Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Roadwork on Highway, 1 more paving today

Update:  Road work CANCELLED today (8/4/15).  See Steve's advisement  above,  from Police  Police Alert on Nextdoor email, 10:22 a.m.  Better City and Caltrans coordination planned for the future.

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Not our fault, we're fixing the road
Pacifica Patch/Bea Karnes, Staff, from Bay City News, 8/4/15. "More repaving work today on Highway 1. Monday's work led to a monumental traffic jam and a crash."

"The City of Pacifica says that Caltrans has apologized for failing to notify them of road work that led to hours of unexpected traffic congestion on state Highway 1 Monday, according to police.

Caltrans closed one southbound lane of Highway 1 around 9:30 a.m. Monday morning between Mori Point Road and Rockaway Beach Avenue for repaving, which caused significant traffic impacts, according to Pacifica’s Interim Chief of Police Dan Steidle. That situation got worse after an accident nearby around 12 p.m., which delayed completion of the repaving work into the afternoon commuting hours, according to Steidle.

Caltrans plans to do similar work today on Highway 1 between Fassler and Reine Del Mar avenues from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Steidle says Caltrans has control over Highway 1 maintenance, but the City of Pacifica plans to discuss coordination and notification issues with Caltrans, as well as limiting road maintenance to nighttime hours." 

Related articles.  KRON TV 4/Molly Martinez, 8/4/15. "Caltrans fails to notify city of roadwork, causes jam." .... Caltrans closed one southbound lane of Highway 1 around 9:30 a.m. Monday morning between Mori Point Road and Rockaway Beach Avenue for repaving, which caused significant traffic impacts, according to Pacifica’s Interim Chief of Police Dan Steidle. That situation got worse after an accident nearby around 12 p.m., which delayed completion of the repaving work into the afternoon commuting hours, according to Steidle."  City of Pacifica/Police, Press Release, 8/3/15, "Caltrans Road Work Causes Congestion."

Note "road workers" photograph from Driversed driving information.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


todd bray said...

If Bijan satipi can keep his job after the Bay bridge fiasco and the ten million dollar coffee book he published documenting the project nothing will change at District 4.

Brian Grey said...

Yesterday's traffic jam, 8/3, was just a small taste of what's in store should CalTrans ignore local opinion and insist on needlessly widening the short stretch of Highway 1 between Fassler and Reina Del Mar, except that would go on for months and months instead of one day. Personally, it took me exactly two hours to drive four miles from my office on Palmetto to my house. CalTrans continues to add to their legendary incompetence and complete disregard for local interst.

Anonymous said...

Can't open up this stretch of the coast for development without widening and improving the highways. Even if widening 1 improved traffic flow through Pacifica, and that's preposterous, the highway plans are simply a means to an end. And the end is more development. The smell of all that money to be made is intoxicating. Too bad so little of it will stay in Pacifica. The hangover will be ferocious.

Anonymous said...

Where's the love? I look to this blog as the official CalTrans' Defender and Crusader. Let's hear it, Fixies. Do your 6 Degrees of Separation thing where Peter Loeb is at the center of EVERYTHING. That man!

Chris Porter said...

Brian Grey...ignore SOME local opinion.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica Logic.
If you're afraid of pain at the dentist's office then just delay going.

Anonymous said...

And if the dentist tries to set up appointments for you, just keep taking them to court to delay it as long as possible. You know it's the best thing for your mouth in the long term.
In the meantime, don't forget to tell anyone who'll listen how terrible dentists are and and how they'll make your pain even worse by the time they're through - you'll probably never eat again, be horribly disfigured, and might even walk with a limp!(Don't worry - no matter how ridiculous you make it sound, if you repeat it often enough, a few people will actually believe you. This is Pacifica, after all.)

Mister Metaphor said...

Your teeth need cleaning and maybe you've got a cavity. The dentist says, hey, I'll go ahead and pull all your teeth out of your head and that will solve all your problems.

You've been told you have a beautiful smile and you think the dentist's plan is a little drastic. Couldn't he try something else, like a flouride treatment and a filling?

Hey, if you don't take me up on my teeth-pulling offer quickly, it'll be off the table! And besides, I'm the trained expert, not you! he bellows.

You go to another dentist and he fills your cavity, gives you a new toothbrush, and you're fine.

You later discover the other dentist is charged with over billing his patients and for using Elmer's glue to fill their cavities.

Anonymous said...

If Caltrans was a dentist the drilling would last 3 years, the bill would be $100 million and when they were done you would have 6 rows of teeth.

Anonymous said...

NOBIES have been scaring everyone with the pain of highway improvement.
Now the whole city is decaying.
Come to think of it there's no pain when you're dead.
Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Oh, 7:21 and 7:32! What a disappointment! Is that really the best you could come up with? Maybe yesterday's little traffic problems knocked just as much out of you as it did the rest of the thousands and thousands of people who finally had it driven home to them (sorry - no pun intended!) just how inadequate a 2-lane road with no shoulder is between the end of the freeway and Sea Bowl?
Let's all hope that yesterday is never repeated - by fixing the bottleneck that is Hwy 1 between Sharp Park Road and Fassler. We all know it's there! There's just far too much traffic on that stretch of road at peak times for anything less than widening (or an overpass/underpass, at many times the cost!) to fix the problem.
Or we could go on under the delusion that repeating the mantra of some combination of toothpaste, gargling and an occasional aspirin will miraculously fix the cavity.

Anonymous said...

Mister Metaphor, you the man! Anon 646, you the low-hanging fruit and your whole dentist-horror story sounds autobiographical. Poor thing.

Anonymous said...

732 LMAO. Six rows of teeth. Those CalTrans experts never fail to horrify.

Anonymous said...

@920 Be still my heart. That's the love I expect on Fix. Blind, irrational, illogical, delusional. Pathetic but kinda sweet.

Anonymous said...

9:20 is suffering from the vapors and thinks that the extra lanes will float down from the sky like manna and settle into place in half an afternoon's work.

Sure, Caltrans caused a traffic jam of Biblical proportions for fourteen hours when it tried to patch a couple of potholes in Pacifica, but a highway widening will be a piece of cake. A couple of hours tops. Easy peasey.

Anonymous said...

@956 - Seems like yesterday didn't make it quite clear enough for some people, but I don't think anyone should expect everybody to understand it, so that's OK. We'll drag you along anyway, with no need to thank us when it's fixed.

Anonymous said...

We need more highway workers to save us from the horrors of...highway workers!

Anonymous said...

1108 Wow. A Messiah Complex. Going to save us, forcibly if necessary. And here I thought you just had some weird adolescent male crush on heavy equipment and earth moving. Maybe that's how it started, huh?

Anonymous said...

What Monday's traffic jam made clear is that CalTrans has zero regard for Pacifica. We're just highway to them. An inanimate object. They're a town-killer and we're in their sights.

Anonymous said...

11:08 is saying that we need to endure three years of unrelenting construction gridlock like we experienced on Monday so that we don't experience construction gridlock.

Brilliant thinking from someone who has been huffing too much bulldozer exhaust.

Kathy Meeh said...

912, 940, etc. A wider road is the answer to fixing our City bottleneck, because that's where the traffic is, (duh).
With a wider, more efficient road, there is less congestion, (double duh).
That's the system, you drive the roads.
Its complicated for a NIMBY, but think about it.

highway 1 hysteria said...

You people are falling into loebs trap. Caltrans stips Down highway 80. This includes pulling up And re pouring 8 to 12 inches of cement covered with 2 inches of asphalt. This work is done around the clock from May until October first. With one lane over donner sumnit. There are,rare delays.

Quit buying into Loeb s hysteria.

Anonymous said...


Go back and watch the kpix 5 special on the bay bridge. Arnold Schwarzenegger was handing out construction contracts like pez candy. All to his buddies.

Knowledge is absolute power. Everything else is hot air and bullshit.

Anonymous said...


That's what happens when you sue caltrans!

Anonymous said...

Human nature.
Poking people in the nose, calling them names, making false accusations, insulting their intelligence and suing them is not usually a very good way to engage.
Bad form but very typical in Pacifica.
No wonder our city is the laughing stock of the bay area.
Thanks Peter and Hal for all that "voodoo that you do so well".

Mark Thomas said...

John Keener for Mayor.

Anonymous said...

10:32, 11:07 are you saying that Monday's Caltrans-created disaster is retribution for being sued? If that's true, Caltrans is totally corrupt. They should be prosecuted as a criminal organization and dismantled. At the very least, they should not be allowed in Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

12:11 deep breaths, exhale, deep breaths, exhale

Anonymous said...

2:18 remove head from ass

Anonymous said...

Not saying it was retribution.
I am saying that when you completely insult and abuse any group of people they will become less likely to go out of their way to do anything but the bare minimum.
Kind of the way the NOBIES, Edminster, Loeb, et al, treat the great unwashed mob who doesn't genuflect their presence or worship their superior wisdom when it comes to managing a city.
This group has been abusing Pacifica for decades and they have destroyed what used to be the "little city that could". Now we are fed up with you and don't believe anything you say and will make a minimum effort to be responsive when you bark your demands.
Human nature.