Thursday, October 3, 2013

Public access to Martins Beach (private property), continued

San Mateo County Times/Aaron Kinney, 10/1/13.  "Setback for Martins Beach access movement."

Property rights or public access?
The question of the public's right to access a picturesque beach on the San Mateo County coast may have been settled roughly 150 years ago at the dawn of California's statehood, a judge said Tuesday.

....  Buchwald's decision, expected in three weeks, could deal a major blow to a campaign by surfers, environmentalists and activists to restore access to the beach. While the ruling may not ultimately go the plaintiff's way, the lawsuit forced attorneys for the secretive Martins Beach LLC to finally confirm what had been widely presumed for two years: the true owner of the beach is billionaire venture capitalist Vinod Khosla.   Read article.

Note:  photograph is from, "Press release from Surfrider Foundation."  For related Martins Beach reprint articles, see "search this blog".

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Anonymous said...

This decison by this judge will likely open a statewide can of worms as other property owners along the coast attempt to deny public access to the beaches. It must be nice to be a billionaire with the ability to hire a battalion of attorneys and basically screw the residents of and visitors to the Coastside from enjoying a day at Martins Beach. If the public hadn't had access (paid or not) for the last fifty years(at least), that might be another thing. But the public has had access and that access should not now be taken away. May the new owner face a reversal of fortune; a pox on him and all his family.