Saturday, October 12, 2013

San Mateo County District Supervisor representation postponed

Half Moon Bay Review/Julia Reis, 10/10/13. "Supervisors delay redistricting decision."

Okay Daly City has the best tax revenue,
great services, jobs, some green space
Daly City Records
How about
we "pave over the ocean"
.... way cool.
 ....  "The county Board of Supervisors postponed its decision over three new maps recommended by an ad hoc committee. Instead the supervisors asked to see hybrids of the maps at its Oct. 22 meeting. Chris Hunter, chief of staff for Supervisor Don Horsley, said the postponement resulted from public comment, much of which dealt with the issues of splitting the city of San Mateo or shifting Hillsborough from its current district position.

....  The committee saw varieties of more than two dozen maps, some of which proposed splitting Pacifica in half or lumping it into District 5 with Daly City. Horsley and Arietta opposed those changes.

....  “We will make a decision (in two weeks), but the critical thing from the Coastside is that the Coastside will stay together,” Horsley said."  Read article.

Reference -  City of Daly City.  Note:  photograph from the Daly City website.  "Daly City loves you" from Daily City records/twitter.

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