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Retro-world lives in us

"The hot new item this spring is art therapy for adults in the form of coloring books. Hachette has sold 2 million of the books in France, and here in the United States. Barron's and other publishers plan to release adult coloring books, which are said to be helpful in treating (self-treating) stress, anxiety, and depression. (source: The Atlantic, April 2015)."  Pacifica Tribune/Wandering and Wondering/John Maybury, 4/7/15. "Adult coloring books." 
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Or if that doesn't work, try this one.

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Start with coloring this easy graphic.
"Adult coloring books" are having a moment. The Guardian reported Sunday that the best-selling book on Amazon right now is, in fact, a coloring book targeted toward adults. In Britain, four out of the top 10 Amazon bestsellers are coloring (or colouring, as the Brits insist) books for adults.

Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford's titles, "Secret Garden" and "Enchanted Forest," claimed the top two spots, ahead of Harper Lee's much anticipated second novel "Go Set a Watchmen" and George RR Martin's red-hot "Game of Thrones" books."  Business Insider/Melia Robinson, 4/6/15, "The 2 best-selling books on Amazon right now are 'adult coloring books'?  

RelatedSlate/Kristin Hohenadel, 4/7/15. "These coloring books for adults are more addictive than smartphones."  .... "Why are coloring books striking a chord with grown-ups? “I think there’s definitely a nostalgic charm to coloring in and various other childlike pursuits that are becoming popular with adults,” Basford said. “In some ways I think this is because it allows us to regress to a mindset when times were carefree and we didn’t have grown-up worries such as making rent payments or an annoying boss at work! It’s good to play. You rarely see a stressed out 7-year-old!”
Basford calls herself an “ink evangelist” and says she prefers “pens and pencils to pixels.” Has that feeling intensified with the passing of time and the increasing digitalization of our world?" “I have a lot of contemporaries who produce amazing work digitally, but for me personally, I just love the imperfect circle and a slightly crooked line. I think there is something natural and soulful about the little intricacies which are evident in a hand-crafted illustration,” she said." 

Referenced article, from Pacifica Tribune.  The Atlantic/William Brennan, 3/16/15, "Coloring books for existential angst. Hundreds of thousands of stressed-out people across France have recently taken to an unlikely means of relaxation." ShoppingGoogle/adult coloring books.

Note: graphics. Secret Garden by Johanna Basford via Amazon from the Business Insider article above. What me worry? from Thousandtyone! Rajiv Popat blog, "Two golden rules for software development, don't police, don't pancic", 11/13/08.

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