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Former Sharp Park Golf Course Supervisor suing San Francisco (keeps Park job)

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739 trees may fall

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This "hazard" is leaving
ABC 7 News (KGO), Dan Noyes, 4/23/15. "I-Team investigates water waste during the drought."

 ....  The former supervisor at Sharp Park Golf Course complained about water leaks and other safety problems for years, and now he has filed a lawsuit accusing the city of retaliating against him because of it. .... Wayne Kappelman lost his job at Sharp Park, his lawyer, Greg Brock, explained to the I-Team. "As he rocks the boat, the city begins to come down on him," Brock said.

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Too much water usage
....  Ana Alvarez, the Superintendent of Parks and Open Space, disputes the 50,000 gallon leak figure and said the workers now respond to leaks quickly. "It's an irrigation system that we continue to work on, and it's a part of not only renovating a couple of pieces, but also to be able to problem solve in those specific locations where there's a need for an immediate response," Alvarez said.

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Bummer, a lawsuit
client I missed
Wayne Kappelman says, "despite his warnings, Rec and Park failed to address: 739 dead trees that could come down any time, old and unsafe equipment and vehicles, containers that posed tripping hazards."  The City Attorney responds that much of it was Kappelman's duty to address that, and that he got suspended from the golf course for "insubordinate behavior, inattention to duty, poor judgment, and behavior unbecoming of a supervisor."

 ....  All sides in this say it's impossible to add up exactly how much water was lost during the past few years. Kappelman is now assigned to another park that doesn't have a golf course."  Read article.

Note photographs.  Fox by Jesse Garnier from SF Bay News, 11/18/11. SPGC trees from Stockton image shack, (want to see more trees try Golf Club Atlas/Bo Links and Richard Harris).  Frog from Wild Equity Institute, "Pesticide Truths". Brent Plater ("leader of groups such as Wild Equity and the Sierra Club"), by Angela Hart/SF Public Press,1/19/10. 

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Anonymous said...

The captioned photo says "Bummer a lawsuit I missed". Can you explain, is the photo of an attorney who did the Sharp Park case on behalf of environmentalists?

Sharon said...

I am sorry to here this, Wayne was doing a good job. His gripes are real and a couple of things to consider: the course is not watered with potable water so valuable drinking water is not being lost and maybe if San Francisco wasn't having to constantly pay out for litigants and defendants in lawsuits against the course there would be enough funding to get some new equipment and take care of the other issues.

TDHarris said...

Wayne is an idiot, I worked with him at Harding, all he did was harrased those who weren't his suck ups, he was removed from Harding for insubordination, he has no knowledge in gardening, let alone turf management, so dry your eye that weep for him, because in the long run you will be better off.