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We are thankful for all
who assisted us, 8/3/15.
"Editor:  On August 3, my husband, Bob and I were involved in the noon auto accident that brought the gridlock Highway 1, road resurfacing, traffic jam to a complete stop. 

Thankfully, there were no apparent serious injuries but still, the incident required that both cars needed tow-truck removal. 

We wish to acknowledge in this letter the caring and assistance shown to us by so many people, from the Cal Trans workers and first responders, to the Miller O'Brien tow- truck drivers and especially the two wonderful gentleman who stayed much longer than they needed to so that they could give their eye witness report. Unfortunately, I cannot recall all your names but you are very special. 

Truly, there are still wonderful, caring persons making up our society. Our grateful thanks to you all."
Note face graphic image from Happy money saver, "Service treasure hunt."

Posted by Kathy Meeh