Friday, October 18, 2013

Indigenous Pacifica pigeon finds a forever home

San Francisco Chronicle/Eileen Mitchell, 10/15/13.  "First comes the pigeon, then the dream home."

Dovee the pigeon first met Cheryl Dickinson when she agreed to foster him, then just months after he was adopted the bird wound up back with her - for good. Photo: Courtesy Cheryl Dickinson
"Cheryl Dickinson met her first pet pigeon back in 2007 while visiting a friend in Michigan. She was so enthralled by the bird that she told friends perhaps one day, when she no longer had cats, she might consider a pigeon. She had no idea that with those words, the seed had been planted.
....  In 2008, my friend asked if I would take in a white pigeon that was lost and refused to leave a bar in Pacifica. Sure, I said. I placed the frightened bird in a dog crate in my bathtub and called him Dovee.

I had no idea how to care for a pigeon. I had no idea what kind of pigeon Dovee even was (a domestic white king pigeon, I later learned). I was actually very intimidated by him.

 Today, I volunteer with MickaCoo Pigeon and Dove Rescue and foster up to 20 pigeons at a time. I no longer foster Dovee though. I realized I was far too attached to this sweet little bird to ever give him up. After being bounced from a bar to taking a cross-country trek to Michigan and back, Dovee has finally found his forever home. With me."    Read article.

Note photograph from the article taken by Dovee's forever guardian, Cheryl Dickinson. 

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Anonymous said...

So, the lovely Dovee was picked up in a bar and put in a dog crate in a bathtub. That's probably happened before, yes?