Thursday, August 27, 2015

City disfunction, a symptom

Pacifica Tribune, Letters to the Editor, 8/26/15.  "Something rotten" by Rev. Piers Lahey 

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Perspective, everything is not "Pathetica".
Vision is needed to move the City forward.
"Editor:  I respect Mr. Medler's strong criticism of the way things are in Pacifica right now. It's very clear that there's "something rotten in the city." I would simply make two points. 

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Mother Theresa sends word
from heaven: "peace to all."
First, using the word "pathetic" (pathetica)? I had an immediate flashback to John McEnroe when he used to rant and rave on the tennis courts, criticizing everyone from the ballboy or ballgirl to his current opponent and certainly to the umpire of the match and the line judges. I remember "pathetic" as one of McEnroe's favorite words.

Second, Mr. Medler states that Pacificans feel that nothing can be done about the Chamber of Commerce and the City Council. 

Well if the right person stepped forward, a person with the skills of a leader and motivator with courage and passion and a vision for Pacifica, with the right person directing efforts at reform who knows where this might lead and how much change would happen and how much good would be accomplished?  I wonder who that right person is? I wonder if that person is willing to make a difference." 

Reference articlePacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor, 8/19/15.  "Pathetic in Pathetica" by Roger Medler. "Editor: The town where I believe the public should arrest the police and investigate the city officials and Chamber of Commerce. I get no reply from any of these people. ..."

Photographs of Mother Teresa. Left from Fame Images.  Right from Being Peter Pan.  Related, Mother Teresa, 1910-1997.,  Mother Teresa Of Calcutta Center/Sisters of Charity, Wikipedia/Mother Teresa. 

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don't EVEN know

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Actually, maybe if city staff would inform Rodger that the records he is looking for are down at the county, maybe they could have avoided all this bullshit. Something tells me the people down at city hall love chaos and mayhem.

The permits and files for the tire shop were probably processed by the county before Pacifica was incorporated.

Mary Ann, Karen Ervin, and Courtney at the chamber would rather put restraining orders on citizens than try to help out.

Anonymous said...

Many people over the years have tried to help Rodger Medlar, including council members, city staff, and others. He's not interested in help. The only solution he'll accept is getting rid of the tire shop. That's never going to happen. Eventually, everybody gets tired of listening to him and comes to the conclusion that he's obsessed to the point of being mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

Obsession and mental illness are in the news all the time. The coverage usually includes some local saying "we knew he was crazy". Anyone try to buy him out?

Anonymous said...

755 Maybe they seek and are granted those restraining orders because they feel he's a threat to personal and public safety.

Anonymous said...

10:27 Exactly. Why would several different public officials seek a restraining order? Are they all just paranoid? Everybody's crazy except Medlar?