Saturday, August 29, 2015

Harbor District finds their missing equipment (on paper)

Half Moon Bay Review/Carla Woundenberg, 8/27/15.  "Harbor District thanks persistent critic. Staff receives refund for missing equipment.
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Citizen to Harbor Commission:
Show us the IT equipment.

"John Ullom isn’t used to hearing too many “thank yous” from municipal officials. The Half Moon Bay resident holds a reputation for challenging local government action or lack thereof.

Last week, however, Ullom received a letter of appreciation from San Mateo County Harbor District Interim General Manager Glen Lazof. Lazof thanked him for voicing his concerns “rather persistently” back in June in regard to district spending for IT equipment that couldn’t be found. 

Ullom’s repeated inquiries prompted the interim general manager to start an internal investigation, and the district staff was able to locate documentation that indicated the district paid $34,689.31 to information technology vendor the Well Connected Office back in 2012. Though it paid for the equipment, the district now maintains the company never delivered it. The private company agreed and has sent the district a full refund."  Read article.

Note photograph from, and Hardware, "Empty room wallpapers and images". 

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