Demolition of the old water tank began May 17, 2010.
5 year water tank replacement delay, huh?
 .... " Despite the wind, the view of the bay was spectacular, a welcome view to be enjoyed by work crews over the course of the construction. The building is expected to take 360 work days to complete.  "This is an important site for Pacifica," said NCCWD board member Josh Cosgrove, explaining how the site runs right along an earthquake fault, so seismic protections have been added into the construction plans. The construction project is expected to cost $2.5 million. 

The tank will hold 3.75 million gallons and will be used to provide water for Pacifica residents and assist the neighboring water districts, Daly City and Westbourough. Water pressure is low in the neighborhoods near the tank, so those residents will greatly benefit, Cosgrove said. It will also be helpful for fire protection, Cosgrove added."   Read more.

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Skyline Blvd and Manor Drive, no traffic.
Related article - Pacifica Tribune, 5/27/10. "NCCWD demolishes Christen Hill tank; construction of new tank to take year and a half." "North Coast County Water District (NNCWD) started its Christen Hill Tank Replacement Project on Monday, May 17, with the removal of the old tank.
Its location along Skyline Boulevard, north of Manor Drive, has been a fixture on the peninsula since its construction in 1965. The tank's poor structural condition and severe corrosion from its many years of exposure to fog and salt air took its toll. As a result, the tank's replacement became the District's highest priority.
This important tank serves the northern third of Pacifica and the western third of the Westborough Water District." 

Reference - NCCWD, Christen Hill Tank Project, #1935. "The North Coast County Water District’s eagerly anticipated new water tank in northern Pacifica, is now well on its way, with funding in place and a newly awarded bid to Paso Robles Tank, Inc. 

Christen Hill Tank is crucial to northern Pacifica in providing necessary storage and fire protection to our residents” says Board President, Tom Piccolotti, “In addition, it will provide the vital interconnections with neighboring agencies, Westborough Water District and City of Daly City.”
The new tank will replace the original welded steel Christen Hill Tank, first erected in 1964, and in service for nearly 46 years. After years of analysis, it was concluded that the most suitable decision would be to demolish the tank and build a new tank that was up to current seismic codes due to its vicinity to the San Andreas Fault.  Due to site conditions, the time of completion has been set at 360 working days.  

Related -  City of Pacifica General Plan Draft Environmental Impact Report, section 3.13 Utilities, pdf pages 22.  .... "Potable Water. The North Coast County Water District (NCCWD) supplies water to Pacifica and part of San Bruno. NCCWD is an independent watrer district, not affiliated with the City of Pacifica and not within the City's permitting authority. The district gets vertually all of its water from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) and the Hetch Hetchy system. The District has rights to the use of a limited amount of surface water from the South Fork of San Pedro Creek for six months of the year, accounting for one to two percent of the District's water use. Pacifica's water is pumped from San Andreas Lake and the Harry Tracey Water Treatment Plant in Millbrae via a main distribution line under Skyline Boulevard, to the Milagara Ridge storage tank. From there, water for northern Pacifica is pumped to the Christian Hill tank on Skyline Boulevard and then distributed by gravity to smaller tanks and to customers. Water for southern Pacifica is piped from the Milagra Ridge tank to the Royce tank, off Fassler Avenue, then to smaller tanks and to customers. Overall, the system is divided into 34 pressure zones, each separated by pressure-reducing valves.  Water Use. The NCCWD system's 14 storage tanks or resevoirs have a total capacity of 23.8 million gallons, enough to supply the service area with water for seven days at the District's average daily use rate of 3.24 million gallons per day (mgd). The District's contract with SFPUC allows for a maximum purchase of 3.84 mgd."  Also see,  City of Pacifica Public Resources and Services, pdf pages 64. Section 7.1 "Water Management".

Note photographs. General location, Skyline Blvd at Manor Dr. from Angel Fire,"Lifestyles' Business Opportunity meeting." NCCWD water storage tank by Kevin O'Connell from the related Pacifica Tribune article, 5/27/10.

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