Monday, August 10, 2015

Reminder City Council Meeting today, Monday August 10, 2015

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Item 9. Police Annual Report, 2014.
Remember 2013, this man washed into shore.
Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on local television or live feed Pacificcoast.TV, (formerly  If you miss civic meetings, view on  PCT 26 You Tube!  The city council meeting begins at 7 p.m., or shortly there following.  City council updates and archives are available on the City website.  

Fix Pacifica article, City Council Meeting 8/10/15.       Interactive City Council Meeting, 8/10/15.

8.    Summary of Caltrans road work, Monday 8/3/15; request for notification of lane closures.

9.    Police Department Annual Report, 2014.

10.  Building regulations/electrical code amendment:  Small residential rooftop solar energy systems, ordinance streamline permitting. (First reading).

Related - City of Pacifica - Police.   Note:  Photograph/AP by Karl Mondon image from Cherokee Tribune, 3/4/13, "Stolen yacht runs aground at Pacifica 3 arrested."

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Wow, dozens of PH1A supporters at the meeting and not one widening supporter. You realize that this was our chance to have an actual Catrans official listen to us, right? What he will be reporting back was that 100% of the citizens that bothered to show up were dead set against the widening plan.

Anonymous said...

Like I said the Hippies Nimbys and noobes are so better organized.

Anonymous said...

Nimby majority rules! You deadenders better mind your manners.

Anonymous said...

In other previously under reported Pacifica News.

60 residents of the Trailer court on Palmetto received eviction notices.

Anonymous said...

You're right the NOBIES are better organized.
They also had their council buddies Keener and Digre working the phones making sure they would all show up to make a false impression on CALTRANS. They counted on the fact that as usual, communication with the public would be abysmal and by the time the general public was aware that CALTRANS would be present the deed would be done. Well played NOBIES.
As for the 60 residents being evicted from the trailer park....just more collateral damage by the NOBIES who value frogs, snakes and their own selfish "I got mine lifestyle" over fellow human beings by refusing to allow any substantive housing construction including AFFORDABLE housing.
These sickos have this city by the balls and they are determined to bring it and everyone in it down, as long as it furthers their faux-enviro agenda.

Anonymous said...

The evictions are the result of evil landlords, nothing else. I was legitimately surprised that nobody from the pro widening side showed up.

Anonymous said...

"I was legitimately surprised that nobody from the pro widening side showed up."

A waste of time. I think they've finally realized they've lost this battle.

Kathy Meeh said...

547, Highway widening was not on the 8/10/15 City Council Agenda. Even so, Highway 1 widening needs to happen.

Two citizen comments at City Council worth remembering:
1. An emergency frontage road from Vallemar to Rockaway, that Ian Butler brought up, would be an interesting idea, except it would run through private, potentially economically viable quarry property.

2. Mary Kettleman, representing PH1A (one of the lawsuits), said 700 people in this City support highway widening. Is that 700 adults, down from the claimed 834 Pacifica signatures on the anti-highway widening petition? (See Fix article, 7/7/14, PH1A petition results.) Or, were the now omitted 134 City signatures just duplicates, teenagers, and children?
Not sure, but this City may have as many as 25,000 adults residing here: 700 adults say NO to actually fixing the Highway 1 bottleneck (you know the researched and studied plan), vs. 24,300 adults who say YES or maybe? Progress is good!

Anonymous said...

"An emergency frontage road from Vallemar to Rockaway, that Ian Butler brought up, would be an interesting idea, except it would run through private, potentially economically viable quarry property."

It's an "idea" that's been a part of Pacifica's General Plan since 1980.

Anonymous said...

Not one pro-widening speaker? Is that right? Not even the usuals? Oh, well played. Good grief.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, the PH1A spokeswoman did not say that 700 residents opposed widening Highway 1, she said PH1A has 700 members, which is an entirely different thing. For example, my husband and I vote and we are anti-widening, but we are not PH1A members.

Re your 10:12 comment, true, widening per se was not on the agenda, but the Caltrans traffic jam was. Rather than sit at home complaining on a blog, a large number of people connected the dots and used the opportunity to tell City Council and Caltrans how Monday's incident was a glimpse into what hell our lives would be for two years or more if Pacifica proceeds with the ill-advised widening plan, particularly with Caltrans at the helm. If you were either at the meeting or watched it on television and are being honest with yourself, you will admit that the things that were said on Monday (including the excuse making by Caltrans itself) clearly resonated with your people Ervin and Nihart. Whether they will admit it to your face is another thing, but time will tell whether they finally got the message.

Kathy Meeh said...

"1980 idea 718", a frontage road through the quarry is a 1980, 35 year past idea. (After all, Ronald Regan was President at that time, remember him?)

The narrow 1980 City General Plan language to force a frontage road through the quarry can be, and has been, challenged. San Mateo County planning to widen Highway 1 began more than 10 years ago. City Council initiated that process, and signed-off on all of it.

The updated City General Plan process began in 2009. The reason that process has not been completed is the usual default: "no money". The City lacks adequate, functional revenue due to NIMBY influence and obstruction against needed economic development.

"Good grief 742", the only Highway 1 issue on the City Council Agenda, 8/10/15 was Item 8, the Caltrans road work snafu which occurred Monday 8/3/15. Vision: had Highway 1 already been widened, the severe traffic gridlock might have been avoided.

Kathy Meeh said...

1215, Highway widening is the primary solution through two (2) main access an exit intersections of our City. The data has been studied, the project is funded.
One more lawsuit to go (Federal), the other lawsuits (State, County, City) had no traction.
Caltrans is the the road developer, engineer, builder in this State period. (No other Agency does Highway road building in this State.)

From City Council meeting 8/10/15, it was clear that Caltrans intends to try work with the City the best they can going forward. Communications will improve.
From the discussion, it sounded as if the regional highway construction/maintenance manager (who grew up in Pacifica, and knows the area) made a judgement error, because an expensive heavy equipment grinder/roller became available. And without proper notification to the City, he took that opportunity to complete needed Highway 1 maintenance. What could go wrong?

Otherwise, most of the time, the roads in California seem to be okay? No complaints, other than the one-day fiasco, and some inconvenience with the San Pedro bridge construction at Linda Mar?
Somehow we will all survive, and Caltrans will work together better with is in the future.

About those entirely different 700 people (PH1A, etc.) you mentioned: as a group (or groups), they have been "connecting the dots" in this City for decades. Result: we have a substandard, inadequate City infrastructure, along with permanent loss of productive City land.
Now they/you want to unfix the researched highway traffic flow solution. And as population grows into the future, the unfix will lead to permanent traffic congestion "hell", (not just 2 years of some inconvenience).
FYI, this blog is a forum with a bias toward Fixing Pacifica, not the "alternative". And clearly what we do here is not substandard to what the "complaining" Gang of No does at City Council.

Anonymous said...

Here's a pro tip for all readers out there:

The truth is almost always a very simple and easily definable thing that's immediately recognizable.

Whenever someone has to post several multi-paragraph explanations, they're either trying to push an agenda or sell you something you don't want/need as demonstrated by the comments above.

Anonymous said...

Kathy 1236 You seem to be implying the pro-widening faction made a decision to stay away Monday night. Smart move. It was not a good night for CalTrans. Better to keep the latest CalTrans traffic debacle separate from the widening. It was a strategy and not a lack of willing speakers, right?