Monday, August 17, 2015

Mobile alert from residents to city, South San Francisco

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2020? I am happy, fill the potholes.
Make the roads drivable.
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Our City automated app response could be,
"We're waiting for a 2020 grant. Be happy!"
The Daily Journal/Austin Walsh, 8/17/15.  "South City applies technology to engage community:  App allows residents to express concerns immediately to officials."

South San Francisco residents can harness the power of modern technology to ease the reporting of a gaping pothole on their street, a downed power line in their neighborhood or other inconveniences. By using the EngageSSF mobile app, residents have a clear and easy fashion of communicating their concerns to city workers.

....  City Manager Mike Futrell, in an email, said the mobile app assists city workers in staying more closely connected with residents. “EngageSSF is helping us improve South San Francisco through better customer service and by engaging the entire city in our efforts to address problems as they arise,” he said.

....  The city’s Chief Innovation Officer Doug Hollis said EngageSSF improves the city’s ability to respond to the needs of residents. ....  Every time a resident uses the app, they have the opportunity to provide feedback on their satisfaction.  ....  “Residents have expressed great appreciation for the new tool, providing a quick and easy way to report problems or make requests of the city,” he said.  ....  “This new tool has strengthened the partnership the city enjoys with the residents and businesses in South San Francisco, engaging everyone in the task of improving our city,” he said.   Read article.

Note photographs. Unhappy response, ABC News/Politics, 10/27/13, German Chancellor Angela Merkel learns her cell phone had been tapped by U.S. National Security Agency.  Roadwork by Chuck Kirman/Staff from Ventura County Star News, 1/4/11. 

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