Saturday, October 26, 2013

BART workers recession proof, and got their pay raise

And may they never strike again.

San Jose Mercury News/public employee pension news/Mike Rosenberg and Daniel J. Willis, Staff Writers, 10/26/13.  "BART raises follow similar pay bumps for Bay Area workers, especially in government."
During BART's high-profile labor negotiations, much of the public anger was focused on union workers' demands for extra pay when they already make some of the highest average salaries in the state.

But it turns out the raises they received reflect the wage bumps that other Bay Area government employees already got in the last few years, according to an analysis by this newspaper of payroll data provided by more than 300 local public agencies. And the BART raises were only slightly more than the pay increases private sector workers received.   Read article.

Note:  Photograph from Latinos post.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Very poorly written piece of fiction. The writer obviously has a bias, presents no citations for his data. And since when is a 4.5% Bart raise in 2011 only "slightly higher" than a 2.3 percent raise in the private sector?

Anonymous said...

LOL. Talk about "obvious bias." Anon 12:00 pm must have read a different article than I did.

Anonymous said...

There were no credible citations for his "facts" stated other than some Bay Area News Group study that he doesn't even provide a link for. Totally bogus.

Anonymous said...

Great article confirming that Bart raises were nearly double the average raise given in the private sector. No need to tell us about how well-compensated public employees are. No need at all. We get that part, really we do. In fact, as taxpayers, it is our privilege and honor to make sure they are well-tended, forever. Fabulous writing.