Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sharp Park Habitat Improvement and Golf Course Infrastructure Project Goes to Hearing April 16 at Coastal Commission

The fight to Save Sharp Park Golf Course is at a critical point.  And you can do your part to help.

California’s Coastal Commission will hold a public hearing Thursday, April 16, 9:00 a.m. in San Rafael on the Sharp Park Pump House Project – the first stage of the City’s plan to both renovate Sharp Park Golf Course and improve habitat for the frog and snake there (The Commission’s April 16 calendar is linked here). 

San Francisco Public golf Alliance supports the Project.  Read more about our position on our web page; a copy of our detailed letter of support is linked here.

The Project has been approved by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and other federal and state natural resources agencies, and is supported by the County of San Mateo and the City of Pacifica.  The Coastal Commission’s Staff -- in an April 3 Report which specifically recognizes the value of low -and moderate- cost public recreation -- supports San Francisco’s permit application, with conditions. The (300+ page) Staff Report is linked here.

The Pump House Project includes much-needed infrastructure work at Sharp Park, including safety improvements at the Pump House, moving the cart path out of the lake at Hole 15, and habitat enhancement for the frog and snake, including construction of a new frog pond south of the Pump House and dredging cattails from the connecting channel and from a small area of Horse Stable Pond.

You can help by:  (1) sending an e-mail supporting the Project to the Coastal Commission, and (2) by attending the Commission’s April 16, 9 a.m. hearing, and giving public testimony why Sharp Park Golf Course is important to you personally and to public golf.  Let us know (at if you will attend.  The Commission will meet in the Board of Supervisors Chambers at the Marin Civic Center in San Rafael (the Frank Lloyd Wright building). Directions linked here.

E-mails:   Address e-mails to Coastal Commission.  

Subject Line: “Support for San Francisco Sharp Park Pump House Project, CDP No. 2-12-014”
Please send a copy of your e-mail to us, at
In your e-mail, tell the Commission why Sharp Park Golf Course is important to you and your family and friends and community.
Questions?  Need help?  Contact us:

Donations are greatly appreciated.  To donate please visit our website donations page

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mw said...

I noticed that a couple of the links from this SFPGA e-mail blast are broken.

The correct link of the SFPGA Web Page post on the CC hearing is here:

The correct link of the 300+ page CC staff report (it's great bedtime reading) is here:

Trust me on that. It's more effective than a sleeping pill. Nice pictures though - if you can find them.

Steve Sinai said...

Thanks, Mike. I just did a cut and paste from the email I got, but didn't test the links.

Sharon said...

Hip Hip Hooray! Common sense prevails, just heard on the morning news the Coastal Commission gave the city the go ahead to get things cleaned up despite usual collection of naysayers at the meeting.

Steve Sinai said...


Larry said...

Anyone notice Loeb pandering for money to sue again on Highway One improvements over on the neighbor site? Unbelievable. That site has been apolitical and really just a kind of neighbor chat about what's going on and stuff to give away. Going to be a real shame if the people on that site allow Loeb to turn it into a beg fest for one of the most contentious issues in town. I would ask anyone that is on that site and wants to keep it clear of political haggling to maybe post just that under his post.

Anonymous said...

Larry, you may not have noticed, but most Pacificans appear to agree with Loeb on Hwy 1. Heck, even FixPacifica is more or less 50/50 on the topic.

Anonymous said...

Roll Tide! Larry, you'll have to mobilize your Fixies if you want pro-widening posts on Riptide. You got nobody else.

Anonymous said...

John Keener raised a lot of money for his campaign from community members also opposed to highway widening and even some who were ambivalent or supported highway widening, so there must be at least $20,000 or more to take the fight to the next level in the courts.

Kathy Meeh said...

651, well one Anonymous who claimed not to be a NIMBY was against the Highway 1 bottleneck fix. That may have been you, even though you also claimed not to be a NIMBY.
The 1.3 mile highway 1 widening will alleviate the traffic back-up in the Rockaway/Valemar area. Traffic congestion in that area is a 20 year problem-- a problem which has been professionally studied, and is funded.
The status quo will worsen over time. Hence, outside Government process, the misleading spin intended to void the solid Caltrans solution should "bee" ignored or countered.

921, the largest NIMBY donations to sue the Federal Government (against our needed highway 1 widening) may come through Pacifica's Environmental Family. PEF members probably worked hard at soliciting tax-deductible donations at Eco-Fest (a festival mostly funded by the City).

Larry said...

Hey 6:51, you claim most Pacificans are against highway repair, did you realize the highway is a regional arterial? Highway One! My myopic friend, why don't you go down to the highway around 7:30AM and poll those sitting in traffic, burning that terrible carbon fuel and trying to get to school/work, and ask them what they think. Or the guy in the ambulance who had the misfortune of having a medical incident during rush hour. Just because you and other gong of no members say it doesn't make it true.

Anonymous said...

There's abundant proof many Pacificans oppose widening the highway. Only an election on the issue could tell us that a majority opposes it. Opposition to the widening grows despite proponents description of the projects as a vital repair or a safety improvement and the occasional human interest story. They're trying hard, but, supporters for widening can't gain traction for their beloved highway project. Not because there isn't some truth in what they say, but because the benefits would come at a perceived loss of our small-town identity. Probably none of our local hissing and spitting matters because outside Pacifica there are powerful people and organizations that want that road widened. Counting on today's courts or CCC to stop it is a huge gamble. Legal action may stall it, even for years, but, in the end, it will take a voter referendum to stop this project. And, who doesn't love a David vs. Golaith story?