Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The City should countersue against baseless lawsuits

Letters to the Editor, 4/14/15,  "Lawsuit saga" by Robert Hutchinson

Image result for sharp park golf course, Pacifica, CA picture
Sharp Park Golf Course upgrade
is pending Coastal Commission approval.
Image result for Highway improvement, Pacifica, CA picture
Big fuss over needed 1.3 mile
highway widening. Two lawsuits lost. 
"Editor: It was great to see that the second frivolous law suit to stop the safety widening of highway one was thrown out. And also the other lawsuit trying to shut down Sharp Park Golf Course. 

The gang-of-no will continue to file these baseless cases in an effort to delay and hopefully stop progress here. In my opinion they should be countersued by the City and Caltrans for court costs when they lose, which it seems they always do."

Note photographs.  Crowd protesting highway widening by Peter Loeb Pacifica Riptide, 2/20/15.
Golf Course "Rick on the 10th green" by Mike Wallach from Mike Mobile blog, 1/25/15.

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