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Pacifica Index, breaking news

See Community News Wire.  State to take back $1.4 million from elimination of Pacifica Redevelopment Agency.   Pacifica Index.

With permission from Chris Fogel, Editor & Publisher 

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Two large grants will restore the Pacifica pier

Pacifica economy:  free parking, free fish
Pacifica Tribune, 1/29/13.  Public announcement from Public Works. "City of Pacifica Public Works receives grant funding." 

Crab season - free
"The City of Pacifica Department of Public Works received an advisory last week from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation that grant funds in the amount of $250,000 has been allocated from the Cosco Busan Oil Spill Settlement — Recreational Use Program to the City of Pacifica to support the Pacifica Pier Restoration Project. 

The Pacifica Pier Restoration Project will repair the concrete deck covers and replace the missing sections of deck railing and wood coping at the Pacifica Municipal Pier. This project will also replace the corroded and missing pier deck lighting and electrical wiring.
Oh hi there  ....

The City will be combining this grant with a previous grant received from the Wildlife Conservation Board in the amount of $249,000, bringing the total project budget to $499,000."   

Related - Probably not related to the two large grants above, but POPS must be happy with the large grants received by the city to repair our pier.  Preserve our pier supporters, (POPS). "POPS is a nonprofit citizens’ group dedicated to promoting and preserving our beautiful Pacifica, California Pier.  It began in 2000 to secure funds for repairs to preserve the pier against the forces of nature and assure that the 30+ year old pier can be with us for another 30 years to come."

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stanford University sued over their Searsvill Dam property

Our Children's Earth Foundation lawsuit forced our city to clean-up its waste water collection system. 

Harming steelhead rainbow trout?
San Mateo County Times/Aaron Kinney, 1/29/13. "Stanford University sued for alleged Endangered Species Act violations at Searsville Dam."

Searsville Dam pictures
"Two environmental organizations filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Stanford University, claiming the school's management of Searsville Dam and Reservoir harms steelhead trout and violates the Endangered Species Act.  The suit alleges the dam prevents steelhead, a federally threatened species, from migrating farther up the San Francisquito Creek watershed, while Stanford's use of water from the reservoir for irrigation degrades habitat downstream of the dam by reducing water levels.   

Our Children's Earth Foundation and the Ecological Rights Foundation want to force Stanford to curb its use of water from the reservoir and implement a plan to allow the fish to get past the dam, either by creating a bypass or removing the entire structure. They also want Stanford to obtain an Endangered Species Act permit, which is required for any activity that harms a threatened or endangered species.

....  University spokeswoman Lisa Lapin said the lawsuit is unnecessary, since the school is already in the midst of a comprehensive study of Searsville, which the school acquired in 1919. A committee formed in 2011 to analyze the issue is expected to make recommendations by 2014. ....  Lapin also asserted that the university doesn't need an Endangered Species Act permit because it isn't harming steelhead.  "Stanford is definitively not in violation of the Endangered Species Act in its operation of Searsville Dam -- in fact, the creek is a thriving steelhead habitat," Lapin said."

Searsville dam was built in 1892
The National Marine Fisheries Service is in the early stages of an investigation into whether any violations have taken place. Stanford has dismissed the inquiry as a routine response to a citizens complaint. There many issues to consider besides the steelhead, Lapin noted. Since the dam was built in 1892, the reservoir has created wetland habitat that would disappear if the dam is removed. And the land beneath the dam has been developed, leading to concerns about flooding.  Federal law requires that an Endangered Species Act permit be accompanied by a planning document known as a Habitat Conservation Plan. Stanford completed such a plan late last year, but only after removing Searsville from consideration in order to study it further."   Read more. 

Related Stanford consideration Stanford University News/Kate Chesley, 4/5/11. "Stanford begins comprehensive study of Searsville Dam"  As a study of its future begins, Searsville Dam has been withdrawn from consideration as part of the university's proposed Habitat Conservation Plan. The historic dam, one of five on Stanford property, is considered important for irrigation, fire protection, habitat preservation, teaching and research. But sediment has greatly reduced its capacity." 

Related review and lawsuits - Review from National Marine Fisheries Services, aka: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries, (NOAA Fisheries).  Lawsuits from The Ecological Rights Foundation, and  Our Children's Earth Foundation (Corporation).  Then there is the extreme view.  Matt Stoecker, conservation biologist, habitat migration barrier concern, goal to blow-up the dam, 7:11 minute video.

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Pacifica Index, recent articles of interest

Articles of interest from Pacifica Index. See  featured articles section.

Pacifica Index
"Council makes adjustments to goals and objectives."  Follow-up report of the special city council meeting, 1/26/13.

"Pacifica's first aspiring entrepreneur mixer."  Follow-up report of  the  Small Business meeting, 1/25/13. The meeting was hosted by Pacifica Economic Development committee, with featured speakers from KIMCO Realty Corporation, the Small Business Administration, and First National Bank of Northern California.

"Study Session about Study."  Follow-up progress report to city council from Willdan Financial Services (consultant), 1/23/13.  WFS is studying the cost of city services and user fees.

With permission from Chris Fogel, Editor & Publisher 

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan Update

Here are a few updates related to the Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan for the San Francisco Littoral Cell (San Francisco to Pacifica).
1.      The web page for the CRSMP has a new URL: . Materials for all meetings and workshops are posted there. If you find any broken links, please let me know.
2.      The draft transcript of comments from the public meeting has been posted to the CRSMP web page (under November meetings/ Public Meeting and Workshop) and is available at . The draft document contains the comments made, transcribed from the audio recording. Responses to comments are in process, and the final document with responses to comments will be posted when it is complete. Thank you to all who expressed interest in the meeting transcript.
3.      Plan schedule update: The technical team is working with the comments submitted and a draft plan is expected this summer. A public meeting will be held, and public comment period will be opened, at that time.
Thank you,
Athena Honore
Communications Officer
San Francisco Estuary Partnership
Association of Bay Area Governments
1515 Clay Street, Oakland CA 94612
Phone: 510-622-2325 / Fax: 510-622-2501

New Harbor Board member wins by NIMBY networking

Sabrina Brennan is the same person (activist) who protested against highway widening at the San Mateo Transit Authority public meeting in Pacifica a few years ago.  She thinks you should a ride your bicycle to work.

Half Moon Bay Review/Mark Noack, 1/25/13. "Brennan takes oath for harbor board, Moss Beach resident adds new Coastal voice."

Sabrina Brennan
"Moss Beach resident Sabrina Brennan was officially sworn in on Saturday for her new seat on the San Mateo County Harbor Commission.

Brennan, a graphic-design business owner, joins the five-member board after handily winning one of three open seats in an election in November. She received 24.5 percent of the vote, emerging as the top choice for voters among the six candidates.

....  Perhaps surprisingly, she received more votes than incumbent harbor board members Pietro Parravano and Leo Padreddii. Speaking Monday, Brennan explained that her victory came because of a coordinated campaign of phone banks, mailers and precinct walks targeting mainly the urban Bayside rather than the coast."

RelatedVote for Sabrina on Facebook, friend of April Vargas. Smart Voter biography.

Related article - Redwood City Patch, 11/6/12, "Sabrina Brennan wins harbor commission rate."

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San Carlos Transit Village EIR approved, meets the requirements

Sometimes a project may move forward in spite of the Sierra Club, lagging city councilmembers, and energized citizen complaints.

Transit Village project description
Palo Alto Daily News/Bonnie Eslinger, Staff, 1/29/12.  "San Carlos council votes 3-2 to advance Transit Village project to next phase." 

Nearly five years after San Carlos started studying the potential environmental impacts of a proposed mixed-use development around the Caltrain station on El Camino Real, the city council voted 3-2 Monday night to move the project along to the next phase. 

Council Member Ron Collins, who voted to certify the environmental impact report for the San Carlos Transit Village Project, acknowledged the document isn't perfect but said it "met all the requirements." Changes could be made when the project itself goes to the council, he said. Vice Mayor Bob Grassilli and Council Member Karen Clapper also voted to certify the report. 

.... Work on the environmental report began in February 2008; throughout the process, the city's eastern residents have vigorously protested the project over concerns about traffic, parking and noise. They also have complained that the density and height of buildings would cut them off from the rest of the city and block their views of the western hills. Read article.

Related article - Daily Journal (San Mateo), 1/29/13.  Related Fix Pacifica reprints - San Carlos Transit Village articles.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

San Mateo County guns for cash event last Saturday, 1/26/13

The Daily Journal (San Mateo), John S. Marshall, 1/28/13.  "Gun buyback a 'huge success'"

....  "In a buyback event held Saturday (1/26/13), the final tally shows that 680 guns — including 24 assault weapons — were turned in at the San Mateo County Event Center, said Detective Rebecca Rosenblatt, a San Mateo County sheriff’s spokeswoman. In addition to the assault weapons, 371 long guns and 285 handguns were turned over to officials, Rosenblatt said.

$63,500 paid to collect 680 guns  
....  In exchange for the guns, officials paid up to $100 in cash for a handgun, shotgun or rifle, and up to $200 for an assault weapon. ....  The event, sponsored by San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks, San Mateo County Supervisor Adrienne Tissier and U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier, D-San Mateo, paid out more than $63,000 in cash in exchange for the guns, officials said.

....  “People are moved to get rid of guns they no longer need or want. Every weapon turned in is one less life that might be lost or damaged by a firearm, whether accidentally or intentionally,” the statement said. ....  Officials planned on destroying the guns collected, unless they had been used in a crime of if they were stolen, Rosenblatt said. “If we determine any of the guns were lost or stolen, we would do our best to get them back to the rightful owners,” Rosenblatt said."    Read article.  Note:  photograph from the article. 

Related article - San Mateo County times, 1/28/13, "Peninsula officials pay out $63,500 for 680 guns at 'buy back' event."  "This "buy back" event comes after a string of similar ones held around the Bay Area since the Dec. 14 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School that left 20 children dead. It was co-sponsored by San Mateo County Supervisor Adrienne Tissier and Sheriff Greg Munks."

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City Council meeting, Monday, January 28, 2013

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on local channel 26, also live internet feed,  The meeting begins at 7pm, or shortly there following.  City council updates and archives are available on the City website.   

 City Council Agenda direct, 1/28/13.  Items listed may include embedded pdf documents, illustration and photographs of interest.  

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

San Mateo peninsula government meetings week of 1/28/13

View from the other side of the hill,  Palo Alto Daily News/Staff, 1/25/13. "On the Docket. 

Monday, 1/28/13 
Palo Alto, City Council. ".. to consider appeals of a city official's approval of distributed antenna system projects. Council members are also slated to consider their agenda for an upcoming priority-setting session."
Redwood City, City Council.  ".. scheduled to receive a financial update from City Manager Bob Bell." 
San Carlos, City Council.  ".. to consider certifying the environmental impact report for the proposed San Carlos Transit Village development next to the Caltrain tracks."  
East Palo Alto, Planning Commission.  "..  scheduled to consider allowing parking lots at 655 Scofield Ave. and 1908-1918 Capitol Ave." 
Menlo Park, Planning commission.  ".. to study a proposed 8.43-acre mixed use office, residential and retail development on Stanford-owned land at 300-500 El Camino Real."

Tuesday, 1/29/13 
Mountain View, City Council. ".. scheduled to consider whether to make one last attempt to find someone interested in taking the historic Pearson House."
Redwood City, Planning Commission.  ".. scheduled to discuss the scope of an environmental impact study for a proposed private elementary school at 2323 Euclid Ave."
San Mateo County Board of Supervisors.   ".. is set to review a mid-year budget update from County Manager John Maltbie."

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

33rd Eco Farm conference, Pacific Grove tour to nearby Pescadero

Sustainable farming could feed people locally, when a city has land and good soil conditions.

The Daily Journal (San Mateo), Samantha Weigel, 1/26/13.  "Coastal farms offer taste of sustainability."

More than 100 health-conscious students, enthusiasts, locals and farmers convened in Pescadero this week to learn more about sustainable farming practices as part of the 33rd annual EcoFarm conference in Pacific Grove. A guided tour of several coastal farms was the first in a line of seminars and events that kicked off Wednesday and ends Saturday.

Jacobs Farm, "Del Cabo" Certified Organic
The Ecological Farming Association is responsible for the event that encourages education and advocacy toward creating locally sustainable food practices. The first stop on the tour was the organic Jacobs Farm; it’s hidden in the lush valley on the outskirts of Pescadero and yields some of the country’s finest culinary herbs. More than 60 varieties of herbs and edible flowers are grown on the large farm diligently maintained with the help of its residents.

The surrounding area dates back to the late 1800s when a boom in flax seed production started the success found today. A wide array of edibles were once grown on the prosperous land; including wheat, potatoes, peas, corn, carrots, broccoli and cattle. In the 1930s Gerber contracted with the area’s property owners to create their now famous baby food products, said farm owner Larry Jacobs.The farms’ tasty organic herbs were once only known in the Bay Area.“When we started the market was really really tiny; we could satisfy the San Francisco market out of a little Honda,” Jacobs said. Years later, Jacobs Farm as been approached by large food chains such as Safeway, and their herbs are now shipped across the country. Read article.

Harley Farms Goat Dairy - Pescadero, CA
 Harley Farms Goat Dairy.
Related article San Mateo County Times/Aaron Kinney, 1/26/13.  "Harley Farms in Pescadero highlighted by sustainable farming conference." "For Dee Harley, succeeding as a small farmer has involved much more than farming. Her herd of 200 or so goats produces several award-winning cheeses, but Harley realized long ago that expanding her business to include other products and reaching out to potential customers through agri-tourism were essential to the survival of her dairy. ....  About 140 people made the trip to tiny Pescadero to explore Harley Farms and three other operations that exemplify the area's status as a haven for small organic farms: Jacobs Farm, a grower of herbs and edible flowers; TomKat Ranch grass-fed beef; and Fifth Crow Farm, whose products include eggs and vegetables."

ReferenceEcological Farming Association,  33rd Annual Eco Farm Conference, Pacific Grove, CA, January 23-26, 2013. 

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Mavericks follow-up

Half Moon Bay Review/Clay Lambert, 1/25/12. "Mavericks hits the harbor."  

On the water
Awesome daring and skill
Peter Mel
Peter Mel catches a big wave, wins contest
"Mavericks simply won’t succumb to words. Photos begin to do it justice, and they are the closest most of us will ever get to the fury of the wave itself.

That is true even for the 2013 Mavericks Invitational Surf Contest, which played out under blinding sunshine off Pillar Point on Sunday. By the contest’s other-worldly standards, it was rather tame on the water. Waves were in the 20-foot range and came in inconsistent sets. This time, there was no rogue to wash away spectators.  This year’s contest was defined as much by what occurred on land as what happened at sea. The accompanying festival brought 15,000 paying fans to Princeton and uncounted others to the region at large. Last year’s first-ever festival was hampered by poor weather and the lack of an attendant surf contest. This one had no such trouble.

Waiting game
 ....When it was over, Santa Cruz’s Peter Mel was declared the champion. As has become the norm, he and other top finishers agreed to divvy up the lion’s share of the $50,000 purse. To the surfers themselves, money appears to be an afterthought at Mavericks."   Read more.    

Note:  photographs  from the article, (18 viewable). 

Related Fix Pacifica reprinted article - Mavericks, 2013.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Like - Facebook, and the money keeps rolling-in for Menlo Park

Palo Alto Daily News/Bonnie Eslinger, Staff, 1/24/13.  "Menlo Park council OKs deal that lets Facebook press ahead with second campus."

Frank Gehry's plans for a new Facebook campus. (Courtesy Gehry Partners)
Frank Gehry's plans for a  new Facebook campus
"The Menlo Park City Council has unanimously approved a deal that allows Facebook to proceed with plans to build a second campus in the city near its headquarters. As a result, Facebook will distribute $1.5 million to the city over 10 years, kick in $100,000 for local improvements, restrict the number of vehicles entering and leaving the new campus and pay at least $194,000 a year in property taxes, City Manager Alex McIntyre told the council Tuesday night.

Facebook moved from Palo Alto to the former Sun Microsystems campus at the intersection of Bayfront Expressway and Willow Road in 2011. It now wants to develop a West Campus with buildings designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry on a 22-acre parcel on the other side of the Bayfront Expressway, where Tyco Electronics operated. "The generous list of items included in the development agreement will reinforce our commitment to being a responsible neighbor to Menlo Park and the surrounding community," John Tenanes, Facebook's global real estate director, told the council as he urged it to approve the negotiated deal."   Read article.

The first Menlo Park campus
Related - first campus Facebook set-up US Today, 5/30/12.  A Silicon Valley city where Facebook has opened its new headquarters voted Tuesday to support an environmental impact report and development agreement for a project that will allow the social media giant to employ thousands more people at the campus. ....  Facebook will pay the city an average of $850,000 a year over 10 years to cover the impact of the additional workers on city infrastructure. Facebook also will make a one-time payment of more than $1 million for capital improvements, establish a $500,000 community improvement fund and set up high school internship and job training programs."   Fix Pacifica somewhat related articles - Facebook/Mark Zukerberg.        

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PUC approves plan to block draining Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

Hetch Hetchy is our main water source
Silicon Valley Mercury News/Paul Rogers, 1/24/13.  "Effort to drain Hetch Hetchy dealt major setback."  

"In a move that could be the political death knell for environmentalists' efforts to drain Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in Yosemite National Park, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has approved a plan to block the draining of the famed reservoir unless the 26 cities and water districts in San Mateo, Santa Clara and Alameda counties that receive Hetch Hetchy water give their approval.

"It's a fairness question," said Michael Carlin, deputy general manager of the commission. "They are paying two-thirds of the bills. They are two-thirds of our customers. We need to make sure that whatever we do is fair and equitable to all of our customers."

The 5-0 vote, which came after 13 minutes of discussion at a low-profile commission meeting on Tuesday, means that unless the move is overturned by a lawsuit, environmental groups can no longer hope to drain the reservoir simply by winning approval from the voters of San Francisco.  The reservoir in Yosemite and the Tuolumne River that flows into it are the main water source for 2.5 million Bay Area residents. Although San Francisco owns and operates the system of pipes, dams and tunnels, only one-third of the users of the water live in San Francisco. The other 1.7 million live on the Peninsula, in parts of San Jose and Alameda County."  Read more. 

The effort to drain the Hetch Hetchy reservoir and restore the area to its natural state lost by a wide margin in the election. Photo: Tom Stienstra, The ChronicleRelated articleSan Francisco Chronicle/John Wildermuth, 11/10/12.   "Despite an emphatic loss in Tuesday's election, backers of Proposition F will continue their long-running effort to drain San Francisco's Hetch Hetchy Reservoir and restore a once-pristine slice of Yosemite National Park." 

The Hetch Hetchy Reservoir has been a critical Bay Area water supply for nearly a century. Photo: Kurt Rogers, The Chronicle"We went into this election knowing we'd probably lose," said Mike Marshall, executive director of Restore Hetch Hetchy, which put the initiative on the ballot. "One goal was to win, sure, but also to build a political infrastructure in the city, educate voters about where their water comes from and create a debate about restoring Hetch Hetchy." In upcoming months, Marshall's organization is planning a legal attack on the city's use of the Hetch Hetchy facility, as well as environmental challenges to the reservoir. The group also has supported efforts to have Congress rescind its 1913 decision to allow the dam to be built in the national park."  Note:  The lower 3 photographs are from the San Francisco Chronicle, various dates. 

Related Fix Pacifica reprint article - Sacramento Bee, 2/15/12 - "Dain Hetch Hetchy reservoir?"

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Brisbane city council stalemate to replace council member

5 member city council, 1 member resigned. 4 members remain. The vote to move forward is undetermined, 2 to 2.  According to the article, Council must make an appointment within 60 days from 12/29/12, or default until the November election. Balshone, 1/24/13.  "Stalemate in Brisbane - Council vacancy leads to political turmoil."

Council stalemate, probably not a plan for any city
"Four members of the Brisbane City Council have deadlocked over the process to fill a council vacancy left by the sudden departure of veteran councilmember Sepi Richardson just prior to the end of the last year. Brisbane is one of the smaller cities located in northern San Mateo County, just north of South San Francisco, with a population of a little over 4,300 residents.

Richardson, who has served on the council since 1995 with one interruption, resigned with just under a year remaining in her term. Richardson’s former colleagues on the council met earlier this month to discuss how to replace her, either by appointment or Special Election. Fulfilling a council vacancy is not unheard of - Pacifica, San Carlos and Atherton have each had to deal with this problem in recent years.

The Pacifica Council in April 2012 agreed to fill Jim Vreeland, a long time Councilmember, with the selected interim appointee until the next election was held in November 2012, a regularly scheduled election, where the appointee runs for election to complete the remaining two years of the term."  Read more.

Reference City of Brisbane.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

CA Legislation introduced to protect mountain lions from game wardens

San Mateo County Times/Aaron Kinney, 1/24/13.  "Jerry Hill unveils law to stop killing of mountain lions."

Mountain lion pair in Half Moon Bay
The two cubs were about 4 months old, 13-14 pound cubs *
Responding to last month's controversial killing by game wardens of two 4-month-old cougar cubs, state Sen. Jerry Hill on Friday will introduce legislation to reform how the California Department of Fish and Wildlife handles encounters between humans and mountain lions.  
The bill would require the agency to use nonlethal methods when dealing with cougars unless there is a dire public safety threat. It would also authorize the department to work with wildlife groups and other organizations in capturing the animals. Critics say the agency has tied its own hands with guidelines that allow practically any wayward lion to be dispatched.

....  Regrettable event.  The Department of Fish and Wildlife created a public uproar Dec. 1 when game wardens shot and killed two cubs, believed to be orphaned siblings, under the porch of a home in  Half Moon Bay.

Related Half Moon Bay Review/Mark Noack, 1/24/13, "New bill would order wardens to avert cougar deaths."  "The current guidelines really force (wardens) to kill mountain lions even if humans aren't at risk," Hill said. "We wanted to allow the department and wardens to take alternative actions if appropriate."  * photograph from CA Fish and Wildlife this article.

Related Huffington Post/San Mateo County Times/Aaron Kinney, 12/22/12, "Half Moon Bay Mountain Lioin Cubs were size of house cats when killed."   Half Moon Bay Review/Mark Noack, 12/4/12, "Citing safety, state officials kill young mountain lions."  "Wardens with the California Department of Fish and Game shot and killed two juvenile mountain lions on Saturday. The animals had wandered into a Half Moon Bay neighborhood just a block from downtown."

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I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat

check this out
park pacifica
i'm not saying where only so no one gets all panicky
now all the coyotes and racoons will leave town.

Someone's marking his territory! Can you say "Beast mode"?
Someone's marking his territory! Can you say "Beast mode"?

Submitted by Jim Wagner

City Council meeting, Monday, January 28, 2013

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on local channel 26, also live internet feed,  The meeting begins at 7pm, or shortly there following.  City council updates and archives are available on the City website. 
City Council Agenda, 1/28/13.  Items listed may include embedded pdf documents, illustration and photographs of interest.  

Item  6, quarry land reclamation, good move City !
A.    Closed session, (5:30 pm)
1 .   Government code 54957.6.  "Conference with labor negotiator. Agency negotiator: Ann Ritzma. Employee organizations: Pacifica Fire Fighters Local 2400; Teamsters Local 856 Battalion Chiefs; Department Directors Local 350.
2.     Government code 54956.8.  Conference with real property negotiator. Discussion concerns price and terms of payment. Agency negotiator attending session: Steve Rhodes. Property: APN 018-150-160, 700 Coast Highway, and APN 016-060-100 (vacant lot at Francisco Blvd and Salada).
3.    Government code 54954 (b).  Conference with real property negotiator terms of payment. Agency negotiator attending session: Steve Rhodes. Property:APN 023-132-160 (1050 Crespi Drive, City of Pacifica and Spindrift School of Performing Arts).

B.    Open session (7:00 pm)

Item 9, funding to protect me?
Consent Calendar (pass through)
1.    Approval of cash disbursements. 1/8/13 through 1/15/13.
2.    Approval of Minutes, regular city council meeting, 01/14/13.
3.    Approval Calera Creek water recycling plant elevator repair, $39,610, Sewer Facility Fund 18.
4.    Resolution, participation in the San Mateo county sub-region land use housing allocation. 
5.    Accept State of CA traffic safety award, $30,000 grant to purchase  radar sign equipment, and DUI trailer. Additional funding, $2,999.99 from Public Works, $2,791.99 from Police accounts.
6.    Mine ID 91-41-001 contract. Pacifica is lead agency to implement quarry surface mining and reclamation (SMARA Act of 1975). Agreement requires Pacifica Lenders, LLC to fund a delayed financial assurance mechanism (FAM) in the amount of $1,067,043 by 3/31/13.
7.     Resolution, City of Pacifica assumes land use and related functions of the former Pacifica Redevelopment Agency. No financial impact.

8.     Authorization for Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) to remove a palm tree located at Ramona and Reina Del Mar Avenues. More palm trees need ongoing trimming, and eventually should also be removed.
9.     Recommendations for Western Snowy Plover protection at Pacifica State Beach (originated from the Parks, Beaches and Recreation Department).  Funding research and implement.
10.   Approval Minutes of City Council meeting, 12/10/12, "rule of necessity", no 3 member meeting quorum.  
11.   City council 2013 liaison and committee assignments, alternates modification (follow-up to 1/14/13).    

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Two issues: General vs. Charter City, and dead deer

Pacifica Tribune, letters to the editor, 1/22/13.  "What's wrong with this picture?"  by Therese M. Dyer 

"Editor:  At last week's Pacifica City Council meeting, I spoke up during oral communications and on Agenda items 8 and 9 which were on the recruitment of a new City  Manager and the $34,000 to be spent on another study regarding the Police Department. We already had the Police Chief speak and his opinion was that it was not economically feasible, and then another $20,000 was spent after that.

What's wrong with this picture? For one thing, under the Public Records Act I requested all the job descriptions for the department heads and you can too, but it specifically says that the Police Chief is next in line in the absence of the City Manager and in a General City, which we are, we must maintain a Police Chief. In a Charter City you don't even have to have a City Council and you can more or less hire a City Manager or Mayor and if he doesn't do the job fire him. No recalls needed. The people hold the reins. And I want to thank Mike O'Neill and Len Stone for agreeing. So I was shocked that the three councilwomen voted for it. Especially Mary Ann Nihart, who was the one for all those sales taxes that never got on the ballot.   Remember how financially strapped we were six months ago and cut services back for six months? What a joke. I wouldn't believe anything these councilwomen say, If they are too lazy to do their homework at least have the decency to listen to people who have.

Your property, what's that?
Regarding the first page story about a senior citizen complaining about a dead deer on her property, one can tell that it is not clear to the public as whom to call. The police did the right thing, but if I were part of Public Works, I'd put my face down in shame. Whether the deer was dumped or it simply died there, why didn't someone drag it on public property where it came from and call the Humane Society (which is not even listed in our local directory). Now we are paying $250,000 for dead animals to be removed from public property. How much more would it cost to include private property? And how many dead animals did they pick up in 2012? Now my suggestion is why not spend that money on the Humane Society rather than on all the consultants we paid for over the years because we have no leadership. This a misuse of taxpayers' money."

Posted by Kathy Meeh

Deer management, private relocation and sterilization

Silicon Valley Mercury News/Eric Kurhi, 1/22/13.  "San Jose:  Deer at the Villages to be sterilized." 

There's a solution for that
They're chewing through the landscape and becoming bolder by the day. So frustrated management officials at The Villages insist it's time to take action and sterilize a deer population that has doubled in the past two years at the gated senior community in the east foothills.

The deer have grazed there for years, and it's not the first time the idea of curbing the population has been floated -- a plan to use archers to thin the herd in 2007 was derailed after a week of angry protests. But a Villages spokesman said the current plan to relocate 30 animals outside of the community's eight miles of fencing and sterilize the does in the 170-strong herd is a humane solution to the growing problem. 

"The  deer Shaw said there have been incidents involving deer attacking dogs and deer being struck by cars. Their grazing destroys about $150,000 worth of landscaping each year, he said.eer are no longer intimidated by people here," said general manager Darren Shaw. "Sometimes during rutting season they can become aggressive. We are concerned that someone might get hurt."  After holding a meeting for Villages residents on Thursday, wildlife management company White Buffalo will tranquilize the does and perform ovariectomies in a mobile medical lab starting this weekend and running nightly through Feb. 4."   Read article.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

City calendar for this week, January 22 through January 26, 2013

City calendar, week of January 22 through January 26, 2013, 

PB&R Agenda Item 8 (a), Surf Camp policy
Tuesday - January 22nd,  Planning Commission Meeting-CANCELLED

Wednesday - January 23rd, 6-8 PM.  City Council Study Session,  "Draft Master Fee review including fire inspection." City Council chambers, Beach Boulevard.

Wednesday, January 23rd, 6-8 PM.  Parks, Beaches & Recreation Commission meeting, regular meeting (4th Wednesday of the month), Pacifica Police Station, EOC.  01/23/13 PB & R Commission Agenda

Thursday, January 24th, 7-8:30 PM. Aspiring Entrepreneur "Mixer"- Open a Shop in Pacifica, Linda Mar Shopping Center (between Metro PCS and Bank of America). 

Saturday, January 26th, 9:30 AM-4 PM. City Council Study Session, "Council Goal Setting Workshop", Pacifica Police Station, EOC.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Planning Commission is cancelled, Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sorry the engagement is off again, its Pacifica

"Notice of meeting cancellation:  Notice is hereby given that the regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning Commission of January 22, 2013 has been CANCELLED. 

George White, Planning Director, 01/14/13."  

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Presidential inauguaration 2013

VIDEO: President Barack Obama is sworn in to his second term by Chief Justice John Roberts.
President Obama taking Oath of office
ABC News, 1/21/13.  Live and video. 

 The Daily Beast, 1/21/13. "Obama gives message of unity."  "The president took to the podium after taking the oath of office Monday and quoted the Declaration of Independence—while also saying that “fidelity to our founding principles requires new responses to new challenges.” The speech, which was longer than President Bush’s second inaugural address but shorter than President Clinton’s second address, hit on some very specific themes: climate change, gay marriage, ending the war in Afghanistan, and women’s rights. Quoting “we hold these truths to be self-evident: all men are created equal,” Obama said that it is "this generation's task" to follow through on those rights. The president strove for a unifying message in his speech, saying that “this generation of Americans has been tested by crises that have steeled our resolve and proved our resilience.”

ReferenceJoint Congressional Committee, Inaugural Cermonies, "57th Presidential Inauguration, 1/21/13."

Kathy Meeh