Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Police Chief search, a citizen suggestion

Pacifica Tribune, Letters to the editor, 8/18/15.  "Appoint and save" by Shirlee Gibbs

Image result for Pacifica Police Captain Joe Spanheimer picture
Interim Police Chief,
Captain Joe Spanheimer
Interim Police Chief,
Captain Dan Steidle
"Editor:  Since Pacifica Police Chief Jim Tasa retired last year we have had two of Pacifica's finest police captains serve in an interim capacity 

Both Captain Joe Spanheimer and Captain Dan Steidle have over 20 years experience, rose through the ranks, and have served in various capacities within the Pacifica Police Department.

 They know this City well! I urge that one of these two Captains be appointed our next police chief of Pacifica, thus saving the City funds by not investing in a professional job search team."

Related article. Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, 11/18/14.  "New chief seeks to maintain consistent leadership. .... Chosen to temporarily fill the top police job in the city, Joe Spanheimer shared his thoughts with the Tribune. Spanheimer doesn't envision making major changes as chief.  .... Captain Dan Steidle, who will be the next acting chief, and I will work together in the best interest of the department," he said."

Note photographs both from the City of Pacifica/Police Department, Joe Spanheimer found on the Pacifica Tribune article.  

Posted by Kathy Meeh


todd bray said...

Either will do nicely

Steve Sinai said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

Being they raised the salary and extended the time period it seems like they want to go outside the department. This was probably Mary Ann's idea about splitting the time as intern chiefs.

Tom Clifford said...

I agree with Steve & Todd, both Dan & Joe are good candidates for the job.

Anonymous said...

Haven't we seen this charade before? Appease the unions and residents by allowing each man to have an audition in the role and salary and then "announce" neither one can cut it. Enough already. Just bring out the soul mate and get on with it. This is a sneaky crew running the show and apparently with money to burn.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least they are both getting to spike their pension up by getting that highest salary year on the books.

Dirty Harry said...

Bring back Dave Bertini.

Anonymous said...

Bertini, saw the writing on the wall and is down in Menlo Park.

Anonymous said...

1023 There ya go and how many times have we seen that before? It's the gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime and you'd better believe that every council person, senior staff and cop is aware of it. Spike it, Pacifica!