Monday, April 27, 2015

Beach health warning, Pacifica State Beach (Linda Mar)

San Mateo Daily Journal/Staff, 4/27/15. "High levels of bacteria at beaches."

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Pacifica State Beach (Linda Mar)
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Sharp Park Beach may also be
sending a waive of contamination,
(whale beached there since 4/14/15).
Ten beaches and creeks have warning signs posted for elevated levels of bacteria such as E. coli that can cause illness, according to the San Mateo County Health System. The signs are precautionary only and do not prevent individuals from accessing the water although county officials warn that they risk illness associated with swimming in contaminated waters.

Four beaches at Pillar Point Harbor on the coast have the warning signs up now as does Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica.... Swimming in water that is contaminated by sewage, animal waste, chemicals or other types of contamination can result in minor illnesses such as skin rashes, eye and ear infections and upset stomachs, or more severe and potentially life-threatening diseases such as cholera, hepatitis and meningitis, according to the Health System. Typical symptoms may include diarrhea, nausea, stomach aches, open wound infections and continuing headaches.

ReferenceCounty of San Mateo Health System, "Beach, pool and other recreational water closures".  "The following locations have elevated levels of indicator bacteria and are posted with warning signs:  This list was last updated April 22, 2015 based on samples collected Monday morning.  Ocean Beaches: The following beaches have elevated levels of indicator bacteria and are posted:  Linda Mar #5 (Linda Mar Blvd);  Pillar Point #5 (Capistrano Beach), Pillar Point #7, (Surf-West Pt), #8 (Maverick's Parking), #9 (Outer Harbor)..."

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Note photograph from  City Data, "Pacifica, CA: Pedro Point and Linda Mar Beach" (aka:  Pacifica State Beach,  "Pacifica State Beach is the southernmost of Pacifica, California's large beaches, it is a 0.75 mile long crescent shaped beach located at the mouth of the San Pedro Valley in downtown Pacifica off State Route 1, in San Mateo County. Pacifica State Beach (Linda Mar) from Wikipedia.
whale on Pacifica State Beach from Mcurtin blog. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Sharon said...

I see the last update to PCT26 on You Tube City Council Meetings was 4/13. Does anyone know if anything was discussed at recent meetings with regards to disposal of the whale? We do not need contaminated beaches to welcome tourists to. With our good spring weather, this is the high season, the time when our local business make the most off of tourism. We don't need a spoiler like dirty beaches to put a damper on the meager profits our business community depends on.

Anonymous said...

Are you nuts? It's a huge tourist attraction. Unfortunately, the tourists are looking for the damn thing in Linda Mar. Ahem.

Anonymous said...

The good spring weather...that's still coming? Right?

Sharon said...

It might be a huge tourist attraction but we aren't smart enough to take advantage of it. Like maybe getting some food trucks out there at the entrances to Mori Point. The streets around the entrances are jam packed but nary a place in sight for food and I spoke with the owner of The Breakers in Rockaway and he said he might get a couple of folks in but not much. As far as the weather, I don't know where you live but I have been walking almost everyday on the berm for the last several weeks and I am a fair weather walker. Almost everyday I see a lot more families out on the sand at Sharp Park beach than usual.

Steve Sinai said...

Should I replace the "Pacifica's Economic Plan" picture at the top left with a picture of the whale carcass?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, food trucks, no, I don't think so. Better we sell little rubber whales, T-shirts, mugs. John the Sign Guy would have had a field day with rush orders and up charges. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Sinai, that whale isn't dead enough to stand in for Pacifica's economic plan.

Anonymous said...

Do it, Sinai. It's a perfect picture.

"Having a whale of a good time reviewing Pacifica's budget!"