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Our City needs a downtown in the Quarry, that's a logical view

How much housing is the right amount in the 25% land development? Is the remainder 75% permanent open space about the right amount? How about solving the 1.3 mile Highway 1 traffic bottleneck through widening, light timing and whatever else it takes?

Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor, 4/27/16.  "Not Happy with Quarry plan" by Sean Smith"

Image result for half agreement picture
 NIMBY cat is focused the remaining
Quarry downtown land mouse.
Cat already ate Mori Point land mouse;
Quarry should be just as tasty.
Image result for half agreement picture
 Our balanced City economic and
community contract was torn-up by
NIMBIES who gained power decades
ago. So what's the big deal when the
NIMBY goal is open space? Oh, no City!
"I have recently seen the proposed idea and drawing for the development in the Rockaway Quarry and I have to say that I’m not pleased with it. The hotel concept is okay up to the point in which they wish to build 12 bungalows; all of which are twice the size of the average home here in Pacifica. That’s just absurd. Not to mention these bungalows are to be placed fairly far from the hotel itself, and I feel that they will intrude on the open space of Mori Point. In addition to that, I feel that there may be too many apartments going in, which raises a concern for the already crowded highway one commute and minimal available parking in Rockaway.

My proposition for this space would be to create a downtown type district for Pacifica, as we do not currently have one. I think it would be wise to create such a space in which small boutique shops, restaurants, bars, park(s) and a few apartments (not as much as currently proposed) could give our residents a more centralized area for social activities and gatherings. It would also allow for a larger farmer’s market to take place. 

Larger cities like San Jose have Santana Row while smaller cities like Half Moon Bay and Campbell have a main street/downtown area, which all seem to thrive in both daytime and nightlife. I feel that this kind of space is what Pacifica is lacking, and there really is no other place in town to develop one."

Related, cities population comparison (2013):  Pacifica, CA. City-data, 38,606; Half Moon Bay, CA, City-data, 12,013; Campbell, CA. City-data, 40,584.

Note photographs,  Focused cat is a face page image from The Guardian, UK, US Edition, "Paris climate deal: countries with about half of global emissions to join this year." Tearing-up the contract with our entire community is from Bankrate,"Looking for ways to break your contract".

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Planning Commission, Monday May 2, 2016

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on local television or live feed Pacificcoast.TV, (formerly  If you miss civic meetings, view on PCT 26 You Tube!  The planning commission meeting begins at 7 p.m., or shortly there following.  Planning Commission updates, archives are available on the City website/Planning Commission.

 Planning Commission Agenda, 5/2/16, pdf pages 142.

Open Session, 7:00 p.m.  Administrative:  Approval of 3/21/16 minutes; designation of Liaison to City Council Meeting Commissioner Nibbelin, 5/9/16; Consent items, none; Public hearings, none. 

Nathan Medeiros, right, heads into the McConnell's home on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 in Pacifica, Calif. The McConnell's cliffside home was yellow-tagged after waves pounded into the side of the cliff and eventually eroded the land. Medeiros-Wacker & Sons are working on a last ditch attempt to move and save the home, which is teetering on the edge of the cliff. Photo: Santiago Mejia, Special To The Chronicle
Item 2.  Yellow tagged house
on planks, "let's walk it!"
1.  Adopt Resolution determining that the 2016-2021 Capital Improvement Program is consistent with the General Plan and Local Coastal Land Use Plan. Active projects report, pdf pages 2-136Proposed action: adopt. 

2.  CDP-368-16.  Emergency Coastal Development Permit to temporarily move the single family home, located at 532 Esplanade Avenue, away from the eroding property cliff, (APN 009-161-020), pdf pages 137-142.  Proposed action: receive and file.  

Communications: Commission, Staff. Public (oral)Adjourn.
Reference.  Item 1.  City of Pacifica General Plan:  The Plan document, pdf pages 331.  Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR), April 2015, complies with CA Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  General purpose, and update advisement.  RelatedZoning Code, applications/information sheets.   Zoning/property improvement questions.  Item 2.  Acronyms.  CDP, coastal development permit; APN, assessor parcel number.  
Related, article and slides. San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate/Peter Fimrite, 4/19/16. "Pacifica 'dream house' getting a lift away from eroding cliff." "A company specializing in house raising — Tony Medeiros-Wacker & Sons — lifted the house off its cement slab Tuesday onto two 36-foot-long steel girders using 10 hydraulic pumps, which averaged about 1,000 pounds of pressure each. The plan is to slide the house on a track to the edge of the property line near the sidewalk over the next two days, where it will sit until McConnell and Wilson can figure out a permanent location. They (the McConnell family) want to buy another piece of property, hopefully at a discount, and move the house there before the erosion catches up to them again."   Note photograph by Santiago Mejia from the related SF Chronicle article, Image 12 of 27.

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CA appellate court constitutional win for Martins Beach private property, but public use trial next

The Mercury News/San Mateo County/Aaron Kinney, 4/27/16. "Martins Beach: Appeals court hands Khosla win and loss."

"SAN FRANCISCO -- A state appellate court gave Silicon Valley investor Vinod Khosla some good news and bad news Wednesday in a lawsuit involving public access to Martins Beach, a cove near Half Moon Bay.  In a 52-page opinion, the 1st District Court of Appeal in San Francisco upheld the main element of San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Gerald Buchwald's 2014 decision in Khosla's favor. The court found the public does not have the right under the California constitution to cross Khosla's property to reach the shoreline. "We view this decision as a win for our client and for all coastal property owners," said Dori Yob, one of Khosla's attorneys.

Image result for Martins Beach, San Mateo County photograph
The property owner does not own the tidal zone
Image result for Martins Beach, San Mateo County photograph
Private property, keep out
But the court also reversed a key part of the decision. That part of the dispute will return to the Hall of Justice in Redwood City for trial, according to Gary Redenbacher, the attorney for plaintiff Friends of Martins Beach. Redenbacher argued that the previous owners of Martins Beach, the Deeney family, dedicated the road leading to the beach for permanent public use by charging a parking fee, operating a convenience store, and advertising that the beach was open to the public. It's unclear when the trial will begin, but Redenbacher said he's confident he'll prevail."It's just a matter of time, as far as I'm concerned, before that road is open to the public," Redenbacher said.

The appellate panel also rejected Buchwald's unusual finding that Khosla owned the tidal zone and submerged land off the coast of Martins Beach, which Khosla bought for $32.5 million in 2008. The lawsuit is one of two seeking to restore public access to the beach. The other one, brought by the Surfrider Foundation, is also under appeal.In a separate matter, the California State Lands Commission is expected in coming months to decide whether to use eminent domain to buy access to the beach along Martins Beach Road, a private road off Highway 1."

Related, news article.  San Mateo County Journal/Bay City News/Julia Cheever, 4/28/16. "Appeals court orders Martin's Beach trial: Right of public access at Half Moon Bay property at issue." "The appeals court overturned a conclusion in which Superior Court Judge Gerald Buchwald said the Deeney families’ actions did not create a right of public access. But in a second part of Wednesday’s decision, the appeals court ruled against Friends of Martin’s Beach and in favor of Khosla’s companies on another issue. The court said the group could not base a claim to public access on an 1879 provision of the California Constitution that guarantees a public right of way to navigable waters along the California coast. The panel said that in the case of Martin’s Beach, the constitutional provision was preempted by the 1851 Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo with Mexico, which guarantees preservation of property rights granted by Mexico before 1851. Redenbacher said he plans to appeal that part of the decision to the California Supreme Court. Dori Yob, a lawyer for Khosla’s companies, said in a statement that they view this decision as a win for Khosla and for all coastal property owners."  To be continued... for more Fix Pacifica articles, search:  Martins Beach.

Note photographs. Close Gate by John Green/Bay Area News Group from Mercury News/San Mateo County/Aaron Kenney, 5/14/15, "State of California joins Martins Beach public access lawsuit."  The Beach, one of several images from California Beaches/Martins Beach/Half Moon Bay, CA. 

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Sea wall, help is on the way

Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor, 4/27/16.  "Sea wall repair" by Linda Jonas 

Image result for Beach Boulevard, Pacifica, CA photograph
Sea wall can be repaired
"Thank you Congresswoman Jackie Speier, for your assistance on the sea wall repair around the Pacifica Pier. I walk that promenade weekly, along with hundreds of other Pacifica residents/citizens.

While the recent damage was unsettling, it is clear that the sea wall can be repaired using modern construction standards and practices. All of us promenade walkers appreciate this proactive response, as do the homeowners, renters and businesses in the area.

It’s so nice to see your ‘can-do’ attitude!  Sincere thanks from a grateful Pacifican."

Note photograph by Rolando Luistro on Flickr from Rolandito's BALITANG SF: Coastal scene..1/23/16. 

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

GOP convention from Friday, April 20, 2016, Burlingame

The Daily Journal/Austin Walsh, 4/26/16. "GOP ready to rally: Police prep for protests, supporters at Burlingame Convention."

Image result for Trump in New Jersey picture
Get me out of here!
Image result for Trump pictures
Russia loves me.
"As Republicans set the stage for the party’s California convention this weekend, local officials are prepping for Burlingame to come into focus as the center of the nation’s political universe, with Donald Trump at the axis. Trump and his fellow conservative presidential hopefuls John Kasich and Ted Cruz, along with his recently announced running mate Carly Fiorina, have committed to speak at the event held in the Hyatt Regency hotel along the Bayshore.

....  Chuck McDougald, chair of the San Mateo County Republican Party, said he expects the convention to be the largest held locally, as an unprecedented amount of supporters and protesters have already announced their intent to participate in the weekend’s festivities.
“This is the most exciting convention we’ve ever had,” said McDougald, who has been a part of hosting four similar events in Burlingame previously.
 And though it is reasonable to expect all sorts of excitement surrounding the event, McDougald said he expects the nature of the convention’s festivities to be standard procedure, despite the notable guests. “There won’t be any chaos inside the hotel,” he said. “It will be politics and the convention as usual.”

Reference,  CA Republican Party Convention 2016.   CA GOP 2016 Convention updates, "April 29 (Friday) - May 1 (Sunday), 2016, Hyatt Regency, San Francisco Airport, Burlingame, CA." 

Image result for Ted Cruz picture
Anyone but Trump, that would be us.
Image result for Trump pictures
I'm not running for President.
Image result for Trump in New Jersey picture
Eh gad, did Trump just say that?
Related news, general voting and convention news. Breitbart News/Joe Fleishman, 4/26/16,"CA Primary: The Final Showdown for 2016 Begins this Friday.".  .... ... "On May 9, mail-in ballots will start to be mailed out in California, for an election that will basically take place over the course of an entire month.  While many will vote on June 7, it is expected that a majority of votes cast in the primary election will take place through the U.S. Postal Service.
 ....The party will have other business taking place at the convention. .... ...  the state party will take positions on the myriad of ballot measures that will be coming before California voters in November — which include tax increases, banning plastic grocery bags, legalizing pot, ending the death penalty, reforming the death penalty, requiring voter approval for major public works projects, and more."

Related news, anti-Trump protest, Friday April 29, 2016.  Facebook,"Protest Donald Trump's speech..."Donald Trump is coming to the Bay Area - let's show him a real Bay Area welcome by peacefully protesting outside. Trump is delivering the keynote speech at the California GOP 2016 Convention's Kickoff Lunch Banquet at 12pm! We'll gather at 11am."  Anti-Trump political humor. About Entertainment/Daniel Kurtzman, "Donald Trump Quotes. Ridiculous and outrageous quotes by Donald Trump."

Note photographs. Donald Trump in hat by Rick Wilking/Reuters/KCNA from Business Insider/Politics/Colin Campbell, 1/6/16,"...  "How I'd handle that 'madman' in North Korea."  Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Gov John Kasich (Ohio) by Paul Sancya/AP from Bretbart/Matthew Boyle, 3/22/16, "... 'Disturbing Pattern' of 'Untruthfulness'... "  House Speaker Paul Ryan by Doug Mills from The New York Times/Ashley Parker, 3/29/16, "Donald Trump Is Bringing Message of Jobs and Trade..." NJ Gov Chris Christie standing next to Donald Trump by John Moore/Getty images from  BuzzFeed/Stephanie McNeal, 3/3/16, "Cristie says he's not a Trump hostage..."  "... Christie added that he doesn’t intend to be a “full-time surrogate” for Trump, and doesn’t have more campaign appearances scheduled.  NJ Gov Chris Christie and Mary Par Christie with Donald Trump by Carlo Allegri/Reuters from NY Daily News/Nicole Hensley, 4/27/16. .... "The sexist remark heard at the tail end of his Trump Tower press conference in Manhattan garnered a quizzical smirk from one of Trump’s sidekicks: Gov. Chris Christie’s wife Mary Pat Christie."
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Palmetto Avenue, the new look will be welcome

Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor, 4/20/16.  "Our Main Street" by Celeste Chernicky

Image result for Palmetto Avenue, Pacifica, CA picture
"Dusty old Palmetto" streetscape project
will have a cash infusion of $2.5 million
"Who would have thought the dusty old Palmetto city site would become the innovation engine for a new look in Pacifica. Many of the applicants have coastal experience in Mendocino and San Luis Obispo counties.

I think this offering of a hotel, restaurant, an retail combination will become a real plus for us all."
Related news article.   Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, 3/24/16. "Rediscovered funds to help pay for Palmetto Avenue streetscape project." "Council Member Mary Ann Nihart recalled funds being available somewhere for Phase I of the Palmetto Avenue streetscape. With new city staff on board who did not know about that, Assistant City Manager Lorenzo Hines, Jr. asked financial advisor Peter Wong to research it. 
Wong found $1.5 million in a trustee account that resulted from the issuance of Certificates of Participation in 2008.  ....  'The original trustee, Deutsche Bank, left and U.S. Bank stepped in to serve as the current trustee', Wong said. 
....  In October, $1 million in grant funds will potentially be available for the city to compete for to be put to use on the streetscape, Hines said.  .... 'We would lose it if we can’t make it come to fruition,' said City Manager Lorie Tinfow. ....'The city got out of this in 2008 due to the financial crisis,' Wong said."

Note photograph of Palmetto Avenue by Jane Northrop from her related Pacifica Tribune article. Good article, clarifies the money issue.

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Quarry development, more of the "alternative" view

Pacifica Tribune, Letters to the Editor 4/20/16, print edition. "Why build in quarry?" by Richard W. Bauman

.... "Our little town has been discovered in part to some beating their chest to say come to Pacifica and see our beautiful hills, our beaches, etc. When is enough, enough?

Image result for Traffic, Highway 1 Pacifica, CA picture
Remember the days of fewer
people. Why did it change?
Image result for Quarry, Pacifica, CA picture
Don't drive through,
leave, don't come back.
Image result for Quarry, Pacifica, CA picture
The City doesn't need more
revenue or services. It just needs
more permanent open space.
I left my driveway on a recent Wednesday morning to head to work. It took me 20 minutes to get from Adobe to the Rockaway Beach light. My point-- is there any real benefit of Pacifica putting a development in the quarry? What is in it for Pacifica? More shopping or is it more traffic?

Bottom Line -- it's one more hassle we as Pacificans would have to put up with if we are too ignorant or too arrogant to see what's plain greed for another carpet bagger who comes to town with a shiny new plan. I'm calling it BS."

Note:  read more in the print edition of the Pacifica Tribune.. last week's edition, hope you didn't already throw it out.
Related, the solution in the modern world Highway 1 widening. Caltrans.  

 Related, another "alternative" to widening highway 1. San Francisco Chronicle/Amy Graff, 4/26/16, "Rent this van to live at Google and 'eat Google food" for $30 a day." .... "Robert Allen of Daly City is offering a solution. Through his site, the 68-year-old retiree, who likes to keep himself busy with entrepreneurial projects, is renting fully customized vans to anyone who can find a place to park one. .... Allen said that the idea is a Google, Facebook or Apple employee could sleep in the van parked in their company's lot and use the office amenities such as showers, laundry service, and the cafeteria." 

Note photographs. Sign, a face page image to Pinterest.  Highway nostalgia from  San Francisco Citizen blog/Great Highway, 9/1/14.  Tour through the Rockaway Beach Quarry, Silicon Segway from Yelp. 

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