Saturday, April 18, 2015

Planning Commission, Monday, April 20, 2015

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on local television or live feed Pacificcoast.TV, (formerly  If you miss civic meetings, view on PCT 26 You Tube!  The planning commission meeting begins at 7 p.m., or shortly there following.  Planning Commission updates, archives are available on the City website/Planning Commission.  

4/20/15 Planning Commission Agenda, and Item 1, pdf pages 25.   4/20/15 Planning Commission Item 2, pdf pages 277.   4/20/15 Planning Commission Item 3, pdf pages 32.

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Item 2. Contested: "inadequate notice".
But may be the counter NIMBY plan.
Public Hearings:   
1.  UP-040-14.  APN: 023-132-160.  Spindrift School of Performing Arts.  Demolish an existing outdoor restroom building and install nine (9) trailers (105'-3" x 63' (6,630 sq. ft.) combined classroom building to conduct theater and dance classes at the upper level of Oddstad Park, 1050 Crespi Drive.  

2.  GPA-90-15. Planning Department Negative Declaration to meet "the statutory requirements of State housing element law" (page 269) recommendation to City Council to update and amend the General Plan Housing Element, 2015-2023.  "Inadequate notice" letter submitted by Hal Bohner, Attorney, and Todd Bray, page 209 -219.

3.  Planning Permits and Process presentation, report. 

Reference, acronyms and definitions.  Acronyms: APN, County Assessor Parcel Number; GPA, General Plan; UP, User Permit.  Definition from US Legal, "Negative Declaration": "Negative Declaration is a document that is prepared after a detailed study on the development or project and which states that the planned development or project will not have a significant adverse effect on the environment. A negative declaration will have a local government's recognition. Where a negative declaration is given by the governmental agency the developer need not prepare an environmental impact report (EIR)."

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Kathy Meeh said...

Closing comments from last night's Planning Commission (Staff/Tina): "Harmony@1 and 4000 Palmetto Avenue projects are being appealed". See Planning Commission meeting, 4/6/15, Public hearings, Items 2 and 3.

Needless, aggravated NIMBY obstruction again-- just my true opinion.

Anonymous said...

The usual suspects appeal and the other usual suspects wish they wouldn't. And so it goes.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about 4000 Palmetto, but Planning's decision on the Harmony 1 home was ridiculous. I am all for those houses being built, but the issue discussed at the Planning Commission meeting was whether to allow the Harmony developer to take the easy/cheap way out of its agreement with the City and ditch Harmony's LEED certification requirement (which was the result of extensive public debate and is part of Harmony's conditions of approval) because it would be cheaper for the developer to simply follow city and state green guidelines enacted since the COAs were approved.

The developer's rep. admitted that achieving LEED certification is a "HIGHER bar" than current city/state guidelines (there is a video of this discussion if you have any doubt) AND said that the developer was prepared to adhere to the original conditions of approval, but it would prefer not to. Instead, it gave Planning a song and dance about how adhering to a checklist is "better" and "greener" than obtaining LEED certification. So, on one hand, the developer states -- on the record -- that LEED certification is a higher bar, on the other hand, we need to "trust" it -- even though no one adequately explained how allowing the developer to cherry-pick from a list and escape the third-party supervision LEED certification requires benefits anyone but the developer's pocketbooks.

I initially thought the curly-haired woman running the meeting was an employee of the developer (she really should be on its payroll) but it turns out she is with the city. Oy. In any event, she (and other Planning members) repeatedly focused on the cost to the developer of having to follow the original contractual terms and Planning ultimately decided to give the developer a pass -- this was after Planning members also repeatedly acknowledged that the original terms of the development were the result of negotiations and compromises that occurred after many, many hours of public meetings and input.

There was NO valid reason for this decision and the only reason offered was that ditching LEED would save this developer some money (that and Harmony's "take our word for it, this way is actually greener in the long run" shtick).

Allowing this decision to stand would set dangerous precedent for future deviations from the terms of the contract the developer has already agreed to after extensive public input.

Anonymous said...

100% in favor of this development and would love to see something of similar quality and price with maybe 30-40 houses in the quarry, but, do we really need to help the developer make money?
That's what this does, along with repudiating the LEED standard. Isn't it enough to make the permit process fair and efficient?

Anonymous said...

Re: Spindrift School wins approval to put 9 trailers in Oddstad park over the objections of neighbors and the Pacifica Spindrift Players. The new building will replace the only picnic area in park.

According to the city's own general plan, Oddstad is designated as a neighborhood park, to meet neighborhood recreation needs within a service area of 1/2 mile. It says "The topography of the park boundaries prohibits improvements that would allow a wider service area”. It should be noted that all city references to Oddstad park do note the existence of the picnic/playfield. While the park is definitely run-down, it does not warrant replacing general purpose playarea for the neighbors to enjoy with a single purpose, paid access building. In essence, we will be subsidizing the existing of the building to the exclusion of all other use.

While the minimum requirements for notifying neighbors was met(a letter to those affected within 300 feet), many neighbors expressed concerns that they weren't contacted earlier of this change of use of their park.

You should also note, the plan demolishes the defunct public bathroom, but does not provide for public access to their new bathrooms.

Surprisingly, the current leaseholder, PSP, made the biggest complains and highly disapproves of this project as it will impinge on their use of the space.

The Planning Commissions hand waves over traffic and parking issues, as well as safety issues - the decrepit stairs and inadequate lighting. So, you know who will foot the bill on park improvements to support the school?

The Commissioners were so enamored with Noelle DeWeese they let her run over her allotted rebuttal time by a full 2 minutes... is this technicality, could the approval be thrown out? She practically weeped about the troubles of finding a space and not being able to afford commercial rates.

There were groans when DeWeese told the commission that she doesn't live in Pacifica, but knows what's best for our parks, our neighborhoods, and our kids...

So get ready! They'll be dragging 9 huge trailers up Crespi soon!

Sidenote: who is Commissioner Gordon? In dismissing the neighbors concerns, he commented that Frontier Park is just above Oddstad park - why don't they go there? Commissioner, do you own a map of Pacifica?

Anonymous said...

Culture comes to the 'hood. In nine trailers, no less.

CWR said...

I will file an appeal to the city about this trailer park being built. Little does Ms.DeWeese know I've been going up to Oddstad Park way before she was even born. Now she wants to Lubby Dubby her way to destroying our park which has other priorities that need to be handled. The city workers that service the park are lazy it is un-kept they let it run into the ground now goody little Ms.Sweetpants wants her trailers I say "NO' TO IT LET THE CITY GET THEIR HEADS OUT OF THEIR BEHINDS THEN DEAL WITH WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE TO PRESERVE OUR PARK. DAMNED THEM!!

Anonymous said...

Take note NOBIES........
this sounds just like one of your tantrums. Isn't it lovely.
Some guy who's been letting his dogs shit here for decades is pissed off cuz someone dares to mess with his dilapidated personal porta-pottie.

1 star trailer court by the sea said...

It is,what it is, Mr. Roark. Good luck trying to talk or fight city hall.

Anonymous said...

807 Wow, Mr. Roark sure comes in handy, doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

Please file an appeal. You can fight city hall.

CWR said...

That's right it ticks me off. What is it I'm not suppose to say anything??? I take a lot of pride in this park. Just to let you know I've actually have picked up some much garbage around that park over many years. I've always cleaned up after my dogs, I've even gone out of the way to clean other dog mess that irresponsible people leave behind. People leave cigarette butts in the bar-b-q pit I've actually cleaned them out put them in the trash. Something city workers are suppose to do yet I guess it takes a village. You see I look at Oddstad Park a as beautiful park that has been neglected by the City over the years, the SSPA looks at it as urban development. I do my part for the park. I've lived in the neighborhood for nearly 50 years, I will tell my name since I don't hide anonymously making comments. I drive a white car that is parked in the corner slot by the staircase feel free to approach me in discuss this ridiculous junky model structure that sticks out like a sore thumb in a once beautiful park. I'm going to talk with Alex about this whole thing as well. Laugh now yet I do know a lot of people too that will sign a petition. Yes, I'll fight City Hall yes citizens have won so don't laugh. Never go against the local people.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Craig Roark!

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself you old codger.
Fifty years of residence in this dumpy little town buys you nothing.

Anonymous said...

37 We can only hope it bought him/us a crappy LM rancher now selling for $825K. And they're going up. There's got to be some reward for living in this backwater of the Bay Area for decades.

Tom Clifford said...

Mr. Roark if you have not already filed an appeal it is to late now. An appeal must be filed within ten days of the decision.

exposingfibs said...

You have 10 days to appeal?? Funny how the Planning Commission passes the Permit on April 20th but isn't in the local paper until April 28th. That really is B.S. I agree Mr. Roark these people who talk all the crap are the same people that don't give a crap about anything but what they all want and they don't care about anyone else with a different opinion. All they can do is put you down call you names. My regards to you for standing up for what you value, Oddstad Park was a wonderful park until the city disregarded it then these idiots came along to ruin it all together.I hope you people sleep well at night.

CWR said...

Exposingfibs Thank you for understanding. What these people don't understand is when I'm getting upset about something doesn't mean I'm their foe.I've gone to numerous plays along with fundraisers of the Pacifica Spindrift Players over the years. I support our local arts, entertainment groups I just feel that moving these trailers to Oddstad Park is a bad idea. I've been going up to this park since about 1972.There were great times & memories for me at this park. My dogs love to play at their favorite Oddstad Park. The next thing you know they'll turn this park into building a bunch of housing projects. I remember when the overpaid city workers actually gave a damn about what the park looked like at one time.I'm not the only one who feels this way either.

Anonymous said...

Damn! 9 trailers in a park in a residential neighborhood. What's next? A bigger parking lot? This council is as slick as pig snot. Can't you just hear that fat old guy with the Southern drawl in the commercial saying "It's all perfectly legal".

Mark Thomas said...

It's up to you but I wouldn't support the local PSP SSPA after this little move that they pulled on the neighborhood. It's sad that people are so self centered in pushing people aside to get theirs. I'm not against progress or any local arts or entertainment either. Sometimes as hard it must be we just have to turn around then walk away. You do what is best Craig, I totally can relate to how you feel. It's too bad knowing at this point that it's just fighting for a lost cause. I've been there too, the Park will still be there it just won't ever be the same again. Life goes on.Hang in there Buddy.

Penney said...

I happen to live in Linda Mar where I've brought my dogs to Oddstad Park too. What a shame that the SSPA of Pacifica can't work out something with the Spindrift Players. The comments of the PSP were they didn't want the second theatre in the grass field of the park. Well if the kids go at a certain time , the adults go in the evening, if they don't schedule the shows together then what is the problem of both of them using the existing building. Apparently in the new theater the SSPA would only be paying around $300.00 a month to the city to occupy it with 2 1/2 percent increase annually over the next ten years. Why don't hey use the money in improving the current conditions of the theater that's there? Noelle DeWeese claims that the Group is growing bigger every year well then money shouldn't be an issue if that's the case. Why is she sobbing like a homeless child in a 3rd world country about affordable rent? They do charge for the performances by the way at the theatre. They call themselves Non-Profit but have lots of fundraisers too. Its all about money in this world so who cares how the neighborhood feels about the park after all its the neighborhood that helps you support these local organizations. What a bunch of two faces these people are. You take paradise then put up a parking lot!!!

CWR said...

The bathroom has been torn down. I just want to blame the City of Pacifica for treating this park like a dump. One of my favorite places, my neighborhood park that I enjoyed playing baseball, football back in the 1970's taken away. The black berry bushes on the hill that the city workers pulled out yet did so little over the years maintaining the place. All the trash that I picked up, the trees that I planted to enlighten the park overshadowed. Shame on the City for what they did to this place. A neighborhood park well you might as well build apartments there now. R.I.P. Oddstad Park...I'll always have memories,laughs, good times, bad times that can't ever be replaced. You can't build junk trailers in our hearts...

Anonymous said...

From the new Pacifica General Plan regarding Oddstad park. Did the 'Planning Commission' not read this document?

OC-I-4 Emphasize Park Maintenance and
Improvements. Enhance existing parks
to improve the quality and usability of
Pacifica’s park land, and make improvements
such that park facilities are equitably
distributed throughout Pacifica. In
• Improve existing sports fields in partnership
with local non-profit youth
and adult athletic groups;
• Add playgrounds or expand play areas
at Fairway, Imperial, and Oddstad
• Convert parking area to park space at
Oddstad, and make improvements at
the park’s entrance.

Anonymous said...

Stop bothering the Planning Commission with such trivial facts!
Don't you realize that they answer to the higher power of the LOEBies!
They are much too busy t'ing up political positions to oppose Highway One widening.
These are mostly "Council in waiting" suck-ups shaping up their platforms.

Mark Thomas said...

It's just like you can't have fires at Linda Mar Beach except on Fourth of July you have bomb fires galore with fireworks everywhere. Take away a playing area of Oddstad Park after the city public works people sat on their lazy asses not doing a thing to improve the park. Like Craig was mentioning all the planting of trees, shrubs at Oddstad Park. I can only recall that it was volunteers that planted trees, shrubs at the parks never the city workers. Last time that I was at the Park a city worker named Bernie looked like he was about to give birth to twin babies nearly fell over because he had to take a small bag of trash out of the can.The top it off what is with this no smoking law in the park? It leaves butts? What if I chew tobacco? What if I smoke a pipe? The whole city of Pacifica structure is a complete joke from City Council to Public Works to the Police Department. All a bunch of ''Goofs'' that wouldn't last anywhere else. Enjoy Pacifica while it is still a somewhat nice place to live before these idiots destroy everything against the will of locals.