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Eucalyptus tree limb breaks, smashes cars, San Francisco

San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate/Jonathan Kauffman, Staff Writer, 8/21/15. "Large tree limb damages 5 cars in San Francisco's Panhandle." 

City Department of Public Works crew clear large tree branch that crashed down on cars Friday morning in San Francisco's Panhandle District. Photo: Jonathan Kauffman
1 fallen Eucalyptus tree limb score: 5 cars.
"A large limb broke off a eucalyptus tree early Friday and came crashing down on several parked cars in San Francisco’s Panhandle. The tree branch, approximately 15 feet long, broke loose about 12:30 a.m. and damaged five (5) cars near the corner of Oak and Stanyan streets.

....  No one was injured in the incident. Two cars sustained major damage."  Read more.

Image result for Pacifica Archery Range Eucalyptus trees picture
San Francisco Archers, Pacifica.
1st and 3rd Sunday lessons: free.
Related, Eucalyptus safety articles:  
Pacifica, archery range.  Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop/Staff Writer, 7/28/15. "Trees near archery range target for removal." "San Francisco Parks and Recreation, which owns and manages Sharp Park Golf Course and the archery range in Pacifica, plans to put into place a new management plan for most of its parks.  ...  A map shows 200 trees to be removed in one area, 50 each in another four areas, 4,000 eucalyptus trees (50 percent) from another area and 10,700 eucalyptus trees (75 percent) from another part, but the forest remains completely intact in three areas. ....  better public access, more sustainable populations of sensitive plant species, enhanced habitat for endangered species and wildlife, including bobcats and mountain lions. Opposition.  San Francisco Forest Alliance, 6/14/15, The long-term plan for it is “fewer trees and more scrub.”  We strongly oppose this action. Aside from the beauty of the place, and the undisturbed wildlife habitat that would both be destroyed, we think it is environmentally irresponsible. .... Trees sequester carbon; eucalyptus, with its dense wood, its size, and its 400-500-year life-span, is particularly effective. 

Oakland/East Bay HillsSan Francisco Chronicle/Chip Johnson, 7/17/15.  "East Bay Eucalyptus trees must be cut to protect people from fires." ...."That’s the impetus behind a government plan to thin forests in the East Bay hills by removing most of the highly flammable eucalyptus groves. It’s an essential public safety measure for the 2.5 million residents in Alameda and Contra Costa counties who live in and around them.  ....  About 100 protesters who claim eucalyptus trees are fire-resistant plan a nude demonstration at a eucalyptus grove on the UC Berkeley campus on Saturday morning to oppose the plan. Wood doesn’t burn. Right. Got it."  CBS/KPIX 5, SF Bay Area Local, 4/16/15.  "OAKLAND (CBS SF) – A woman was able to walk away without injury after a (Eucalyptus) tree fell on her car while she was driving near Lake Merritt in Oakland Thursday afternoon. .... Fire officials said she is very lucky to be alive." 

Photographs:  Archers from, "10 Things to do in Pacifica": "1) Linda Mar Beach, 2) Rockaway Beach, 3) San Pedro Valley Park, 4) Pacifica State Beach, 5) Sharp Park Golf Course, 6) San Francisco Archers, 7) Pacifica Pier, 8) Sweeney Ridge, 9) Milagra Ridge Trail, 10) Red Stripe Beach."  Wonder why this City doesn't have a successful economy-- not much tax revenue from these outdoor activities.    Smashed cars by Jonathan Kauffman from the San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate article.

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