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DUI checkpoint last Friday, 4/17/15

Pacifica Tribune, 4/21/15, from Pacifica police report.

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Given the choice, I'd rather
attend a City Council Meeting.
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Serious line delay, meantime the
frozen food in the back seat melted.
"Friday, April 17, 2015.  Many motorists got caught in a traffic jam last Friday night when the Pacifica Police Department held a DUI checkpoint just before Rockaway Beach Avenue heading south. Checkpoint was set up from 7 to 11 p.m. According to NEXTDOOR many motorists were allegedly upset in the amount of time it took to drive through the checkpoint."  

Related, follow-up Police Department statement. Nextdoor/Crime & Safety, 4/22/15. "DUI Checkpoint Traffic, 4/17/15. Related,  (Pacifica Police Department from City of Pacifica).

"On Friday, April 17, the Pacifica Police Department conducted a DUI checkpoint on Highway 1 between Reina Del Mar Avenue and Rockaway Beach Ave. This checkpoint caused a traffic back-up that generated complaints from our community members. While we believe in the value of our checkpoints and understand that short delays may be created, the traffic back-up Friday night was unacceptable to us. When conducting a checkpoint, we utilize methods to alleviate traffic back up when it occurs. Unfortunately, these tactics did not work as intended Friday night. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have created for our valued community members.

Traffic safety and the safety of our community members is of the utmost importance to us. We will continue to conduct DUI checkpoints in effort to combat the problem of driving while intoxicated. However, we are reviewing this last checkpoint, as well as the location where it was conducted to assure the traffic problem does not occur in the future."

Daniel Steidle, Interim Chief of Police.
  Nextdoor shared with City of Pacifica in Crime & Safety.

Reference, City of Pacifica Police Department, and Press Releases.

Note Photographs. Sign by Sean Aranda from The Austrian Insider blog/San Diego, CA.  Checkpoint stop by Lenny Ignelzi/AP, Escondido, CA from a NPR/Health News article.

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