Saturday, August 8, 2015

Pacifica Hwy 1 congestion matter

To Senator Hill
Assemblyman Mullin

Pacifica City Council
Pacifica Tribune

As the City press release below explains, a routine CalTrans Hwy 1 paving project was affected by several accidents and presumably finished late. The resulting backup was several miles long and lasted past 9PM.

CalTrans apparently did not notify the City work was to be done.

Since Pacifica BACPAC is involved in policy issues in town, we ask both legislative members to sponsor legislation to require CalTrans to consult with, and give advanced warning to, any locality where CalTrans work will occur.

Additionally, we ask you both to facilitate the expected CalTrans-Pacifica meeting to review the details of the Highway 1 Improvement project delay and move forward with an immediate solution.

As you know, Highway 1 is a critical regional state highway. Hwy 1 is the only way in and out of town for 50% of Pacifica residents and a large portion of the south coast-side.

Hwy 1 is the lifeline for our tourism business, commuters, and emergency vehicles.  This particular stretch of road has been a historic bottleneck that is currently being planned for widening.  Any uncoordinated road work only makes the situation worse.

 Thank you

Jim Wagner, Chair
Pacifica Business and Community PAC, August 4, 2015


Anonymous said...

What took ya so long? Anyone not see this letter coming?

mike bell said...

Thank you Jim.

todd bray said...

Hahahaha, Mike, you crack me up, hahaha... ahhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Trump fired his strategist, didn't he?

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to note that the request for notice of work is on the agenda tonite. Glad someone out their is paying attention rather than making inane comments on this blog.

mike bell said...

Glad I could humor you Todd.

Anonymous said...

Probably nothing in this town has ever hit an agenda faster. Council was dissed and pissed! And tonight, an army of outraged Pacificans, a few mind-bending excuses, and some amazing connect-the-dot work. You think CalTrans will send an emissary?

Anonymous said...

If Caltrans does send someone I want to know who he or she angered in a previous life to get the assignment