Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Recent University rankings

SF Gate/San Francisco Chronicle/Katie Dowd, 7/24/15. "Two Bay Area schools among 10 best universities in the world." The article includes 22 slides of universities.

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Harvard University campus
"Stanford and UC Berkeley alumni are accustomed to ranking among the world's best, but another trophy for the case never hurts.

Recently, both Bay Area universities were rated in the top 10 schools in the world by the Center for World University Rankings. CWUR evaluated 1,000 universities worldwide based on the quality of education, alumni employment, quality of faculty, publications, influence, citations, broad impact and patents.

The Bay Area was well-represented in the rankings. Including Cal and Stanford's prestigious top 10 status, UCSF just missed the top 25 coming in at 26."  

Reference, Center for World University rankings (1000).  USA, rankings.  1)  Harvard, 2) Stanford, 3) Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 4) Columbia, 5) Berkeley, 6) Chicago, 7) Princeton, 8) Cornell, 9) Yale, 10) California Institute of Technology.  World rankings.  1)  Harvard, 2) Stanford, 3) Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 4) Cambridge, 5) Oxford, 6) Columbia, 7) Berkeley, 8) Chicago, 9) Princeton, 10) Cornell.  World, quality of education. 1) Harvard, 2) Cambridge, 3) Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 4) Princeton, 5) Berkeley, 6) California Institute of Technology, 7) Oxford, 8) Ecole normale superieure Paris, 9) Stanford, 10) Yale.   

Note photograph from US News and World Report/Education (2014-15), "Harvard University, ranked #2." (Princeton University is ranked #1, other rankings available). 

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