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Measure V, No from this small business

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Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor, 10/15/13.  "No on V" by Richard Shafer

Editor:  Between my small business (five employees and one part-time) and my family, I have 10 phone lines, one Internet line, and one TV line. I bet I will be paying a lot more than businesses like Safeway that have a few phone lines, yet are vastly larger than my business. Seniors don't have to pay anything - whether they can afford to or not. Visitors pay nothing. Less fortunate people who are not seniors do have to pay.

The City Council has put a lot of energy into this proposal as well as spending the taxpayers' money on essentially a phone campaign to promote it — at the expense of promoting economic development that will increase the long-term tax base. The economy is improving and the existing tax revenues are growing, and will continue to — especially if the council focuses on sound growth, instead of how they can squeeze more from people who may not even have a job; who need their phone line and Internet connection to look for a job. This tax is unfair, not well thought out, and not needed.

The city council spent our money on a calculated phone "survey" to promote this tax. They exempted seniors from the tax because they know seniors are a large share of the voting public. I believe this type of behavior by the council should not be rewarded.

For the sake of your fellow Pacificans, please vote no on Measure V.  Thank you. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh

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Anonymous said...

This Council has given up on economic development and is no friend to business. I base that on their truly horrendous record, the jewel of which is a council chamber and library on prime city-owned real estate leaving nothing but unprofitable scraps for any developer. Taxation and fees is their economic plan for Pacifica because the taxpayer and the business owner is the only revenue source they understand.