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Mobile home residents receive a good outcome

The Daily Journal/Bill Silverfarb, 8/21/15.  "City helps tenants stay put:  Mobile home park residents to get relocation assistance."

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Pacific Skies Estates, Pacifica, CA.
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This time renters...
receive a good outcome.
"Residents at a mobile home park in Pacifica who were given notices to vacate can stay put for now as ownership is set to also offer them relocation assistance, City Manager Lorie Tinfow an nounced Thursday. The relocation assistance includes physical relocation within the park for some and financial assistance and support services for others who decide to leave the park, Tinfow wrote in a statement.  ....  She negotiated with the attorney for Pacific Skies Estates Carol McDermott to reach the deal.

.... The rent control ordinance for the mobile home park limits any increases to 75 percent of the Consumer Price Index but only applies to the owners and not the renters.

“This park is a stunning example of the difference basic rent and eviction protections can make in a community. The homeowner residents, who are protected by Pacifica’s mobile home rent control ordinance, were given a chance to fight for their homes and maintain housing stability through the hearings we conducted last year. But the tenant residents, who are not protected by the ordinance, are given these abrupt termination notices with no explanation and very little legal recourse,” 

Legal Aid Society attorney Shirley Gibson wrote in a statement. “Here we have people living side by side with dramatically different legal rights. Everyone deserves stable housing and I am hopeful that people will see by this example and others around the county that basic protections for tenants need to be implemented now.”   Read article.

Note:  Graphic from JCNCF & Community Events, 3/17/13.  Photograph by Christa Bigue/Staff from a Pacifica Patch, 1/10/14 article,"Pacifica mobile home owners seek legal aid to oppose rental increase."  

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Well some one needs to adjust the score.

Tinfow 1

Anonymous said...

Credit where credit is due. Good job Ms. Tinfow. And, Mayor Ervin, however this assistance came about, full credit to you and council for assisting Pacificans who needed your help. Please keep your eyes on the situation.

Unknown said...

Thank you Mayor Ervin and Lori Tinfow for trying to help us.I am a evictee and although we got more time we really need you to do more. Carol McDermott has already changed her story twice what she said in Aug 22nd media and what she said at City Council meeting Sept 14th. She always changes her wording ,tells untruths and never keeps what she says true to the purpose. I am part of a collective group ,we have linked arms and are standing strong against this horrific action Pacific Skies Estates aka The Cottages by the Sea aka Sea Gate at GreyStar aka Cottages by the Sea Apartments have taken!!!They need to know they can't continue to do this.We are committed to our group and issue at hand for us and other people in same situation.RENTERS HAVE RIGHTS! The owners and GreyStar who is carrying out their nasty work will not get away with it this time! Just for a moment about my self I am not relocating. I am going to be 70 and for the first time in my life I have found a community I feel part of and belong. As for a good outcome they were not even decent enough to give us a legal document with a signature on the rescinding notice, it was like up a flyer to clean up trash.On the flyer it stated they will continue to non-renew and vacate. So all we really have is a PENDING EVICTION notice.There is no place for us to go !! Myself and many others are pending HOMELESSNESS!! Surely the city will not maintain in good standing .Did you ever think people move here because of other reasons as well as it's beauty and views,mountains etc.How about COMMUNITY.Please think this thru and give us protection against these greedy and selfish group of owners and investors.This is just the beginning for us not the end.We hope you will give great consideration to the matter at hand because Carol McDermott and GreyStar have already started retaliation, they are messing with our PG&E, not mailing our rent statements on time (none yet this month) and threatening us every month to pay our rent and fixed utilities such as water,sewer, and trash or we will get a $75.00 late fee or three day quit!!! Thank You Susan Burwell.

Kathy Meeh said...

Susan, everyone observing this residential displacement of you and the others are aware and concerned for your health and wellbeing.
Thank you for keeping us updated and informed, and for sharing your letter.