board drama 

"Hewlett-Packard Co is shaking up a board criticized by many as dysfunctional, bringing in five new directors including former eBay chief Meg Whitman, as new CEO Leo Apotheker remakes the company. HP's board had for years come under fire from shareholders and business leaders such as Oracle's Larry Ellison, most recently after it forced out Mark Hurd as CEO in controversial fashion. The new directors will bring fresh thinking to the world's largest technology company by revenue, including much-needed expertise in areas such as telecommunications and international experience, the company said.
In addition to Whitman, HP named as directors Shumeet Banerji, CEO of Booz & Co; Gary Reiner, former chief information officer of General Electric Co; Patricia Russo, former CEO of Alcatel-Lucent; and Dominique Senequier, CEO of AXA Private Equity. The technology giant said directors Joel Hyatt, John Joyce, Robert Ryan and Lucille Salhany will not stand for reelection by shareholders."  More from Yahoo (Reuters) 1/21/11

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Democrat 19th Assembly District elected candidate results

On Sunday, January 9, 2011, more than 200 19th Assembly District voters, including many from Pacifica, braved the bitter cold temperatures, and filed through the doors of the City of San Mateo's Council Chambers for the sole purpose of selecting which 19th Assembly District candidates would be the next twelve Democratic delegates to represent the District at the Democratic State Party Conventions for the upcoming two years. It was also an opportunity to vote for the next representative from the 19th Assembly District to the Democratic State Party's Executive Board.

These delegates will be critical in the nomination process for the Democratic Party endorsement prior to the 2012 primary election.

A total of nine female candidates and ten male candidates threw their political hats into the ring for a chance to go to the State Democratic Party Conventions, as well as compete for a chance to be on the State Party's Executive Board. Seven were independent candidates (Lauren Brollier, Patricia Linehan, Michelle D Magarrell-Gomez, Jacob Angel, Xavier Martin Aubuchon-Medoza, Jeffrey Aaaron Christiansen and Marc C. Teglia). The other twelve candidates were part of a slate endorsed by 19th District Assemblyman, Jerry Hill. At the end of the afternoon, all of Hill's candidates garnered the most votes in the Caucus election.

The top vote getter in the 19th Assembly District was San Mateo County Supervisor, Carole Groom.

The other delegates elected at the Caucus on Sunday afternoon were: Christine M Krolik, Hillsborough City Councilmember, Richard Hedges, a member of the San Mateo County Central Labor Council, Rhonda Marie Ceccato, San Mateo County Board of Education, David Lim, San Mateo City Councilman, Rod Hsaio, San Mateo County Board of Education, Zoe Kirsteen-Tucker, member of the Board of Directors of SAMTRANS, Mark Nogales, Field Representative of Congresswoman Jackie Speier, John F Lynch, community activist, Mike Lagomarsino, Teamsters Local 856 Business Agent, Claire Mack, former San Mateo City Mayor and Brittany K. Feitelberg, Burlingame resident and small business owner, who was also the elected delegate to the Executive Board of the Democratic State Party.

Barbara Arietta
Assemblyman Hill's 19th Assembly District Delegate
California State Democratic Party

Monday, January 17, 2011

Community Forum Number 3 General Plan Update Project

Location: Ingrid B. Lacy Middle School Multi-Purpose Room

Date: 1/29/2011
Time: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

The General Plan Update Project is entering into the Alternatives Analysis and Evaluation phase of the process. The third Community Forum will provide the community an opportunity to review be forthcoming soon. Meeting materials will be made available the day of the meeting and will be posted online on the General Plan Update Page.

Posted by Steve Sinai

KQED Forum radio discussion on dogs in the GGNRA

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Mayor Mary Ann Nihart's "State of the City" address

Meeting minutes in their entirety through permission of Pacifica Democrats Board  

January 15, 2011 


 Barbara Arietta, President; Jack Waldbewober, Vice President; Suzan Getchell-Wallace, Treasurer; Mari Brumm-Merrill, Secretary


Representatives in Attendance

 Assemblyman Jerry Hill & District Manager, Marc Hershman; Supervisor Don Horsley & Chief of Staff, Chris Hunter; Board of Supervisors President Carole Groom; Pacifica City Council Sue Digre & Len Stone; Chamber C.E.O. Courtney Conlon; Candidates for 1st District Supervisor-Burlingame Mayor Terry Nagel, Millbrae Council woman Gina Papan, and S.M. Union H.S. Trustee David Pine; Pacifica School Board members, President Eileen Manning-Villar & Mike O’Neil; and JUHSD Trustee Laurie Frater.

Guest Speaker
Mayor Nihart provided a comprehensive & motivational talk to an audience of over 70 on ‘Where we are at”. There were 3 main topics addressed followed by a positive flow of dialog and questions from the participants of which she candidly answered.

1.  People are Pacifica’s most valuable resource and major contributors to the well being of the city. She cited a small faction among a large base as examples.
a.      $300,000 raised by the Historical Society for the renovation of the L.B.C.
b.     $250,000 garnered for teachers & curriculum by the Pacifica Education Foundation, with $150,000 as the next goal.
c.      The Rotary Club projects, which include the painting of the Library, the Rotary Plaza located at the Pacifica Center for the Arts, and the recent check presented to the city for Police Dog Training.
d.     The newly energized Chamber who provided funds for the fire rescue vehicle & amenities for the Palmetto Business District.
e.      The Fog Fest volunteers who bring revenue, visitors, and exposure to the city.
f.       The many citizens who serve on task forces and Committees.
These are just a few examples of the groups who offset costs for the city by providing support, funds, responsible stewardship, and public relations through their endeavors. 

    2.  Economic Development
a.      Survey completed to address streamlining and the user- friendly aspect of the permit process.
b.     Hiring of a new Planning Director who has tremendous background to address the issues facing the city.
c.      Focus on the revitalization of the business districts.
d.     The formation of the non-profit Palmetto Business Association and acquisition of a stimulus grant for utility under-grounding along with the city’s purchase of lighting.
e.      The development of a Marketing and Branding strategy to ‘sell’ the virtues of Pacifica.
f.       The combined efforts of the City, Chamber, and San Mateo Convention & Visitors Bureau to outreach to visitors and groups for promoting Pacifica as a destination.
g.     The future consideration of the formation of a Beautification Task Force for purposes of improving the appearance of Pacifica from the South to North end & to look to groups to take ownership of identified areas of need.
h.     Reinstating the ‘Mayors Walks’ to see how the city interfaces with businesses and to find out their perspective on how the city is doing. (Monday, the Mayor, City Manager, and Department Heads will walk the Rockaway Beach Business area).

    3.   City Finances  - Sustainability
a.      Facing continued state/city deficits for a minimum of 5 years is projected.
§        Local Government only receives 21% of property taxes and only ONE penny of sales taxes.
b.     The State is facing a 25-28 Billion deficit.
c.       City’s 5-year plan includes 8 million in employee concessions with 6 million from the public, i.e. Fire Assessment is phase two as phase one, TOT tax, passed:
§        5 union contracts have made concessions with 4 more units to go.
§        Reserve is close to zero and bankruptcy is not an option. For example, Vallejo spent 9.5 million in legal fees for bankruptcy.
§        Public will need to decide what services are important and what they are willing to pay for as Draconian cuts are the downside of the equation.
§        The City has already consolidated Fire Services (North County Fire) and is in the process of working on the sharing of police dispatch services with other cities. All areas are being explored as to how we do services.
§        The debt for the Waste Water Treatment plant is paid down to the original cost of the loan. Considering the cost in present time for this type of plant, this is positive news.



Channel 26 was present to film the Mayors address to the club. Check the local paper and/or contact PCT for dates and time.
Pacifica Historical Society ( Jan. 22 @ 9 a.m., volunteer work party for L.B.C.- Contact Shirlee at 355-6625; Feb. 26 is ‘Prom Night’ at Winters Tavern, benefits going to L.B.C.; March is the Giant Rummage Sale with items needed; Castle Tours resume in August.
Chamber of Commerce: Jan. 27 is the Awards dinner, 6 P.M. at Nicks Restaurant; Resource Directory will be out soon  & they are looking (ASAP) for photos that capture the essence of Pacifica, contact Courtney Conlon @ 355-4122.
Beach Coalition: March 4 is a fundraiser movie “100 Foot Wednesday” (Mavericks); April 16 is the Earth Day Clean-up.
Rotary Club: March 6 is the annual Bowlathon at Seabowl to fundraise for projects-local groups are encouraged to put a team of 4 together to compete and play.

- General Plan Meeting on Land Use Alternatives -Jan. 29 @ 10 a.m./IBL middle School.
-Annual Report on public education -Feb. 7 @ 7 p.m./Vallemar school.
-Fresh and Easy is coming soon and will be employing 20-25 people at each of their bay area markets, information can be found at
-The San Mateo Transportation Authority Board, C.A.C. (SMCTA/CAC ) recently elected Barbara Arietta (Pacifica) as Chair and April Vargas (Montara) as Vice-Chair of the TA’s Executive Board Citizen Advisory Committee. This is the first time in the history of the SMCTA/CAC to have two coastside residents elected to both leadership positions. Arietta is the first coastside resident to hold the position of Chair.
-The San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury Association is currently seeking citizens interested in applying this spring for a place on the S.M.C. Civil Grand Jury’s July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012 term. It is a one-year assignment offering great education and insight into what’s going on in San Mateo County and its individual cities and special districts. If interested, please contact SMCCGJ’s new board President, Barbara Arietta at or 415 246-0775.
-The Pacifica Democrats Annual Dues Drive is in progress and thank you to the many people at this meeting who signed up as new members and to those of you who renewed. 
Dues may be sent to Pacifica Coastside Democrats/P.O. Box 1343/Pacifica, CA 94044. Please include your Name, Address, City, Phone number, and email.
Member applications are provided at the meetings.
Individual  $15   Couple  $20    Seniors  $10   Heroes  $25 & up.
Thank you for supporting the Pacifica Democrats.

February’s Guest Speaker is Assemblyman Jerry Hill

Respectfully submitted,
Mari Brumm-Merrill, Secretary, Pacifica Democrats            

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 15,1929 - April 4, 1968

Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement from The Seattle Times research.  Martin Luther King Jr. has now been dead longer than he lived. But what an extraordinary life it was.  At 33, he was pressing the case of civil rights with President John Kennedy. At 34, he galvanized the nation with his "I Have a Dream" speech. At 35, he won the Nobel Peace Prize. At 39, he was assassinated, but he left a legacy of hope and inspiration that continues today.This Web site, first created by The Seattle Times in 1996, contains the story of a remarkable man, images of a tumultuous time, and perspectives of politicians, academics, students and the many, ordinary citizens whose lives he touched. We invite you to explore it.

Videos:  "I have a dream" speech (1963).   Last speech (1968).

Nobel Peace Prize organization:  Martin Luther King, Jr. biography,  Peace Prize acceptance speech 12/10/1964.

Posted by Kathy Meeh

Dog Alert - KQED Radio Forum, 88.5 FM

Monday January 17, 2011 - 9 AM

The GGNRA dog "plan" will be discussed on KQED radio (88.5 FM) Monday morning at 9 a.m. The deck is stacked. Two of the people scheduled to speak are virulently anti-dog. The one dog advocate is very, very moderate. Please write to KQED via their website (you can do so on Sunday), and call, call, call on Monday. 

Phone #: 1-
866-SF-Forum  or  1-

Michael Krasny KQED Forum.  Dog owners are rabid about the possibility that their carefree canines might need to be leashed on some of the land controlled by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Officials have just released a set of proposals that the public will have 90 days to sink its teeth into before any final decisions are made. Host: Scott Shafer Guests:

  • Brent Plater, executive director and president of the board of directors of the Wild Equity Institute
  • Howard Levitt, director of communications and partnerships for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area
  • Martha Walters, chairperson of the Chrissy Field Dog Group
Posted by Beverly Kingsbury 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mayor Mary Ann Nihart speaks at the Pacifica Democrats meeting on Jan 15.

Hello all,

We are getting good response to the below announcement. So far Assemblyman Jerry Hill, Supervisor Don Horsley and a number of Supervisorial candidates from the 2nd District have RSVP'd for breakfast meeting this Saturday morning , January 15th at Sharp Park Golf Course Restaurant( Richard Holober, Gina Papan, Dave Pine and perhaps some more).. along with a number of members from the general public that are not members of the Pacifica Democrats (yet). If you want to enjoy a good breakfast or a cup of coffee, while listening to the Mayor tell us about the "State of the City" , please do join us...and give me your RSVP. Thanks and Happy New Year to all!

Barbara Arietta
President - Pacifica Democrats


Mary Ann and trusted advisor
On Saturday, January 15, 2011, newly elected Mayor Mary Ann Nihart will be the guest speaker at the 9:30 a.m. Pacifica Democrat's breakfast meeting, which will be held in the rear meeting room of the Sharp Park Golf Course Restaurant, Francisco and Sharp Park Blvds, in Pacifica. Her topic will be the "State of the City", a Pacifica Democrat's traditional yearly presentation.

At the beginning of each year, the local Democrat's club invites the newly elected Mayor to start off the new year by giving members of the public, not just Democrats, an update on what the city has done, what it is currently doing and what plans are in the hopper for future action. All citizens are encouraged to bring their questions for the new Mayor. This event has historically proven to be a lively affair, if not also a highly informative one, at the same time.

Nihart, who was formally installed in December 2010, will begin her first turn as Mayor of Pacifica. The five members of the City Council are elected at large to four-year terms. The Mayor is selected from among the members of the council by majority vote. The Mayor of Pacifica serves a one-year term, beginning in November of each year. Nihart was previously elected to her first term on the Pacifica City Council in November 2008. Her current term expires in November 2012.

Mayor Nihart is looking for ways to make the economy of Pacifica sustainable, and the current structural deficit eliminated. She understands the need for the development of Pacifica's business community. Knowing that Pacifica has many challenges on many different levels, Nihart is excited about the various active committees and new groups in town, who are working together to make Pacifica a better place.

There are many issues currently facing the City of Pacifica including, but not limited to: the repair of aging infrastruture, coastal erosion, the development of the Palmetto business district, the fate of the quarry, the seawall and the Sharp Park Golf Course, along with the marketing of the city, the sustainability of Pacifica's small businesses, the balancing of the city's budget in conjunction with the elimination of the current $2.8 million/yr structural deficit, and more, but, most importantly, it's the economy of the city overall...and the elimination of the structural deficit.

All Pacifica Democrats meetings are open to the public. It is not necessary to be a member of the club, nor even a Democrat to attend. A full breakfast is offered for $12, continental breakfast for $6 and coffee for $3. No purchase is necessary. Doors open at 9am. Seating is between 9:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. The meeting begins at 9:30 a.m. and ends at 11:30 a.m. For further infomation, or to RSVP, please contact Pacifica Democrat's President, Barbara Arietta at 415-246-0775 or email her at

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Paul Slavin's seawall presentation to City Council

Dear Mayor Nihart and City Council Members:

As a resident of the Fairway Park neighborhood of Pacifica I have become increasingly concerned with the structural integrity of the Sharp Park Seawall, which protects my home and family from the ocean. I am joined in this concern by many of my neighbors, and by residents of the Sharp Park district, who also shelter behind the seawall. I present to you tonight the signatures of over 190 of these citizens who have signed a petition supporting an Army Corps of Engineers study of the seawall, a necessary step to intelligently determine future action.

In addition to the residential neighborhoods at its northern and southern ends, the seawall also protects the freshwater habitat of the federally protected California Red Legged Frog and the San Francisco Garter Snake, as well as the historic Sharp Park Golf Course. The top of the seawall constitutes a segment of the California Coastal Trail, connecting the Palmetto Avenue business district to Mori Point, and is one of the most popular strolling, jogging and dog-walking venues in town.
The portion of the seawall which runs along the western edge of the Sharp Park Golf Course was the subject of a study conducted by ARUP North America Ltd. for the San Francisco Public Works Department, and dated December 17, 2009. I enclose a copy of the text of the ARUP report; the full report, including tables, photographs and graphs, is available on line.1
1 ARUP North America Ltd., “Sharp Park Sea Wall Evaluation”, Dec. 17, 2009: and Park Commission/supporting/2009/item10SharpParkAttachments121709.pdf

The ARUP study concluded that the Sharp Park Seawall is at high risk of being overtopped or breached in the event of a “100-year” storm event such as occurred in 1983. The report includes photographs (including Figure 18) of severe erosion on the seawall, and commented, “Large erosion rills are present at many locations along the seawall, and accordingly the risk of breaching is greatest at these locations.” (Page 7)
ARUP made a series of alternative repair suggestions and concluded that further study is necessary to formulate an appropriate response plan. They noted that the Pacifica-owned portion of the seawall along Beach Boulevard is substandard, and at many points is significantly lower than the seawall area to the south. (See ARUP Report, pages 5, 8, and 9)

In light of the foregoing, we request that the City of Pacifica, through its Mayor and City Council, take all possible measures to insure the continued safety of our homes and property, both public and private, provided by the Sharp Park Seawall. These measures should include:

1) A request to the City of San Francisco to expedite repairs on their portion of the structure containing erosion rills. With the lessons learned on the Esplanade in mind, we note that timely, relatively inexpensive maintenance can protect us from far more costly damage down the road. A few truck-loads of fill applied to a couple of problem spots right now could make a big difference when the next storm hits.

2) Pursue all avenues to obtain funding for an Army Corps of Engineers study of the seawall. Whatever decisions concerning the seawall may be made in the future, the Corps of Engineers will have to be involved. Council may wish to convey a letter of appreciation to Congresswomen
Jackie Speier for her Dec. 1, 2009, Water Resources Development Act grant application, and offer support for future efforts.

3) Actively seek multi-jurisdictional cooperation on the protection of our coast-side community and our popular public golf course.
Failure of the seawall would result in catastrophic personal and financial losses that would reverberate throughout the entire area. Pacifica should help lead the way towards a regional solution of shared responsibility and liability. We are aware of the current discussions City Manager Rhodes is having with San Francisco and San Mateo, and eagerly await their final report.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. I’m sure you share the concern of your fellow-citizens, and will diligently pursue a satisfactory resolution. I, and many others, will gladly assist in any way possible.

Paul Slavin
Fairway Park

Monday, January 10, 2011

Terra Nova Crab and Pasta Feed and Auction

Submitted by Mike O'Neill

Stay Classy

Tea Party Express tries to exploit the Arizona shootings for fund-raising.

Do I need to say anything?

Posted by Steve Sinai

This weekend we all were horrified to hear the news of the violent shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and several others in Arizona.
One thing that surprised us was how many in the news media and liberal political figures and organizations immediately launched into an attack on the tea party movement - assigning blame for the shooting to our grass roots, Constitutionalist movement in general, and Gov. Sarah Palin in particular.
Friends, this is outrageous.
It is quite clear that liberals are trying to exploit this shooting for their own political benefit, and they used deception and dishonesty to try and smear all of us and our beliefs.
You know what the truth is?  The truth is that the shooter, Jared Loughner is the one responsible for this atrocity.  But liberals are trying to place the blame on society for embracing the tea party movement.
We here at the Tea Party Express find that disgusting and revolting.
This isn't a new concept for liberals.  Let us harken back to the words of Ronald Reagan when he called out the Left for similar behavior in years past
"We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions."
- Ronald Reagan
If Jared Loughner does have a definable political ideology it is that of a far Left anarchist.  Loughner is a mentally disturbed young man who sought his ideological fulfillment from the Communist Manifesto - hardly the Bible of the Tea Party movement. He posted videos of flag burning on his YouTube channel - again, antics more consistent with Blame America First liberals, not the tea party movement.
In fact, Loughner's interactions with Congresswoman Giffords date all the way back to 2007 when he confronted her with a question he had, and received an answer he found unacceptable.  You read that right - Loughner's interactions with Congresswoman Giffords date back to 2007 - well before the tea party movement had even been launched.
This was all an effort to try and demean us and diminish support for the tea party movement, since the Left could not beat us at the ballot box.  Sadly way too many people in the media cooperated with this smear campaign.
The media didn't tell you that the left-wing website, DailyKos, had targeted Congresswoman Giffords, putting a BULLSEYE on her, did they?  But that's just what happened.
Instead they tried to blame Gov. Sarah Palin.  Friends, their hypocrisy and double standards are appalling.
This kind of media bias is a large part of why our tea party movement exists - because the voices of We The People have not been represented fairly by the news media, and listened to by our elected officials.
Well guess what:  to those liberals in the news media and on the political Left who think you can silence us, you are wrong!  Your efforts to try and smear us and shut us up will fail.
We have nothing to do with this awful, tragic event in Arizona.  Our prayers are with Congresswoman Giffords and the victims and families of this massacre.
But we will still fight just as passionately for this country we love, and the vision of our Founding Fathers as outlined by the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.
We're taking our country back through the ballot box and in the public square - through peaceful means.  And we will prevail, because our ideas and ideals are stronger than the scare/smear/defame tactics of the leftists we face.
We ask you to please stand with the Tea Party Express and show your support for our efforts.
You can make a contribution online right now to the Tea Party Express - CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE.
As always, if you prefer, you may also make a contribution via mail, by sending a check to:
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Assembly District 19 Caucus Elections

Many of you went down to San Mateo last year to vote for Jerry's slate. Once again, Jerry has introduced a slate of highly qualified individuals. Please take some time out of football playoff mania to support Jerry.

Jim Wagner


Please join me at San Mateo City Hall this coming Sunday, January 9th from 2 PM until 4 PM to vote for my choice for Assembly District Caucus Members.

The California Democratic Party is conducting “Assembly District Caucus Meetings” this weekend. A slate for candidates whom I've endorsed will be running and I ask that you join me Sunday to help elect them. Those elected as Assembly District Caucus members can participate in the State Democratic Party conventions.

The Caucus Meeting will be this Sunday, January 9th, beginning at 2 PM. You may come anytime beginning at 2 PM to register, vote and then leave. At 4PM, there will be an opportunity for those running to speak to those in attendance. But you do not need to stay for the meeting. Simply come, register and vote.

The Caucus meeting will be held at San Mateo City Hall (330 W. 20th Avenue, San Mateo).

The only requirement to vote is that you be a registered Democrat living in my Assembly District (the 19th Assembly District). There is a request for a $5 donation to defray costs. If the $5 cost is a hardship, you may request a hardship waiver. The important thing is to come and vote.

This won’t take very long. Simply register, vote and then you are free to leave.

Please feel free to bring friends, family – anyone who is a registered Democrat living in the District – to vote. If you have any questions, let me know or call Matt Cucuzza at my campaign office. Matt can be reached by calling 650-794-2100. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you there on Sunday. Also, Happy New Year!

Below are the names of the people who are running as my slate of endorsed candidates (listed in alphabetical order). Please be sure to vote for all 12 of these people when you attend:

Jerry Hill's endorsed Slate of Candidates:

Rhonda Ceccato
Brittany Feitelberg *
Carole Groom
Rich Hedges
Rod Hsiao
Zoe Kersteen-Tucker
Christine Krolik
Mike Lagomarsino
David Lim
John Lynch
Claire Mack
Mark Nagales


Assemblyman Jerry Hill

*There will be a separate election for the Democratic Party Executive Board Rep (EBoard Rep). We ask that you vote for Brittany Feitelberg as our choice for EBoard Rep).

**Message and e-mail created with private funds, no public money spent delivering this message.

01/10/11 Council Meeting Agenda Packet

Item 5 on the consent (where else!) calls for a one year extension of the climate task force committee. If you go on the citys website and finally find the committee site there's nothing there of substance. You'll notice that there are attachments FOR COMMITTEE MEMBERS ONLY! I would think that there is a violation there somewhere, and what exactly is this committee up to. Are they making policy for council? Are they going to present something publicly that will hurt the economic baby steps we're trying to take? Can't wait for their take on Highway 1 fix. That outta be a gas.

Committe chair is Carlos Davidson. Of Sierra Club fame I seem to recall. A little birdie told me that this committee morphed out of a Pacificans for Sustainable Development idea hatched by our favorite gang of eco-goobs. Im sure Julie Lancelle thought this was a great idea and empowered it as an official city committee. Don't be fooled, nothing good will come from this committee.

If anyone has any questions about this committee, maybe it should be pulled from consent, continued untill just exactly what they are supposed to do is made a little more public, and have them explain why attachments are marked committee only.

Jim Wagner