Monday, August 24, 2015

Raccoon-proofing trash cans cans

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Just love dinner in your neighborhood
Current local solutionAce Hardware Linda Mar/Dave, 5/10/12, video 1:35 minutes,"Raccoon-Proof your garbage can." "This is a demo of the Doggy Dare - the best way to keep those pesky raccoons out of your garbage, compost and/or recycling cans. Fits round or square cans of many sizes."

Possible future solution.  Wall Street Journal, 8/24/15, video, 1:13 minutes. "Raccoon-Proof Trash Cans in Toronto" "Toronto residents have had a problem with raccoons breaking into their trash cans. But now the city is introducing new bins meant to stop the critters from getting in. Photo: City of Toronto."  Wall Street Journal video news follows.

Related video.  City of Toronto, 4/8/15, video, 2:01 minutes, 4/8/15, "The green bin.2.0" "Later this year/early 2016, Toronto residents with curbside collection will get the next generation Green Bin with improved animal resistant features. These proposed bins are larger, have bigger wheels for stability and are easier to maneuver." Racoon videos follow.

Related local resource.  Recology of the Coast.    Note photograph by Alexa Clark/Flickr from Houselogic.

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Me cell no ring said...

In other unreported Pacifica News.

ATT Cellular was down from Saturday night till about 4 pm on Monday.

Tower problems.

Anonymous said...

More unreported Pacifica News:

Pacifica, CA- On August 24, 2015 at approximately 7:40am, the Pacifica Police Department
and North County Fire Authority responded to a parking lot in the 100 block of Rockaway Beach
Avenue on the report of a possible dead body. On arrival, officers found an unresponsive male
subject inside of his vehicle. The male was pronounced deceased shortly thereafter.
Preliminary investigation by Pacifica Police detectives indicates the subject suffered an
apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. The victim’s name is being withheld pending notification
of the next of kin.
The investigation into this case is ongoing. (Case number 15- 2945)
Daniel Steidle
Interim Chief of Police