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San Mateo County is thinking more about affordable housing

The Daily Journal/Samantha Weigel, 8/12/15.  "Foster City tries to tackle affordable housing: Council needs more time to consider options for developer impact fees, spending."

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 Fix this, build low cost, senior, and
affordable housing in Frog City too.
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More of this is not human.
"Foster City officials said they need more time before outlining a plan on how to address the lack of affordable housing and related impacts as they consider new policies requiring developers to contribute.

The City Council met Monday to discuss the results of its portion of a countywide nexus study looking at how residential, commercial and office space developers can help offset their impacts by either paying fees or building affordable housing units. The city is the first among the San Mateo County participants of the “21 Element Nexus Study” to consider implementing new policies suggested by consultants.
....  The loss of redevelopment agencies in 2012 has left many cities scrambling for solutions to the region’s growing jobs-housing imbalance that contributes to traffic congestion and environmental impacts."   Read article.

Reference,  ".... 21 Elements provides opportunities for municipalities to share resources, successful strategies and best practices, and will result in stronger local partnerships as well as higher quality certified Housing Elements. Co-sponsored and coordinated by the San Mateo County Department of Housing and City/County Association of Governments, this collaborative effort brings together our twenty one unique communities to better meet our common needs to accommodate our growing and changing populations, while ensuring and enhancing the qualities that make our communities livable and unique." From that website,  Local Planning efforts/Pacifica,"Housing Element and CEQA", Final Housing Element 2015-2023, pdf pages 147
and   Initial Study and Negative Decleration, pdf pages 28.  Related, San Mateo County Multicity Affordable Housing Nexus Study.

Note photographs. Officials digging from DOH San Mateo County on Twitter,"Working so that housing exists for people of all income levels in San Mateo County." Homeless tent  by Thomas Carey from  San Francisco Examiner,"..biannual homeless count across San Mateo County, 1/30/15? 

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