Monday, April 20, 2015

Oyster Point economic synergy: retail, commercial, hospitality

The Daily Journal/Austin Walsh, 4/18/15.  "New upscale hotel takes shape: South City planners approve modern hotel in Britannia Cove project."

The Cove at Oyster Point (1)
"The Cove at Oyster Point" project:
Planning Commission final
7-0 "thumbs up" for hotel.
A modern, urban hotel design to serve as the anchor for business development in the heart of the South San Francisco’s biotechnology sector was given the final thumbs-up by the Planning Commission Wednesday. The commission voted 7-0 to unanimously approve the look of a unique, European-style 185-room hotel to be built at Oyster Point on the Bayfront near Highway 101.

The hotel, slated to be operated by AC Marriott, will be constructed as part of a larger project that will bring 884,000 square feet of office space, spread across seven buildings about four or five stories high, 20,000 square feet of retail space including a restaurant and nine-story parking structure on roughly 20 acres of property at 101 Oyster Point Blvd. Builders have already broken ground on the office project, and steel is expected to be set for the buildings this summer, in anticipation of allowing companies to begin occupying the buildings next August.   Read article.

Related, article - San Francisco Business Times, Ron Leuty/Reporter, 2/4/15. "Massive South S.F. biotech project from developer HCP breaks ground." "Signaling a tight market for biotech real estate and the infusion of capital into life sciences companies, developer and landlord HCP Inc. is breaking ground on a massive, high-profile project in South San Francisco." For Fix Pacifica reprint articles, search: Oyster Point. 

Related, HCP, Inc., developer, landlord (a REIT), HCP, Inc./About.  " HCP invests in real estate serving the healthcare industry - the largest sector of the U.S. economy.  We acquire, develop, lease, sell and manage healthcare real estate and we are a capital partner to the leading healthcare providers. Our unique 5x5 business model includes investments across five diversified healthcare segments and five investment products.

Related, graphics. "The cove at Oyster Point", a civilized location for business is from 901B Graphics, Vimeo HD video, 3 minutes.  Note the graphic rendering of the HCP, Inc.(REIT) of "The Cove at Osyter Point" project is from the related Business Times article above. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Where's our Marriott? Oh, wait, this is Pacifica and I heart Pacifica! I do, I do.

I LOVE Pacifica! said...

Yes, I do love Pacifica! South San Francisco is an industrial city and we, Pacifica, are an environmental city We have better views and trails and things than them. Also, we Will have a new hotel and new library on Palmetto Avenue before you know it. Trust your Council!

Kathy Meeh said...

"Love is blind" NIMBY 148, South San Francisco's has advertised as an "Industrial City" for years. And, who recalls that Pacifica "Environmental City" motto? No one except you and a few of your charming friends.

There is the default City result from NIMBY obstructionism, that may be the reference. Even so, without proper care and funding this city has been economically negligent, which has affected both the environment and the people.

This City has been stunted by eliminating so much of its productive land, transitioned into permanent open space for, say "frogs". Take "frogs" to the Bank, spray paint them green, and maybe the manager won't notice they're not money.

Catch up plan: much retail/commercial economic development is needed; and don't forget about housing, and the Highway 1 improvement. (If nothing else, people from other cities may want to drive through "environmental city" without polluting the residents.)

How about supporting a restorative city motto? "Pacifica wants to catch up economically to become an 'average' city in San Mateo County". Rather than our current City position of #20, deal last, we could strive for #10, or #15, or #19, slightly ahead of East Palo Alto. Like that motto?

Tom Clifford said...

Kathy deal last or dead last?

Anonymous said...

The city's official motto is "Scenic Pacifica."

Kathy Meeh said...

410 last paragraph typo: "dead last" rather than "deal last".

Thanks Tom, 456! And for the record, FMV "dead last" is a "rotten, inadequate deal" for this City and the people who live here.

458, oh yes "Scenic Pacifica", not "Environmental but impoverished Pacifica". Surely, we (this City) can do better.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, we're not always in sync, but, I must say your "Love is blind" rejoinder to the Hopelessly Besotted Council Shill @ 1:48 is awesome. That twit is ridiculous.