Sunday, August 2, 2015

Another dead whale washes in, Pacific Manor Beach

KCRA 3/KTVU News, 8/12/15, 4:08 pm. "Dead humpback whale found on Pacifica beach, whale is latest in string of mysterious dead whales."

A whale washed up on Esplanade Beach in Pacifica, Calif. on Sunday, August 2, 2015.
Dead humpback whale discovered
at  Pacific Manor Beach
"PACIFICA, Calif. —A dead humpback whale has washed up at a beach in the city of Pacifica, the latest of a series of dead whales found along Northern California's coast since April.

Marine Mammal Center spokeswoman Laura Sherr tells KCRA's Hearst content partner, The San Francisco Chronicle, beachgoers observed the carcass of the whale at Esplanade beach on Sunday. Sherr says personnel from California Academy of Sciences and the Marine Mammal Center will keep an eye on the carcass and the tides to determine whether they can safely perform a necropsy.

The whale is the latest in a string of mysterious dead whales found in the area. A humpback whale washed up on Sharp Park Beach in Pacifica in May. A month earlier, the rotting carcass of a sperm whale on the beach near Mori Point left scientists baffled as a dissection revealed no official cause of death."

Related articleABC 7 News/KGO TV, 8/2/15, about 2:50 pm. .... "A dog walker discovered the large marine mammal on the beach along Eplanade Avenue around 6 a.m. Sunday."  Related, Nextdoor email, from the  City of Pacifica, Police Department Press release, 8/2/15, pdf pages 1:  ".... a large, deceased whale whale in the surf in the 400 block of Esplanade Drive... beach commonly referred to as Pacific Manor Beach. City of Pacifica officials are currently in the process of making arrangements to have the whale removed from the beach as expeditiously as possible."

Note photograph: whale on Esplanade beach photograph from the ABC 7/KGO-TV.  

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Kathy Meeh said...

Thank you to Tom Clifford, and to Mystic Pizza for letting us know about this whale! Their comments are posted on the "Has Pacifica become a Colma for Whales?", 5/5/15 article.

Manor Sushi said...

yumm Sushi!

Anonymous said...

Grow up children. It's a dead whale not a joke.
How our city leaders end up handling this one is another matter.
We'll see.

Sharon said...

Tom Clifford commented over on Riptide it would be handled immediately. I'm not sure about the location, if it's directly beneath homes/apartments but, hopefully the city will be less tardy than they were with the Sharp Park whales.


Peter Loeb is my hero.
It only took 90 minutes to travel 2 miles through Pacifica today on Highway One.
I'm so thankful that the traffic geniuses who are suing us have it under control.

Pacifica assclown circus said...

90 minutes you made it through quick. I left Serramonte at 11:40 and walked in the door at 2 pm.

There was also an accident and the Fire Truck and CHP and Ambulence couldn't make it through traffic.

Why does everything in Pacifica have to be a such a cluster fuck??

Anonymous said...


Walk across the street from the post office and walk over by the Apartments. The real nice remodeled ones. Walk over to the crowds and look down.

Don't walk too close to the edge.

Tom Clifford said...

Caltrans will be closing the north bound right hand lane tomorrow 9:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.

Anonymous said...

Where's the story on the Highway 1 backup? It's backed up past Skyline right now!

CalTrans: trust us, we know what we're doing.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Pacifica Police?
We need traffic mitigation.
This is ridiculous.
Even local news stations are making fun of Pacifica traffic (KCBS).

Anonymous said...

WAKE UP PACIFICA it was the geniuses at Caltrans who screwed you over today. The people who are suing Caltrans are not suing you. They're trying to prevent a permanent traffic nightmare from happening. What kind of dumb and dumberer closes a lane of Highway 1 to do repaving during the weekday commute? Caltrans should be fired for incompetence.

They don't care; they don't have to. They'll screw you over again and again and make your life miserable forever. At least there are many sane people trying to stop this insanity.

Sharon said...

Tnx Anon @404 noticed them as I tried every alternate route I could work to get home tonight.

Anonymous said...

When Chief Saunders led the police department he stated:

It's not our job, it is the CHP's job!

Anonymous said...

Hiway One is the only contiguous thoroughfare through Pacifica and is the only road that connects northern and southern coastal communities. As a regional route it is a life threatening choke-point which is failing more and more as the bay area population increases. The triggering event doesn't really matter anymore. Accidents, repairs, maintenance, sunny beach weather, emergency evacuations all have the same result - a complete failure of access.
Do we have to experience a massive disaster before we'll stop listening to these complete NOBY idiots who want nothing for Pacifica? It won't matter to them. They'll run and hide just like they are doing right now with the bankrupting of our city.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:53
This morning, 2 lanes down to 1 caused crawling traffic, then an accident blocked the 1 open lane, bringing everything to a complete standstill.
This evening, still with 2 lanes down to 1 and with "normal" traffic, the whole town is gridlocked. Why?
If it had been up to Caltrans (and the people who understand how these things work) the 2 lanes would have been 3 lanes, with shoulders, years ago, and today's resurfacing work would have caused just minor delays - as it does everywhere except Pacifica. What part of this don't you get?
Can we hope that this teaches everybody (apart from the few we could probably all name and who will no doubt continue to come up with other weird and wonderful anti-widening arguments?) that this bit of road needs to be widened and fixed as soon as possible? Even in Pacifica, that shouldn't be too much to wish for!

Anonymous said...

It's 8:45pm and it's still stopped before the Manor off ramp.

CalScams said...

Traffic is still totally fucked at 8:30pm. Friggin Caltrans numbskulls keeping a lane closed during the evening commute -- brilliant work from the only crew who could build us a Bay Bridge $4 billion over budget and so shoddily built the rods snap when a pelican lands on them.

Anonymous said...

So Pacifica "brass" ducks all responsibility and gladly throws the blame on CALTRANS. Are there any adults in the room? Does anyone have any balls? Is there no one willing to step forward and do their job?
What a sad state of affairs.
No wonder Pacifica teeters on the brink of bankruptcy. No wonder we listen to the likes of Nancy Hall and Peter Loeb to map our future.
This asylum is truly being run by the inmates.

Anonymous said...

Widen the highway and end the Curse of the Beached Whales. Hey, it's as good a reason as any offered on here. Love the serial posters who play all the parts in the play!