Monday, May 30, 2016

San Francisco Bay: $12 parcel tax for wetlands has big financial backers

The article is about Measure AA wetlands protection (and more trails) for the Bay.  Campaign funding is paid in large part by big money interests, many with Bay properties which will be affected by sea level rise.

(If Measure AA passes, it will be a corporate shared cost effort with property owners, beyond what government may provide. Not that that's a bad thing, but it is a vested interest.)

When environmentalists wade into political contests, they're almost always outspent by big business. 

But that's not the case with Measure AA, a $12 annual parcel tax that will appear on the June 7 ballot in all nine Bay Area counties to fund wetlands restoration and flood control projects around San Francisco Bay's shoreline.
Environmental groups have linked arms with big business this time around, in essence becoming part of the Goliath in the David vs. Goliath contest. The coalition is overpowering anti-tax groups in fundraising by a huge margin, according to campaign spending reports released Friday.

Through last week, the Yes on AA campaign had raised $2.3 million, while opponents have not formed a campaign committee and are relying on volunteer efforts. The yes campaign has hired heavyweight political consultants, conducted professional polling, sent out glossy mailers and begun airing ads on every major Bay Area TV station.

If approved by two-thirds of all the voters in the nine counties combined, the new tax would raise $500 million over the next 20 years to build levees and restore thousands of acres of wetlands and tidal marshes as a buffer to storm surges and floods in every Bay Area county.


Submitted by Kathy Meeh

Sunday, May 29, 2016

"No drought" - D. Trump


There is no drought. California is protecting a 3" fish while sacrificing Central Valley farms. (More real time "logic" from comedian Donald Trump).

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told California voters Friday that he can solve their water crisis, declaring, "There is no drought."

California is, in fact, in midst of a drought. Last year capped the state's driest four-year period in its history, with record low rainfall and snow.

Speaking at a rally in Fresno, Calif., Trump accused state officials of denying water to Central Valley farmers so they can send it out to sea "to protect a certain kind of three-inch fish."

"We're going to solve your water problem. You have a water problem that is so insane. It is so ridiculous where they're taking the water and shoving it out to sea," Trump said at a rally that drew thousands.

The comments came a day after Trump outlined an energy policy plan that relies heavily on expanding U.S. fossil fuel exploration and reducing environmental regulations.

He held a pair of rallies Friday in Fresno and San Diego as he closed a campaign swing through the west, drawing vocal crowds of protesters, many carrying signs critical of Trump's plan to wall off the U.S. border with Mexico.


Submitted by Kathy Meeh

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pacifica: East Bay women arrested in baby formula heist, linked to larger theft ring

By Robert Salonga,

PACIFICA -- Two East Bay women were arrested on suspicion of stealing cases of baby formula
from a supermarket, an act investigators believe is tied to a larger Bay Area theft ring, according to Pacifica police.

Just before 5 p.m. Wednesday, officers were called to the Safeway on Linda Mar Boulevard after a store employee reported the theft of a "large amount" of baby formula and described the suspects as two women who took off in a white Dodge Caravan headed north on Highway 1.

Responding officers stopped the vehicle a short distance away, and the employee identified the occupants as being involved in the theft, which also entailed the shoplifting of razors and the hair-growth product Rogaine, police said.


Submitted by Kathy Meeh (who's internet service is on the fritz at the moment, in case you're wondering why she hasn't posted anything lately.)

Pacifica School District Parcel Tax
Vote Yes on Measure D to renew stable, local education funding that will protect excellent academic programs and retain qualified teachers in Pacifica Schools,_California,_Parcel_Tax,_Measure_D_(June_2016)

Submitted by Jim Wagner

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Roaming homeless shelters in Pacifica?

I have a pretty good idea that Dierdre Martin will be called to task as a shill for the rent control people who are advocating this "roaming shelter" baloney. 
can you see PIA going to st peter and asking to let the homeless set up camp on all that land they have!

Fair Rents for Pacifica: Deirdre Martin for City Council

FairRents4Pacifica is supporting Deirdre Martin's campaign for City Council because she favors rent stabilization. We feel this is the best strategy for us to pursue in Pacifica. We have volunteered to help gather signatures in San Mateo for its rent stabilization ballot measure. We feel any positive movement in the Bay Area helps our efforts here in Pacifica. Many of us are working to create "roaming shelters" in Pacifica and the rest of the Coastside. Today there are no shelters for homeless people on the coast and this effort will provide shelter year-round and be supported by government funding. 

Posted by Steve Sinai (for someone who wanted to stay anonymous.)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Press Release: Signatures Submitted to Place Rockaway Quarry Proposal on November Ballot

Jeff Flint
(650) 422-1488                                                                                              May 16, 2016 
PACIFICA, CA -  Just shy of 3,200 signatures were submitted to the Pacific City Clerk today to place a measure on the November ballot in Pacifica, giving voters the power to decide on the proposed plan for restoration and limited development on the Rockaway Quarry site. In order to place this measure on the ballot, no fewer than 10 percent of all registered voters were required to sign a petition calling for the proposed project to go on the ballot, meaning just over 2,200 valid signatures were required. Pacifica law requires any residential development at the Quarry to be voted on by residents.
“After over a year of planning, public input, and meetings with elected officials, community leaders and local groups, we’ve come up with a balanced plan that will restore the Quarry land and provide new recreation, hospitality and housing in Pacifica, through responsible and limited development,” said Paul Heule, managing director of Preserve@Pacifica LLC, the owners of the site. 
The plan calls for 75 percent of the 86-acre site to be preserved as permanent open space. The proposal includes reclaiming the old quarry site, shoring up fragile hillsides, and restoring coastal wetlands along Calera Creek. Trails would be built out to connect Rockaway Beach to Mori Point, and a Creekside Park would be created.

The ballot measure does not rezone the property nor grant any entitlements. Instead, it grants voter approval to the Pacifica City Council to review the plan, within strict limits on the size and scope of development. The maximum development the Council could approve would be a 200 room hotel, 13,000 square foot conference center, 35,000 square feet of retail and office, and no more than 206 residential apartment units. 25 of the units would be live-work units, and 20% of the remaining units would be designated as affordable. The measure would require the City Council to confirm that green building standards be used, and that a traffic mitigation plan be adopted and all traffic fees paid before any building permit issued.

“This plan is much smaller than previous proposals, and we believe consistent with the majority of residents are open to some sensitive development at the Quarry,” said Heule.
The City Clerk will transmit the signatures to the San Mateo County Registrar of voters. If signatures are verified for 10 percent of Pacifica voters, the initiative will go to the City Council to be placed on the ballot. 


Property Owners Preserve@Pacifica, LLC purchased the quarry property in 2014 with a commitment to undertake a sensitive balance of restoration and site-appropriate development.
Posted by Steve Sinai

Saturday, May 14, 2016

NIMBYism Is a Huge Drag on America's Economic Growth

Silicon Valley enjoys sky-high labor demand and soaring wages. Yet for such a significant global
nexus of economic activity, the population density in San Jose and San Francisco is incredibly low. Incumbent homeowners don’t want to share the wealth, so they enact housing policies that keep new workers out.

Protectionist housing policies are bad for people who’d like to work in Silicon Valley, of course. But NIMBYism is also bad for the nation as a whole. Even though labor productivity has grown the most over the last few decades in three specific U.S. cities—New York, San Francisco, and San Jose—that local growth hasn’t translated to greater national growth at all, thanks to a lack of housing.

In fact, NIMBY policies that restrict the supply of housing in those cities are a drag on the national economy. That’s the finding in a new paper by Chang-Tai Hsieh and Enrico Moretti released by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The researchers show that increased “wage dispersion” from 1964 to 2009 has held back U.S. GDP growth by a whopping 13.5 percent of what it could be.

“This amounts to an annual wage increase of $8,775 for the average worker,” the paper reads.

Hsieh and Moretti came up with a way to measure what local output and national growth would look like if wage dispersion were equalized. They proposed a model that lowered the regulatory housing constraints in New York, San Francisco, and San Jose to the level of a median city. If workers were able to cross over from low-wage cities to high-wage cities—that is, if New York, San Francisco, and San Jose were to lower barriers to new housing and let them in—then GDP could rise by 9.5 percent.


Posted by Steve Sinai

City of Pacifica - Planning Commission

To be discussed -

1) elimination of redundant massage therapy ordinance language; and,
2) report to City Council, discussion.  Pdf pages 38.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

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- I ended up replacing the widget, so it will look a little different.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

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I'll give it another 12 or 24 hours, and if it's still busted, I'll look for something else to replace it with.

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Terra Nova Car Show, Saturday, May 14, 2016


Pacifica Chamber of Commerce, business events section. 


Very cool classic car event

Terra Nova Car Show 10th Anniversary!   Saturday, May 14, 2016, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM 

Terra Nova High School (Upper baseball field), 1450 Terra Nova Blvd. Free to attend.
"This popular event gets bigger ever year and best of all it benefits the Terra Nova Industrial Department and the Auto Shop and Wood Shop Departments. ...  Raffle Prizes - BBQ - Swap Meet - Music & More!" 

Related articles. Nextdoor/Cheryl Yoes, 5/10/15, "9th annual car show. Funds raised support Terra Nova High School's Industrial Tech Program. Barbecue lunch, raffle, vendors, kid's activities and Baby Face Boxing exhibit." Pacifica Patch/Christa Bigue, Staff, 5/21/13, "Terra Nova Car Show Brings in $11K. Pacifica's business community comes together at the annual car show that raises funds for Terra Nova High School’s Industrial Tech Department."  "The 7th annual Terra Nova Car Show Saturday raised close to $11,000 for Terra Nova High School’s Industrial Tech Department with approximately 180 vehicles displayed at the show, many of them from local car clubs. According to organizer and host, Pete Yoes of Dial Glass & Window Co., “this event not only raises much needed funds for Terra Nova High School, but it also provides great community, family-oriented recreation and wonderful networking and promotional opportunities for local businesses.”

Note photograph/graphic from Dial Glass and Window Company, a Terra Nova Car Show event organizer, host and sponsor.

Posted by Kathy Meeh

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Airport noise meeting, Thursday, May 19, 2016

Image result for Airplane noise over north San Mateo county peninsula picture
Airplane noise over your home
is from altered GPS flight paths.
City of Pacifica/Kathy O'Connell, City Clerk, "Notice of Meeting."

"Notice is hereby given that the City Council will attend a public meeting regarding an update on Airport Noise issues given by Sue Digre, Council liaison to that select committee, San Francisco InternationaL Airport Community Round Table, on Thursday, May 19, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

Location:   City Council Chambers, 2212 Beach Blvd., Pacifica, CA 94044."

Submitted by Jim Wagner


Image result for airplane flying over Pacifica, CA picture
 Bye-bye, see ya next time.
ReferenceSFO Airport/Community Roundtable/About. "The Airport/Community Roundtable was established in 1981 as a voluntary committee to address community noise impacts from aircraft operations at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The Roundtable monitors a performance-based noise mitigation program implemented by airport staff, interprets community concerns and attempts to achieve noise mitigation through a cooperative sharing of authority among the aviation industry, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), SFO management and local government.  The authority to control aircraft in flight and on the ground is vested exclusively in the FAA. The FAA, however, cannot control the number of flights nor the time of day of aircraft operations. Federal law preempts any local government agency from implementing any action that is intended to control the routes of aircraft in flight. Neither the Roundtable, local elected officials nor airport management can control the routes of aircraft in flight or on the ground."

Related news articles.  San Francisco Examiner/Brendan P. Bartholomew, 1/3/16, "Residents to air out airport grievances." "Altered flight paths around San Francisco International Airport led to a dramatic uptick in noise complaints last year ...  .... Digre said she views the issue as a potential public health matter, because noise can raise people’s stress levels. ..."  CBS News/Mark Kelly, includes video 2:05 minutes.  "Changes At SFO Lead To Growing Number Of Airplane Noise Complaints." .... "The past year, the FAA switched to a GPS-based system, which was intended to be an upgrade."  Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, 1/13/16. "Airplane noise gripes heard loud and clear.." .... ... "The number of complaints has recently dramatically increased. Besides Fairmont West residents, people from every neighborhood from Park Pacifica to Manor voiced their concerns at the meeting, (1/7/16)." Note airplane photographs. Flying over house from Earth changes and the pole shift/Starr DiGiacomo blog, UK, 9/18/11, "Plane makes emergency landing in Manchester.."  Flying over Pacifica image to Tumblr.

Posted by Kathy Meeh

Can't get enough of Bay Area and regional wild?

San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate/Tom Stienstra, 5/8/16. "Wildlife cameras capture a wide array of species."

"The tracks in the dirt told a murky story. They looked liked fresh paw prints from a mountain lion, maybe two of them.

Image result for Mountain lion's six month old kitten or cub?
Rare mountain lion is thinking
about that rare barbecue place.
Image result for Mountain lion's six month old kitten or cub?
 Just not in your
neighborhood. I'm stuck.
....  In San Francisco, people are stunned to find the high number of raccoons, for instance. There also have been recent high numbers of coyote sightings, and even a rare photo of a mountain lion. You might also see the neighbor’s cat show up.

What’s being seen at parks and at homes near open space, the high wildlife numbers at night, particularly during full moons, can be head-shakingly unbelievable. In more distant areas — in national forests, for example — cameras can capture the otherwise unseen nighttime activities of bears, badgers, Pacific fishers, mink and nearly anything that stalks the night. Read article, includes 13 second "mother's day" view of Mountain lion with kitten (or cub).

Related, Mountain Lion Foundation. Cougar/The American Lion/Kevin Hansen, Chapter  2, "The cycle of life." By the time kittens are weaned at 2 to 3 months, the mother has moved the litter to one or more additional den sites throughout her home range. This provides greater protection for the young and may be one reason she does not construct elaborate dens. In his book Soul Among Lions, Arizonacougar specialist Harley Shaw explains that there are other advantages to such behavior: "...kittens learn early to move around their range and not imprint upon a single home site. Home is the entire area of use. Within it, lions are free to move, hunt, and rest as their mood and physiology directs. They are not handicapped the human compulsion to return to a single safe base at night."

Note photograph by Mark Andermahr, other similar photographs (scroll down), from TOM CLARK: A Question of Public Safety, 12/6/12. "Wandering into a Half Moon Bay neighborhood, two young mountain lions took shelter beneath a porch. ..." Stuck by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images from a  Buzz Feed article/Gavon Laessig, Reporter, 1/9/16, "This deformed Mountain Lion..."

Posted by Kathy Meeh

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Water rationing continues forever, CA

San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate/Kurtis Alexander, 5/9/16. "Gov. Brown orders permanent water restrictions for California." 

"Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday ordered a set of water restrictions that have helped California weather its four-year drought to be made permanent, including bans on car-cleaning and hosing down driveways as well as mandatory water reductions for cities and towns.

Image result for water restrictions picture
There goes the fun.
Image result for water restrictions picture
Open Space drought recreation.
The administration says it wants to be sure that the state doesn’t let up on its recent conservation success, even as rivers and reservoirs benefit from the wettest winter in five years. 'Californians stepped up during this drought and saved more water than ever before,' said Brown in a prepared statement. 'But now we know that drought is becoming a regular occurrence and water conservation must be a part of our everyday life.'
.... State officials did not say Monday what the new conservation targets will look like, only that they will be working with communities to come up with plans to take effect next year. The targets, which will have to be met on a monthly basis, will go beyond the 20 percent per-capita reduction required by 2020 under current state law." Read article.

Note photographs:  Biker by Brian Melley/AP from Observer-Reporter/US, 4/22/15, "Beverly Hills approves new water restrictions, fines".  Skiing by Max Whittaker/Getty Images from PBS/News Desk, 4/1/15. "CA governor orders water restrictions; snowpack at record low".

Posted by Kathy Meeh

Monday, May 9, 2016

Reminder City Council meeting tonight, Monday May 9, 2016

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor. Or view on local television or live feed Pacific Coast TV. If you missed meetings, view on PCT26 YouTube!  The city council meeting begins at 7 p.m., or shortly there following. City Council updates and archives are available on the City Council website.

Image result for High five picture
Short meeting expected, high five!
Fix Pacifica article, City Council meeting, 5/9/16.    Interactive City Council Meeting Agenda, 5/9/16.   

Public hearings - none.
5.  Appeal withdrawn, (500 San Pedro Avenue, 4 detached motel rooms).
6.  Appeal withdrawn, (135 Stanley Avenue, single family house addition).
7.  Annual Report:  Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission.

Note photograph of Charlize Theron and Michelle Obama from The Daily Mail, UK, 9/29/16, Charlize Theron and Michelle Obama promote Girls' education.

Posted by Kathy Meeh

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day, Sunday May 8, 2016

NPR/World/Zhai Yun Tan, 5/7/16, "Celebrating Mother's Day?  Make sure you have the date right." 

"Not every country in the world celebrates Mother's Day at the same day. If you're in the United States, you might be showering your mother with gifts on the second Sunday in May — but if you're in Thailand, that day doesn't come until August.

Image result for Mothers Day picture
Probably better to remember Mom
with something more than this card today.
Image result for Mothers Day picture
Even though she may say,
"Don't make a fuss", make a fuss.
Either way, she will never forget.
Why do mothers get celebrated on different days in different countries? The answer may lie in the fact that it is not a day celebrated like the International Women's Day, a global event with recognition by the United Nations. Mother's Day, in fact, has different meanings and origins in various cultures.

In the United States, it was suggested by an activist. Anna Jarvis wanted to honor mothers' sacrifices in raising their children. She fought to add the day to the national calendar, and by 1914, President Woodrow Wilson designated the second Sunday of May as Mother's Day.

Many countries follow the United States, such as Germany, Australia, China and Turkey. Mexico also celebrates the day early in May, but on a fixed date: May 10. As this Washington Post article describes, it's a big day of celebrations for Mexicans."  Read article, (Everything you ever wanted to know about world Mother's day celebrations and the various dates follow in this article).

Reference, Mother's day. Time and,"Mother's Day in the United States/What do people do?" Many people send cards or gifts to their mother or mother figure or make a special effort to visit her. Common Mother's Day gifts are flowers, chocolate, candy, clothing, jewelry and treats, such as a beauty treatment or trip to a spa. Some families organize an outing for all of their members or hold a special meal at home or in a restaurant. In the days and weeks before Mother's Day, many schools help their pupils to prepare a handmade card or small gift for their mothers."'s Day.

Note photograph/graphics. Package and flowers from Merrill Edge Trading/Bank of America/Cherry Butler, 4/12/16.  Awesome from Etsy, Catch 22 cards.

Posted by Kathy Meeh

Saturday, May 7, 2016

City budget meetings continue: Study Session, Wednesday, May 11, 2016.

City of Pacifica/City Council Agenda, pdf  pages 1. "Notice of Budget Study Session for Operating and Capital Budget Fiscal Year 2016-2017, May 11, 2016, 6 PM. Meeting location: City Council Chambers, 2212 Beach Blvd."

Image result for Balanced budget picture
Pacifica's city budget?
Related, April 25, 2016 City Council meeting article. Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 5/5/16. "Personnel changes urged for year's budget."

"... Assistant Manager Lorenzo Hines, Jr. made the budget presentation for City Council at its last meeting Apr. 25. The $30.7 million general fund budget is balanced. Expenses rose by five percent for all departments, except in public works where the increase is 14 percent, he said. Personnel changes include adding a position that is part time in finance and part time in human resources to process business licenses and to help with personnel issues. Public works and the wastewater department will be overseen by the same director who will divide his time between the two. A deputy director will be named in each department. An engineer will be hired in the wastewater department. 

....  The city receives County of San Mateo funding for excess ERAF, which the city officially considers one time funds that can be used for any purpose. The city has been paying the Pacifica Resource Center $83,000 per year using ERAF funds. The excess ERAF account has $1.9 million in it, Hines said. It will also be used for storm damage repairs.

....  With a unanimous vote by City Council, the Pacifica Resource Center will be funded out of this year’s excess ERAF, instead of next year’s, as originally planned, making the funding source more definite and immediate. Next fiscal year another decision will be made after studying what options for funding are available on the county level.

....  There are increased property tax revenues helping the city’s bottom line. The transient occupancy tax from the hotels is strong, as well. There are departments that pay for their own operation, such as Parks, Beaches and Recreation. Fees have been set in the others, such as planning, to better recover the costs of doing business. Hines proposed raising some fees."  Read article.

Reference, City Council meeting, 4/25/16, Item 6, Proposed 2016-17 General Fund Budget. Report, pdf pages 5,  a) Draft 2016-17 Operating Budget, pdf pages 33.

Note photograph of then Mayor Michael Bloomberg by Carlo Allegri/Reuters from New York Daily News, 11/22/13, "Bloomberg's balanced budget isn't quite what it seems."

Posted by Kathy Meeh

Friday, May 6, 2016

City Council meeting, Monday May 9, 2016

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor. Or view on local television or live feed Pacific Coast TV. If you missed meetings, view on PCT26 YouTube!  The city council meeting begins at 7 p.m., or shortly there following. City Council updates and archives are available on the City Council website.

Interactive City Council Meeting Agenda, 5/9/16.      City Council Meeting, 5/9/16, pdf pages 78.

Image result for Conflict resolution picture
Items 5, 6.  Appeals withdrawn, conflict
resolution complete. Everyone wins!
Closed session - None.
Open session, 7 p.m. Call to order, roll call, salute to flag, closed session report. 
Special presentations, none scheduled to date.

Consent Calendar
1.     Approval of disbursements, 4/5/16 - 4/29/16.
2.     Approval of Minutes, 4/25/16.
3.     Authorize Parks, Beaches, and Recreation extended (pre-K through middle school) child care program rental space (13 classrooms) rental space, with Pacifica School District, FY 2016-17, $142,272.   Report Contract (lease), pdf pages 16).
4.     Approve and accept proceeds from the CA Attorney General Stericycle (medical waste management) overcharge (2004-08) settlement agreement, $2,854.23.  Report.  Agreement, pdf pages 10. 
Communications - Public (Oral); City Council; City Staff. 

Public Hearings 
5.    Appeal of 4 detached motel rooms, 1 vacant lot subdivision, 500 San Pedro Avenue (Pedro Point). Approved by the Planning Commission. Report, pdf pages 2.  APPEAL 
WITHDRAWN, 5/6/16. 
6.    Appeal of a 993 sq. ft. addition to an existing 1,962 sq. ft. lawful nonconforming single-family residence, 135 Stanley Avenue. Approved by the Planning Commission. Report, pdf pages 2. APPEAL WITHDRAWN, 5/6/16. 
7.    Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission Annual Report.  RequirementReport 2015, pdf pages 3.

Adjourn.  Note photograph from Udemy edicazo video, 39 seconds, "The Art Of Conflict Resolution." 

Posted by Kathy Meeh

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sharp Park Golf Course sea wall, the "managed retreat" view

Pacifica Tribune, My Turn, 5/4/16. "Challenging responsibility of Sharp Park sea wall" by Stan Zeavin

Image result for Sharp Park Golf Course picture
  Breaking news: Golf Course and Pacifica
residents, "managed retreat" from the
Pacific ocean is your personal problem.

Image result for Sharp Park Golf Course picture
Oh I forgot, don't save the frog,
snake, golf, and human habitation.
....  "None of the actual legally binding 'terms and conditions' of the Biological Opinion mention a sea wall or berm, and none include a requirement to maintain the sea wall as a flood control structure. San Francisco is not “legally mandated” by the Service to “maintain and repair the berm and the roadway.” San Francisco, not the Service, has proposed maintenance of the road surface only. ...

.... No federal agencies have legally mandated or even recommended its long-term maintenance. The U.S. Geological Survey has indicated the inevitability of shoreline retreat and erosion of the Pacifica shoreline under current conditions and future sea level rise. In reality, with sea level rise, over time Sharp Park Beach will disappear with continued maintenance of the berm.

As for the sediment study, it offers four or five choices (based on benefit cost analysis, geology, etc.) for each section of Pacifica’s coastline. What it doesn’t offer are “favored options.” Local government will decide what is 'favored'. The sediment study is actually interesting reading for those citizens who care about Pacifica’s future."  Read article.
Footnote from the article. "Stan Zeavin is a retiree who has lives in Pacifica for more than 22 years with a lifelong interest in environmental issues. He lives in Linda Mar."   

Note photograph from The Frog Blog, 11/25/15, "Nine Environmental Groups Oppose San Francisco's (Sharp Park) Golf Course plan. "Nine leading local environmental groups have united to send a single message to the City of San Francisco: The controversial proposal to redevelop Sharp Park Golf Course does not belong in the city’s proposed Significant Natural Resource Areas Management Plan. Sierra Club, Golden Gate Audubon Society, Wild Equity Institute, Surfrider Foundation, San Francisco Tomorrow, S.F. League of Conservation Voters, National Parks Conservation Association, S.F. Green Party, and Sequoia Audubon posted letters to the Board of Supervisors urging them to remove the controversial Sharp Park Golf Course redevelopment project from the master management plan for the city’s natural areas."  Sharp Park Golf Course from Northern CA Golf Association (NCGA), 12/7/12, "Sharp Park Update", "A federal court lawsuit that was aimed at closing the Alister MacKenzie-designed Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica so that it could be turned into a frog and snake sanctuary was dismissed on Thursday."

Posted by Kathy Meeh