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Local firefighter teams sent to central Washington

The Daily Journal/Samantha Weigel, 8/29/15.  "Locals sent to battle Washington wildfires:  San Mateo, Colma, Pacifica firefighters respond to Gov. Jerry Brown's orders.

A view of the Okanogan Complex Fire that forced the evacuation of an entire town in north-central Washington Tuesday night, Aug. 18, 2015. (Photo courtesy of Tom Randall)
Eastern Washington open space
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This house survived
More San Mateo County firefighters have been called upon to help battle some of the raging wildfires burning across the West Coast, with local agencies making up a significant portion of California’s resources sent to help Washington.  " In a rare move, Gov. Jerry Brown on Aug. 23 ordered his Office of Emergency Services and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection to send 20 fire engines and personnel to assist out of state.The state’s master mutual aid system is frequently triggered to send teams out of their respective counties, but it’s likely been more than a decade since the governor directed firefighters out of California, said San Mateo Fire Chief John Healy.

....   Now, the three OES engines staffed by Pacifica, Colma and San Mateo firefighters are contributing to a strike team — a unit comprised of five engines each staffed with four personnel as well as one or two chiefs in a separate vehicle.

....  The state reimburses jurisdictions for their staffing costs and if someone is pulled from duty, another is quickly sent to replace them to ensure there isn’t a gap in service to the local community, Healy said. .... ... “Our mutual aid system is built upon the concept of  neighbor helping neighbor, an d this is another great example of helping our neighbors in a time of dire need.”....   Currently, California is also receiving assistance from departments in Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, according to Cal Fire. During wildfires on federal land, which is overseen by the U.S. Forest Service, various out-of-state or county agencies assist as well."   Read more.

Image result for news State of Washington fire pictures
This house did not survive
Image result for news State of Washington fire pictures
Firefighters off to contain fire
Reference, Fire Department - North County Fire Authority (serving Brisbane, Daly City and Pacifica).  Washington, local coordination, Northwest Interagency Coordination Center.

Related, WA fire news. Yahoo news/Associated Press/Rachel La Corte and Nicholas K. Geranios, 8/28/15, includes videos. "Frefighters holding their own against giant wildfire." ...."The National Weather Service had issued a red-flag warning earlier in the day for the fires near Okanogan, saying weather conditions had the potential to spread the flames. "All the lines are holding," Bernie Pineda, spokesman for the 450-square-mile fire, said Thursday afternoon​CBS News/Associated Press, 8/28/15, includes 49 slides. "911 calls from fatal Washington state fire: "Send somebody fast." "Homeowners frantically asked for help as a swiftly moving wildfire headed toward their houses, 911 audio calls show...", includes 49 slides from KREM."

Note central Washington fire photographs. Surviving house near Cle Elum, WA by Elaine Thompson, from  NY Daily News/Associated Press, 8/16/15.  Firefighters at Reach complex/Wolverine/Black Canyon from  Q13 Fox News/AP, 8/20/15. Eastern WA, Okanogan Complex fire by Tom Randall/Associated press 8/18/15 from Q Fox 13 TV. Burned house and garage at Okanogan, WA by Elaine Thompson/AP from OPB FM/TV/Environment/News/Local, 8/24/15, "Fire in WA now largest in State history.

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