Monday, October 7, 2013

Gas pipeline shut down in San Carlos

The Daily Journal (San Mateo), Bay City News), 10/7/13.  "Pipeline will be shut down."

Brittan Avenue is shown as the red line
which cuts through San Carlos
"PG&E confirmed Sunday that it was shutting down a natural gas pipeline in San Carlos that city officials believe could be unsafe, a utility spokesman said this afternoon.

Crews were initiating a “proper, safe and effective” shutdown of Line 147 in response to a court order from a San Mateo County Superior Court judge and concerns from San Carlos city officials and residents, PG&E spokesman Greg Snapper said.  

....  The 3.8-mile line runs the length of the city beneath Brittan Avenue, a residential street that carries thousands of residents to their homes and schools daily, according to city officials."  Read article.  

Related article NBC Bay Area News, 10/4/13. "San Carlos Declares State of Emergency over PG&E pipeline."  Opening the article will activate the 2:28 minute news video, 2:38 minutes. Note:  Google areal map with graphic overlay is from this article. 

Related location - Video tour of Brittan Avenue, San Carlos, by Greg Booth, automated slides 1:50 minutes.   Map:  San Carlos Park Department, Brittan Avenue is the long street that cuts through the City of San Carlos, and runs perpendicular to Alameda de las Pulgas, El Camino Real and Highway 101.  

Update -  Oakland Tribune/George Avalos, 10/7/13.  "PG&E shuts down gas pipeline under San Carlos." "SAN CARLOS -- Amid fresh concerns about the safety of its natural gas pipeline, PG&E on Monday shut down a nearly 4-mile-long section that lies under the city of San Carlos between Highway 101 and Interstate 280."  Article includes embedded video comments by the City of San Carlos.

Update - San Francisco Examiner/Bay City News, 10/22/13. "PG&E allowed to reopen pipeline in San Carlos at reduced pressure."  "PG&E won permission from a state administrative law judge in San Francisco on Monday to reconnect a 3.8-mile natural gas pipeline in San Carlos to its transmission system at reduced pressure. Line 147 has been closed off from the system, although kept at low-pressure of 125 pounds per square inch, since Oct. 7, in the wake the disclosure of internal PG&E e-mails that raised concerns about the safety of the line last year."

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Article updated, San Carlos 3.8 mile pipeline being kept at 125 pounds per square inch low pressure.