Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Avoid water wars, consider regional desalination technology

The Daily Journal/Bay City News Service, 4/7/15.  "Santa Clara supervisor touts seawater filtration and avoiding 'water wars'"

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And the plan includes new
labeling for bottled water
"Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors president Dave Cortese said Monday that a regional system used to tap desalinated seawater in the Bay Area should be an option to bolster the county’s vulnerable water supply and avoid “water wars” with other counties.

 ...."... The city and county of San Francisco, if they’re desperate for water, at some point, do we still get Hetch Hetchy down here? That’s one-third of our water supply in Santa Clara County.”“We want to head those kind of arguments off,” he said. “There have been enough water wars in the state over the years without us getting into a water war now.”

The real solution is for governments in the Bay Area to get together, perhaps through the formation of a new agency, to coordinate on desalination technology, split the costs fairly, solve the environmental issues of cleaning seawater and get the facilities up and running, he said.The cost of water for consumers will likely have to increase to pay for it, which is better than the alternative of shortages of drinking water, he said."  Read more.

Note:  photograph from  620 ABC/Freya Michie, 1/13/10, Perth, AU.

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