Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Chamber of Commerce CEO position available, LLC (US). "CEO of the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce at Pacifica Chamber of Commerce," 8/20/15.  

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Let me choose your Chamber CEO.
"Description - Pacifica Chamber of Commerce (CA), Position: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chamber Membership: 325, Population of Area Served: 40,000.

General - Areas of responsibility include membership, marketing, public relations, administration, business directory, community business assistance, events, finance and budget, staff, facilities and Pacifica's Business Improvement District. The CEO is expected to play a key role in the business community, having significant involvement by being a part of various business-related committees and events and attending essential meetings, including City Council, Planning and Economic Development. The CEO is the spokesperson and champion for our membership and must have the ability to influence and interact with key City, County and State government officials, as well as, business and community leaders.

Professional Qualifications/Experience -Education and/or experience equivalent to accredited four-year college or university graduate, preferably with major emphasis in business, communications or marketing and five or more years of Chamber of Commerce and/or business management experience. Knowledge of Chamber of Commerce concepts, principles and practices preferred. Strong sales background preferred. The ideal candidates should possess strong management, leadership skills and business experience. The candidate should be highly motivated, personable and articulate with excellent oral and written communications and has a passion for networking and can bring creative marketing experience to our Chamber.

Specific Qualifications - • Experience recruiting and managing staff (2 or more) and student interns (1 or more); • Community Engagement: Well versed in the dynamics and issues facing Pacifica, as well as regional issues that impact our community; • Financial Management: Experience developing and managing budgets $300,000 or higher. Knowledge of QuickBooks a plus; • Team Builder: Ability to develop and support cohesive teams/committees among staff, Board members and volunteers to move toward a shared vision; • Interface with community and elected leaders creating positive and mutually beneficial relationships; • Has vision for the future and deep sense of the overall importance of our business community; • Effective Communicator: Excellent oral and written communications. Be an effective public speaker as our "voice" for the interests of the business community; • Experience in managing a range of events and meetings from small to large.
Submit resume and cover letter, citing familiarity with sales, social media platforms, knowledge of Pacifica and any chamber experience if applicable. Deadline: Sept. 10, 2015.  Contact: Darlene Gonzalez, Board President @ PLEASE PUT IN THE SUBJECT LINE: PCOC CEO Position."   Apply Now,  (interactive form, right side of the link). 

Note photograph of Donald Trump from Green rush investors, 6/23/15.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

How much does this gig pay?

Show me the money!

Anonymous said...

b-but courtney said even though she was moving to sonoma she was fully committed to remaining on as the ceo and would be commuting in!

you don't suppose she was telling us all a big fib, do you?

Anonymous said...


She also said she can run the chamber via the phone.

Kathy Meeh said...

849,922 what are your real concerns about the Chamber of Commerce in this City: What achievable goals would you expect of this business organization? Hence, what accomplishments could be achieved by a hired CEO applicant.

From today's Pacifica Tribune (8/26/15), current Courtney Conlon's Chamber representation looks quite busy.

849, from moving out of this City (with a retired spouse), this Chamber CEO (Courtney Conlon) has allowed a 1 year transition, and several months notice in leaving her position.
922, use of phone (as well as email, social media, etc.) are common business practices these days. And, from the Tribune article, it seems Conlon has also showed-up to events when necessary.
This all seems to be accountable business practice to me.

So as stated prior, what are the core problems you have with the current direction of the Chamber of Commerce in this City. And what changes would you like to see in the future?

Anonymous said...

I'm not any of the above anons, but I'd like the chamber to do something to help fill all the empty storefronts, commercial and office spaces around town. That would really help other local businesses and our whole local economy and tax base.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Kathy, she LOOKS busy.

Kathy Meeh said...

1255, with relevance to the above commentary, through your observation, what does "LOOKS busy" mean to you?

Anonymous said...


The Chamber of Commerce does nothing to bring business into Pacifica. In the days before internet people called the Chamber when they were visiting a city, or dropped by to pick up a map and hotel information. Now a days they are irrelevant.

12:51 what do you want to the Chamber to do? Subsidize rents? Pacifica pretty much never had an economy.

Courtney's watch has been just the same as when Sleepy Don ran the Chamber.

todd bray said...

The Chamber should consider a non business friendly CEO.

Anonymous said...

In this town, the Chamber is just another bulls-eye for target practice.
That's all everyone does around here is shoot sniper bullets at anything and anyone who dares to stand up and try to make a difference.
Just go along to get along. Dreamily agree with the status quo and watch the gentle flow of Pacifica down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Once again the Toddler proves he has no clue.

Chamber?! I hardly knew her! said...

The Chamber has been very vocal about widening Highway 1. About anything directly related to Pacifica's business climate? Not so much.

To those who have paid dues to the Chamber, I ask: What return have you seen on your $$$?

King of the Trolls said...

6:05 - you got trolled.

Chamber Pot said...

I hope when the new applicants come in and are asked what their thoughts are on the Hwy 1 widening, they just get up and leave the room. After laughing in the interviewers' faces, of course.

Anonymous said...

I think Todd Bray should apply. Ask him, he'll tell you what needs to be done in this town, nothing!
It would certainly be a non-chamber entity!
Nothing would change.

Kathy Meeh said...

8/26, 145, 353, 608 what do you expect your Chamber of Commerce to do for you?

For a very long time, I think this Chamber has been organized under the guidelines of travel and tourism, rather than an advocacy for small business. Is that a core organizational goal issue?

Tourism vs. Small Business? From the US Chamber/Small Business/about/advocacy (link above): "We advocate for pro-business policies that create jobs and grow our economy. Key issues range from smart tax policy and regulatory relief to legal reform and trade promotion."

Anonymous said...

chamber CEO inaction is a reflection of the board-- all mom-and-pop operations or hotels who only focus on their self centered needs. No vision. Ignore the job description-- it is mainly ribbon cuttings. I watched the council meeting the CEO reported about testifying. She did show up (only chamber rep there) to no real effect. Gave same speech she has given for the past 2 years. Some other group turned out 12 or so speakers.

quarry dirt being tested said...

You would think Toddster would be all wound up about the soil testing going on at the quarry? Maybe he just missed all the commotion over on Riptide.

Failure?! I hardly knew her! said...

I hope Courtney leaves her pom-poms behind because the new CEO will need something to wave when they lead the "Pacifica is so great!" cheer each month at city council.

That and operating the SAFETY WIDENING button machine are the two main functions of the position as far as I'm able to tell. $120,000 a year salary for doing all this, by the way.

No annual report to board members. No metrics. No demonstrable results reported anywhere. No hard numbers as to budget or dollars brought in by Chamber efforts. If people have to ask what the actually Chamber does (ribbon cutting and cocktail parties?!), you've totally failed.

Great c-level exec work!

simpletons run amok said...

San Bruno is talking about multi million dollar deals and Pacifica is happy cause they found an empty plastic bottle in the trash to bring in for the deposit.

Small minds run Pacifica!

todd bray said...

Nope, the Chamber needs a blue collar tradesman at the helm, someone who knows the difference between work and play. Not me, but an honest to goodness anti authoritarian blue collar CEO.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the COC lost its way many years ago. A back-to-basics approach is needed of it wants to be of any use.

Anonymous said...

930PM 8/26 Chamber Pot...awesome nom de plume. Best ever.

1238 8/27 Business is no longer so basic. Pacifica missed the boat completely. Now we look like what we are...a shabby, run down town ripe for gentrification of its existing housing stock. Toss in a few new high-end homes. A bedroom community. Don't sweat the lack of businesses because world-class shopping surrounds us and commercial is sooo tacky.

Sharon said...

RE: Kathy at 7:55am " For a very long time, I think this Chamber has been organized under the guidelines of travel and tourism, rather than an advocacy for small business. Is that a core organizational goal issue?"

I believe it is Kathy, since tourism is or should be considered a core component of our business here in Pacifica. Many times in small towns the Chamber and CVB (Convention and Visitor's Bureau) are the same entity. My complaint is not enough done on the CVB side of things, mainly online listings of events. Many times events listed in local blogs and/or the Trib but nowhere else.