Monday, October 31, 2016

City meetings, Monday October 31 through Saturday November 5, 2016


No City Council or Planning Commission meetings this week:  City of Pacifica Calendar, week of 10/31/16 - 11/5/16.


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 Halloween after the rain, without the cloud cover.

 Wednesday, November 2, 2016, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM, Beautification Advisory Committee Meeting.  Pacifica Police Deparment - EOC Conference Room.  Boards, Commissions and Committees, Beautification Advisory Committee.

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Got cat treats? Tommy is staying in.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016, 7:00 PM, SFO Community Roundtable Regular Meeting, David Chetcuti Community Room – Millbrae City Hall, 450 Poplar Avenue – Millbrae, CA 94030.  Millbrae City Hall, 450 Poplar Avenue, Millbrae, CA, 94030.  Event Type: Regular meeting, General Community.  Agenda:  Regular Agenda, Items 5, SFO Fly Quiet Report for Q 3 2016; Item 7, Roundtable response to FAA initiative results to address noise concerns.More information on SFO Roundtable website. Event map, click here.

Related, holiday.,"35 Fabulous and Scary Halloween Pictures." "Halloween is an event, a yearly one, that is associated with Christian religion and is celebrated across the world in almost every Christian country on 31st October. The basic thought behind this event is to remember all the dead one especially pious saints and martyrs. People used to defeat death and all its bad and scary aspects with feasts and parties. They arrange dinners and feasts make and wear costumes regarding the festival and try to make their selves happy in order to ensure them that death is not as scary as it seems to be."  Note graphics. Bat from Free web headers/Halloween; Cat from the related Crunchpics article (above).

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Proposed Quarry development, campaign civility, vandalized signs

"We'd like to conduct a civil campaign where we all respect each other's signs and supporters.  We're excited about building a unique and special project in the Quarry and would happily engage with the opposition in a public forum.  Unfortunately, the No campaign would rather deface our signs and campaign material.  Perhaps if they had a viable alternative they could campaign for something."

Submitted by John Zentner

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NIMBY breakfast.
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Proposed Quarry Village development
requires your Yes on W vote.
Reference, the ballot measure. Voters Edge/Measure W. "Shall the Initiative which amends Ordinance Number 391-C.S. to authorize up to 206 multi-family units of residential development at the Rockaway Quarry only under certain conditions specified in the Initiative measure entitled "Pacifica Initiative Amending Ordinance No. 391-C.S. To Authorize a Future Rezone of the Quarry Which Could Include Residential Development, Under Certain Conditions, be adopted?" The link includes the impartial analysis, with arguments for and against.  Facebook, Yes on Measure W.  

Reference, restoration and development project.  City of Pacifica.  Pacifica Quarry, restore and connect, "The Team.  Property owners Preserve@Pacifica, LLC purchased the quarry property in 2014 with a commitment to undertake a sensitive balance of restoration and site-appropriate development. Eenhoorn, LLC, a property management company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, represents the quarry property owners."  FAQ:  What is the plan for the Quarry? The proposed plan for the Quarry includes permanently preserving 75% of the land as open space. The degraded wetlands and hillsides would be restored. Enhanced, safer walking and biking trails would be created, funded by the owner. Rockaway Beach and Mori Point would be connected for public access. A Creekside Park, amphitheater and meadow would also be put in for public enjoyment. The plan calls for limited residential, hotel and retail development on the remaining 25% of the land. The compact, mixed use “Quarry Village” would include retail and restaurant space with an oceanfront plaza. Residential development would be limited to no more than 206 units. At least 25 of the units must be live-work units, and at least 20% of the units must be designated for affordable housing. The height of residential buildings would be limited to minimize view impact. The proposed hotel would be no larger than 188 rooms and 12 bungalows, and would provide substantial tax revenue to the city of Pacifica. The hotel would also contain a conference center for event space. Overall, the proposal is significantly smaller, much more compact, and with much smaller traffic impacts, than the previous plan – the Peeple’s proposal, that was rejected by voters in 2006. It is also significantly smaller than both the current Pacifica General Plan and Rockaway Beach Specific Plan. Both the General Plan and Rockaway Beach Specific Plan are already in place and could be built without voter approval. This is a well-balanced plan that has something for everyone. It would restore the land and permanently preserve 75% of it. Enhanced recreational opportunities would be available for the public, and it would bring millions of dollars of tax revenue, jobs, and affordable housing to Pacifica.Related. David Kent You Tube, 6:18 minutes, "Drone Footage Pacifica Ca Rock Quarry."

Note graphic, photograph. Proposed quarry village, area to be developed (City Planning),  Pacifica Tribune article/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 4/13/16,"Quarry Plans critiqued." NIMBY breakfast from Affordable Housing Institute/David Smith's blog.  Disclaimer: formatting, captions, graphic and photograph choice by Kathy Meeh.

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Pacificans Care annual Speakeasy Night, Friday, November 4, 2016

"On Friday, November 4, 7-11 PM, the Pacifica Community Center will again transform into a lively "speakeasy" as 200 Pacificans join in the annual fundraising event sponsored by Pacificans Care.  

The evening will feature great food, desserts, a "Speakeasy Special" cocktail reminiscent of the rum runner days of the 20's, the famous Truffle Chocolate Bar that will give away great prizes to all who participate, a silent auction with trips, mountain cabin getaways, gift certificates and fabulous gift baskets, and much more "roaring" fun!

The real winners of the event will be Pacifica's social service agencies  which benefit from the event including the Pacifica Senior Center, Pacifica Child Care Services, Pacifica Resource Center, and the Pacifica Youth Service Bureau, the core community agencies supported by Pacificans Care. 

Tickets for this fun event are $40 prior to the event and $50 at the door. Advance tickets are available RIGHT HERE, from any board member, or by going to:  Susan Vellone at Visions Seaside Spa,1009 Terra Nova Blvd; Christine Stahl at Re/Max Star Properties; 450 Dondee Way;  Janis Haynes at the Community Center, 540 Crespi Drive;  Anita Rees, Pacifica Resource Center, 1809 Palmetto Avenue.

Special thanks again this year to Jennifer Hoover Graphic Design for the beautiful poster!"

Reference, from Pacificans Care website.  Brochure, pdf pages 2.  "Giving to Pacificans Care is a safe and easy way for you to contribute to your community. Pacificans Care is managed by an all-volunteer board of 15 community members.  We have extremely low overhead costs, so you can be confident that most of your dollars are going directly to the clients of the local agencies and programs we support. Approximately 96% goes directly to these local programs.  Pacificans Care Board of Directors:  Bruce Banco, Mari Brumm-Merrill, Alice Bull, Ann Cooney, Karen Ervin, Kathy Gustavson, Charlotte Jacobs, Ginny Jaquith, Debbie Kiest, Bill Michaelis, Patty McNally, Beckie Patane, Debbie Skiles, Christine Stahl."   About. "In 1982, a small but dedicated group of Pacificans "accepted the challenge to assist and support essential, locally administered service agencies in order to build a broad and higher quality of life for Pacificans. .... Allocation of Funds ... Pacificans Care has worked to raise funds and to allocate to meet specific agency needs, as identified in grant applications, including:  Senior transportation; Meals-on-Wheels vehicles, facility renovations and furnishings; staff supplementation, child safety programs, field trip for youngsters, audiovisual and electronic equipment, staff funding, counseling fees, operating support."  

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Juvenile Blue Whale that washed ashore, Daly City

Pacifica Patch/Renee Schiavone, Staff, 10/28/16. Bay City News Services contributed to this report. "Dead Blue Whale near Pacifica likely hit by ship, Marine Mammal Center Says."

A dead blue whale washed ashore at Thornton State Beach on Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016 in Daly City, Calif. Photo: Santiago Mejia, The Chronicle
Juvenile Blue Whale washed ashore along
Daly City coastline Wednesday, 10/26/16.
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Endangered Blue Whales
Image result for juvenile Blue Whale"DALY CITY, CA – A dead blue whale that washed ashore in the Daly City area this week likely collided with a large boat, causing blunt force trauma, officials withe Marine Mammal Center said Friday.

The large animal, which measures 65-feet long, was found near Daisaku Ikeda Canyon at Westmoor Beach in Daly City on Wednesday. Scientists responded to the location and began performing a necropsy on Thursday. ----   Its carcass will be left in the area to decompose. ....  Blue whales are the largest animal on earth and an endangered species."   Read article.

Reference.  World Animal Foundation, pdf pages 4, "Blue Whale Fact Sheet," page 1.  YouTube, 32 seconds, "Juvenile Blue Whale Dives."

Related articles.  CBS SF Bay Area, 10/27/16, "Biologists Find Fractures In Skull Of Blue Whale That Washed Ashore in Daly City."... "A dozen scientists conducting a necropsy Thursday on a blue whale carcass that washed ashore Wednesday coastside in Daly City found multiple skull fractures, which they say are indicative of blunt force trauma, but a definitive cause of death has not yet been determined.  The specimen has been confirmed as a sub-adult male blue whale measuring roughly 65 feet. The carcass was significantly degraded, according to the Marine Mammal Center..... The blue whale, a species that is endangered, was spotted at about 12:30 p.m. Wednesday roughly a quarter-mile from the Daly City shoreline. It drifted closer to shore as the day went on, Marine Mammal Center spokesman Giancarlo Rulli said."   NBC Bay Area/Peninsula/Staff, 10/26/16, "Dead Blue Whale washes ashore at Thornton Beach in Daly City." ....  "The Marine Mammal Center said it has been monitoring the location of the whale and was waiting for it to wash ashore." Video of the Whale in the surf, 4:34 minutes.   SF Gate/Kimberly Veklerov, 10/26/16, "Dead blue whale washes ashore at Daly City beach." .... "The last dead blue whale to wash ashore in the region was in 2010 at the Bean Hollow State Beach in San Mateo County. That female whale, which had been carrying a fetus, died of blunt force trauma after being hit by a ship, the veterinarians determined." 

Note photographs.  Whale that washed ashore in along Daly City coastline (Thornton State Beach) by Santiago Mejia/San Francisco Chronicle from the related SF Gate article (above).  Blue Whale mother and young calf from Animal Planet, found on Cetaceans.   Blue Whale alone by Mike Johnson from Aquarium of the Pacific.

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Goals and Work Plan, City newsletter 10/27/16

From Connect with Pacifica weekly email newsletter/Lorie Tinfow, City Manager and Executive Staff, 10/27/16.

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Image result for Halloween trick or treat picture
Guess we know who this is.
"At its latest meeting the City Council adopted a set of seven goals and a work plan of high priority projects and initiatives for 2016-17. The goals are designed to help guide our activities. The Work Plan is also a guide in terms of communicating the Council's priorities in a transparent way. Here's a link to the Goals and Work Plan for 2016-2017.

The Work Plan is not intended to be comprehensive of all work underway by the City. Think of an “iceberg” - the projects and initiatives of highest visibility and priority to the Council are those found above the water line; the myriad other activities such as responding to 911 calls, issuing building permits, paying bills, filling potholes, hiring new staff, etc., often are not as visible and could be described as below the water line. For more on the process and this year's goal-setting results, see the my presentation from the October 24 City Council meeting."  (Lorie Tinfow, City Manager).

Related.  Additional City information found on the email, with the following links: Halloween Safety Tips,  Portola Discovery Site Hike flyer, and Recology weekly recycling begins, 1/2017. 

Reference, for more information and content: Join the email list.  Related. Click the link to see how City Hall makes greater connection with the Community. Click to find  more articles from the City Manager."  Note photographs. "Trick-or-treat" from Myrtle Beach/SC blog/Ashlee Carson,10/12/16. Young Dracula from Today I Found Out/Daven Hiskey,"How the tradition of Trick or Treating got started." 

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