Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween bats no real problem, rain could be

Oh Halloween, not as spooky
as some of the political comments on Fix
"Trick or treat", here we come
Science Daily/Kansas State University, 10/30/14.  "Bat influenza viruses unlikely to pose a threat to human health."

"Bats seen at Halloween this year may not be quite as scary as they appear -- at least when it comes to the spread of specific viruses. A research project conducted in part by a team of researchers in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University suggests that influenza viruses carried by bats pose a low risk to humans.

.... 'While our data suggest that the bat influenza viruses are authentic viruses and provide new insights into the evolution and basic biology of influenza viruses, the results also indicate that they pose little, if any, pandemic threat to humans,' Ma said."  Read more.

Note graphics:  children walking from  Bullhead Chamber of Commerce, police press release, "Halloween safety tips".  Halloween from Offerpop marketing.

Posted by Kathy Meeh

Vote to move this city forward

The momentum to fix this city has begun,
keep it going...... 
"Your vote counts" by Joan Weidman 

"Editor:  Pacifica is going to move forward based on who is elected to represent and serve our community on city council, school board and water district. How do you decide on who will step up to this giant task?

Many years ago, I looked at candidates' positions on particular issues. Having served for 12 years on the Pacifica School District board, I now look at candidates in a different light.

These are the questions that I ask: Does the candidate have some experience working within public institutions (public committees, commissions, and/or elected service)? If they have not been involved in public service, have they taken a leadership position in a nonprofit organization that supports the Pacifica community? Can the candidate work collaboratively with others? The last question is the most important.

All of Pacifica's elected positions are boards of five people. Having a variety of perspectives (alternate views) is important. In other words, not all elected officials should agree. What is more important is that they respectfully express their views and perspectives, back it up with facts, and are willing to listen. I truly believe that when elected officials listen to each other and look to reach compromise, the community benefits. I will cast my vote based on this criteria. This means that I may not agree with a candidate on a specific position. I am voting for candidates who base their decisions on facts, and their ability to work with fellow board/council members and other agencies to make decisions that benefit the Pacifica community.  

Cast your vote for candidates that will move Pacifica forward on Election Day, Nov. 4."

Note graphic from Chicago Now blog.

Posted by Kathy Meeh