Saturday, August 8, 2015

Mavericks Invitational has a new event organizer

Half Moon Bay Review/Clay Lambert, 8/6/15. "Mavericks organizers get 5-year permit for contest."

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Mavericks big wave surfing competition continues
"A wave of support for Cartel Management and local Mavericks organizers overpowered the San Mateo County Harbor District on Wednesday night, washing away any competition for a permit for the legendary surf contest and leaving a five-year permit in its wake.

....Mavericks Surf Invitational received a three-year permit in June 2013. Since then, the organization has been acquired by Cartel Management of Southern California, and representatives of the World Surf League briefly indicated they might be interested in running a big-wave surf event of their own at Mavericks.

....  Tom Mattusch (Harbor Board President), a charter boat operator at Pillar Point Harbor, recused himself from the discussion and vote because he said he has partnered with Mavericks organizers in the past. Sabrina Brennan (Harbor Board Commissioner), who was the only commissioner who remained silent during the discussion, abstained from the vote. The permit application passed 3-0."  Read spicy article.

Related article, PR Newswire/Cartel Management, 6/3/15. "Mavericks and Cartel Management Unite Big Wave Surfing." "HALF MOON BAY, Calif., June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Mavericks brand and its powerhouse big wave surfing competition, "Mavericks Invitational" is thrilled to announce its partnership and acquisition by Cartel Management Inc. Cartel has committed to a defined long term partnership, to develop, produce and re-format the most prestigious big wave surfing event in the world.  Through strategic development of Mavericks' national imprint and global presence, Cartel Management will catapult the coveted Mavericks' identity into the leader of not only surfing, but also the forerunner of must-see action sports. 20th Century Fox films paid homage to Mavericks with: "Chasing Mavericks" starring Gerard Butler in 2012.  .... Griffin Guess, owner of Cartel Management, initially met with the Mavericks Invitational team to protect the athletes' interests and to advance their personal equity in big wave surfing. With expertise in creative arts, talent management, entertainment media and marketing of top premium brands, Guess's group pairs naturally with Mavericks' exponential possibilities."   Reference, San Mateo Harbor District Board.

Note photograph.  Surfers by Roseann Cima/Peninsula Press from a  SF Gate  blog article.

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Anonymous said...

No one in Pacifica, can look at this and say, wow why can't we do this and or a couple of these big tourist attractions in town.

Oh I know Peter Loeb, doesn't like traffic.

Never mind, nothing to see here, please move on.

Anonymous said...

What? There are already multiple surf contests held in Pacifica. One just a few weeks back and more coming later this summer - early fall.
The story though is about big business coming in and taking over a local event. Not a positive story for the coastside.

Anonymous said...

700 What became of that Off the Grid food truck thing brought up by the new hire? Hey, the bridge is open now, looks like 4 lanes, and traffic flow might be improved. Not sure if there's any money in it for Pacifica but maybe council can revisit the idea?

Anonymous said...

Off the grid was postponed till September.

Anonymous said...

The story though is about big business coming in and taking over a local event. Not a positive story for the coastside.

Obviously your not paying attention. Mavericks had more drama and tension than day time TV.

Big business..well the local yokels haven't exactly functioned that well.

Anonymous said...

The HMB harbor district is very corrupt. The DA needs to investigate some of it's dealings and charge people with felonies. I won't say more.