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San Pedro Bridge Replacement Project to be completed by October, 2015

California Department of Transportation, District 4, Press Release/Gidget Navarro, 8/26/15:  San Pedro Creek Bridge Construction Update (State Route 1) Pacifica.

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Week prior to bridge detour, 6/14/14
"The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will begin final paving operations on U.S. State Route 1 (northbound/southbound) between Post Mile 40.6 (Ace Hardware) to Linda Mar Boulevard in Pacifica, starting Tuesday, September 8, and completed by Thursday, September 10, from 7:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

At the intersection of Linda Mar Boulevard and Route 1, asphalt grinding and paving will take place. This will affect signal timing for the entire week.  Electrical work that controls the Route 1 and Linda Mar intersections will be worked on during the week of September 14, original signal timing will be restored by mid-week of Steptember 14.

North and southbound temporary striping will be removed and replaced with permanent striping the following week, Monday September 14 and completed by Thursday, September 17, between the hours of 7:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

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Bridge open, almost done, 8/9/15 
Final paving will restore lanes both north and south of the bridge back to the original configurations. The area between the bridge and Linda Mar Boulevard will have two lanes starting closer to the bridge.  Final construction for this project will be completed by October, 2015.

This work is part of the San Pedro Creek Bridge Replacement Project that started construction in May 2014. The project will install a longer and higher bridge over the creek to provide capacity for the 100-year flood event. In addition, a Class 1 mult-purpose path will be added along ths eastern side."

RelatedSan Mateo County Times/Aaron KJinney, 8/12/14, "Pacifica:  San Pedro Creek Bridge replacement at a glance."  .... Estimated cost: $10 million. Who's footing the bill: Federal, state and county transportation funds. ... The bridge is slated to reopen in October 2015. The rest of the project, including vegetation and habitat restoration, is expected to finish in 2016.  TRA Environmental Sciences, Inc., biological consultant to Caltrans summary: 2009-present. Lead Agency, City of Pacifica, Caltrans; Client Wilsey Ham.

Note photographs: Week prior to detour by Pacifica Index/Chris Fogel, "San Pedro Creek Bridge, Pacifica, CA, 6/14/14, YouTube, 21 seconds.  Bridge open by Stegink, Pacifica Riptide, 8/9/15, "Caltrans' new Highway 1 bridge open."

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