Saturday, August 8, 2015

Coastside Surfer's Beach sand loss, proposed remedies

Half Moon Bay Review/Clay Lambert, 8/5/15.  "Marine Sanctuary supports beach replenishment idea. Federal agency suggests depositing sand above high tide line."

Image result for Surfer's Beach at Highway 1, Half Moon Bay
So, a few people are
a little "short of sand" too.
What's the remedy?

"The superintendent of the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary (GFNMS) indicated last week that her agency would support some efforts to shore up Surfer’s Beach, and local officials consider the communiqué a positive sign.  
.... Regulations within the federally protected habitat adjacent to Surfer’s Beach preclude depositing the sand below the water line. Nonetheless, Brown says her agency has identified an 80- to 140-foot stretch of beach above that line that could accept the sand and mitigate loss due to erosion.

.... The letter also outlines possible long-term solutions to the problem, including regular replenishment of sand, redesigning the breakwater and a 'managed retreat' of Highway 1 from the water line."   Read article.

Note:  photograph from Coastal Real Estate...Kathy and Michael Rain,"Half Moon Bay partners to save Surfer's Beach." 

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