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Our Water District says we're working together to cope with drought conditions

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 4/7/15. "NCCWD reacts to governor's news about water." 

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Tight water conservation is
"for the birds", but we're doing our part
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Just got to remember to turn-off the tap
....  "In 2014, SFPUC, the agency from which NCCWD purchases potable water, issued a voluntary 10 percent water usage reduction. That summer, the NCCWD board ordered the implementation of Stage Two of its Water Shortage Contingency Plan. That plan ordered that Pacificans should not use fresh water on their driveways and sidewalks. It restricted watering landscaping with potable water to no more than two days a week. That plan is still in place today, said Cari Lemke, General Manager NCCWD. "We are currently meeting with BAWSCA and the SFPUC to determine how the governor's executive order impacts the district," she said.  Thomas Piccolotti, Board President said NCCWD customers have successfully reduced their water consumption since August.

We are confident this will continue and conservation will increase as the severity of the drought grows. Pacificans are already some of the lowest water users per capita in the state. We are in this together, and without a doubt, Pacificans and the NCCWD will do our part to come through this very difficult time. The district has already been seriously studying alternate sources such as desalinization and ground water. Hetch Hetchy water may or may not always be our primary source, but, we are committed to providing safe drinking water for generations to come," Piccolotti said.Read more.

References, North Coast County Water District (NCCWD):  Ordinance 56, Implementation, Stage 2, Mandatory Outdoor Water Use Restrictions.  Ordinance 2014-56, passed and adopted, 8/20/14,pdf pages 5.  State of California, "California Drought".  "Potable", adjective, "fit or suitable for drinking". 

Note photographs. Hand soaping, no water running from SF Gov/TV, Mother Nature Network/Matt Hickman.  Bird from Google Images on A Vagabond's Diary blog article, "Benefits of Water Conservation."
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