Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The water shortage in California is more than severe

National Geographic/Dennis Dimick, 4/6/15.  "5 things you should know about California's water crisis. Drought, and the resulting shortage of melting snow, is driving the historic water shortage across much of the American West."

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Good news: Don't worry about
living below the Dam
Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown announced his state’s first-ever mandatory water restrictions, in an effort to cope with four years of the worst drought in the state’s history.

The restrictions, under which cities and towns in the state were told to cut water use by 25 percent, could be the first step in what many researchers and analysts say is a fundamental change in the way California uses its diminishing water supplies.

....  Here are five things you need to know about California’s water situation: 1. The state (and much of the West) relies heavily on snowpack each winter to resupply surface water streams and lakes. .... 2. When surface water supplies are low, hidden water supplies beneath the surface in aquifers, or groundwater, are drilled to make up the shortfall.  .... 3. While the 25 percent water use restrictions announced last week are intended to help reduce demand, most of the water in California is used for farming, which was largely not included in Brown’s announcement on restrictions. .... 4. California is not the only state in the West facing water supply issues. Winter snowpack in Oregon and parts of Washington was far below normal. .... 5. When California faced a major drought in the late 1970s, fewer than 20 million people lived in the state. Now nearly 40 million live there.   Read more.

Related - State of California/Department of Transportation, "Water and wasterwater engineering/water recycling and conservation." "As exceptional drought conditions persist throughout California, our available water supplies have become increasingly strained.   Several statements have been issued by the office of the Governor acknowledging our current water shortage and urging Californians to reduce their water usage.    It is becoming increasingly apparent that water conservation and recycling practices are paramount to maintaining a sustainable clean water supply.  Caltrans has continued to do its part through conscientious water usage and recycling technologies."   Less related - Simon's Cat, "April Showers", You Tube, 1:38 minutes.

Note the photograph is from the related State of CA website. 

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Anonymous said...

What's really scary about this is that Pacifica is filling it's underground aquifers with raw sewage seeping from leaky laterals.

Winter Roads said...

Restore Hetch Hetchy!

Anonymous said...

Truly an idiotic faux-enviro response.

Anonymous said...

1002 That old fairy tale. Seeping through our clay soil. Boy, that's some powerful shit!

Anonymous said...

Im feeling a little parched. Gulp.