Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Redwood City budget 2015-16, paid for capital projects

The Daily Journal/Staff, 4/29/15. "Redwood City prioritizes capital projects."
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Pacifica:  What me worry?

"The Redwood City Council gave a general thumbs up to a slew of capital improvement projects the city will pursue next year including replacing and rehabbing sewer pipelines and water infrastructure.The total proposed budget for capital projects is set at more than $29.3 million paid for by utility taxes, park in-lieu funds and grants among other sources.

About $7.7 million is slated for transportation improvements including a $3.7 million project to underground utilities on Middlefield Road including streetscaping. The biggest expenditure on the list is $5.5 million for sewer pipeline rehabilitation and replacement with water infrastructure improvements slated at about $3.9 million. ....  Pavement resurfacing is slated for $1.6 million in improvements and another $800,000 will be spent on sidewalk repair and replacement upon council approval. The city has about 300 miles of sidewalks. Further down on the list is a $700,000 expenditure for affordable housing.

The council will make its final approval of the list in June before it adopts next year’s budget.  Read more.

Note photograph:  one of a fabulous series, Brian W. and others, "Brian's Beach Cottage", Ski-epic, 3/15/14.

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