SAN CARLOS — City Councilman Andy Klein wants to waive the $300 monthly stipend elected officials in the city receive, the city clerk confirmed.

Klein, 28, who was elected to the council after running unopposed in last November's election, said he doesn't "have the stomach" to take payment from the city while also voting for cuts to city services to close a projected $3.5 million deficit in next year's budget. The council is expected to consider cuts later this year.

"Mainly, it's just a reflection of how deep of a hole we are in as a town, and I think this is a time we all need to pitch in together," said Klein, who grew up in San Carlos and works as an insurance agent in Redwood City.

Klein said he has also opted not to enroll in a health care plan that is offered to council members. He said he hopes other council members would consider giving up their $300 stipends.

City Clerk Christine Boland said Klein turned in his salary waiver request on Wednesday, and no other current council members have submitted waivers. State law allows council members to waive part or all of their salaries.