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"Scenic view" convention, tourism cities: East Bay, Concord

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Contra Costa County has plenty of open space 

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Concord, CA East Bay urban city
San Jose Mercury News (advertisement article), "5 Scenic views to add to your bucket list." Content from Diablo Valley Defying Expectations, includes embedded video, 2:25 minutes.

"If you're brainstorming different locations to host your company's next conference, you might want to consider Diablo Valley. 

The ideal weather and natural beauty of Diablo Valley makes it a hidden gem in California's East Bay area. Napa Valley, Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose are conveniently close, making it easy and affordable to commute from. 

Aside from its accessible location, here are 5 scenic views in the Diablo Valley area that will make your decision a little easier to make: 1)  Mount Diablo State Park; 2)  East Bay Regional Park District, 3)  John Muir Historic Nature Site, 4)  Lime Ridge Open Space, 5)  Dinosaur Hill Park.  Read article, includes site photographs."
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Yeah, but our City has 60% open space,
and RL frogs, SF garter snakes somewhere.
Here, "Our environment is our economy". 

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Yeah, we may have downtown
Beach Blvd, and Quarry.
Reference, Concord, CA. City of Concord/Parks,,  Chamber of Commerce/about us: "The Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce, your partner in business, is the premier chamber in Contra Costa County. Chartered in 1937, our mission is to foster a climate in which our members can operate more successfully, realizing the benefits of increased economic activity and community involvement."

Note photographs.  Concord, the city from Concord, CA blog, credit, 8/25/13.
Clock from Wikipedia/Downtown, "Todos Santos Plaza". Man with dog off-leash from  Crowne Plaza/Concord Walnut Creek "Things to do in Concord, the East Bay, and beyond!" More open space from Wikipedia/Contra Costa County/CA, "Mount Diablo/Shell Ridge." 

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