Thursday, April 9, 2015

Coastside water cut back requirement: "only an additional 10%"

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All that water, yet "endangered species" are thirsty.
Our crops are rotting, our plants and lawns are dying,
our cars and bodies are dirty. How smart are we?
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Half Moon Bay water cut-back another 10%.
Think we've got to be next. Waiting...
Half Moon Bay Review/Clay Lambert, 4/7/15.  "CCWD must cut back an additional 10 percent."

The Coastside County Water District learned on Tuesday that it will be spared the most draconian of water conservation requirements. The State Water Resources Control Board put the Coastside's largest water system among a tier of 18 water districts that will require only another 10 percent reduction at this time.

The state board announced late Tuesday (4/7/15) that it would require the most from Southern California districts that continue to be the most thirsty. While Bay Area districts have by and large heeded recent calls for more conservation, some in drier and hotter parts of the state have been less successful. As a result, state water managers think those districts have the most room for added conservation measures.

The state divided the California water districts into four tiers. Those already conserving the most -- 18 including CCWD -- will be asked to conserve an additional 10 percent beginning this summer. But 135 districts will be required to cut back 35 percent.  Read more.

Note photographs - left from Inn at Mavericks;  right from Visit Half Moon Bay. 

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