Thursday, October 10, 2013

Before voting for Measure V by mail or in person, think

Elaine Larsen's editorial commentary link is well written, and provides the basis for reasoned citizen thought about the newly proposed 6.5% telecommunications utilities tax. 

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Pacifica Tribune/Elaine Larsen, Editor and Publisher, "From the Editor and Publisher:  A taxing matter."  

....  "The Pacifica Tribune this week published a Voters' Guide, presenting as much information as possible from both sides of the issue.  ....The Tribune is not going to tell you how to vote. But we do pose a few questions. Because it's your money and your town we're talking about.   

....   The expanded Utility Users' Tax on land lines and cell phones is an "undesignated tax." That means, unlike a school bond measure, voters have no guaranteed assurance exactly how the money will be spent. It goes into the General Fund."    Read article. 

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Posted by Kathy Meeh


Tom Clifford said...

For thirty years we have been paying a 6.5% tax on one vital service PG&E.

You can't cook,clean, heat your home or refrigerate food,without paying the City of Pacifica its pound of flesh.

Now they are coming for your phones.

Phones in modern society have become another vital part of every day life. Most Job interviews are first handled over the phone,Doctor appointments and hospital stays are all arranged by phone. The disabled have life alert systems attach to their phones.

Most businesses depend on their phones to keep customers satisfied and to reach new customers.

The phone is essential to modern life and life essentials should not be taxed


Hutch said...

Yes they're essential. And for families with multipal children it could cost $400 a year or more extra in taxes. Many families are on tight budgets. Phones now days are an essential safety device almost all kids have as young as 5.

We know who's supporting this tax. The City Unions. They see a big payday for their members if it passes.

Don't make things tougher on Pacifica families and others who are in lower income brackets just to give raises to people already making big bucks.

According to the City all services and departments are fully funded. The budget is balanced and we have an over 1.5 million dollar reserve. So what will this money really go to? Raises for all employees.

Anonymous said...

The money will go for anything Council chooses. Anything. Once it's in the general fund it's like mad money to them. And as far as accounting for it, good luck. It's mixed in and your money is gone!

Anonymous said...

For those of you around for a while. A city council was recalled due to a street lighting tax. 4 out of 5 council members tossed out at o once.

This city council should take note!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Ginny J one of the ones recalled for that street light tax? Hmmm, she's supporting this one big time.

Anonymous said...

It would have been 5 but Bonnie Wells took one look at the angry mob and chose to vote no. Ahh, the good old days.

Anonymous said...

I think some are exaggerating what this tax will cost. I have a family of four iphones and pay $200 a month for all of us. At 6.5%, that'll be $156 a year for Measure V tax.

To get to Hutch's $400 threat level, you'd need a $512 a month phone bill! That's one big family!

I'm not saying I'm going to vote for it. But it's not worth getting riled up about: if it passes, just change your cell phone billing address to outside of Pacifica so you don't get charged this tax. Make up an address for all they care: it's not like we get paper bills in the mail anymore anyway, right?

Anonymous said...

changing your phone bill mail delivery why using the phone in Pacifica is illegal under this ordinance. City Clerk is authorized to issue a subpoena for records and issue upwards of $500 per day fines. No court oversight in the ordinance. Since you and most other people have not read nor understand the fine print, you best vote NO.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Wasn't Ginny J one of the ones recalled for that street light tax? Hmmm, she's supporting this one big time.October 10, 2013 at 7:41 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
It would have been 5 but Bonnie Wells took one look at the angry mob and chose to vote no. Ahh, the good old days.October 10, 2013 at 9:45 PM
Let's look to the current time and future versus the past. So odd to keep bringing back history from oh so many many many many years back.

Anonymous said...

Council holds the administrative subpoena power. Do you think they're going to make such a politically unpopular move? I wish they would. Love to see their mugs on the news. Pathetica is at it again! Despite their love for cameras, that's a job they'll dump on the city clerk or our city lawyer/warrior.
Using a fake address? Why get down in the dirt?

Anonymous said...

107 So, it's odd you are. I couldn't care less about recalls but, the Wells thing is classic Pacifica. A narrow escape from the mob. Over street-lighting and landscaping, wasn't it? These days we get grants and freebies to pay for that, don't we? See, history taught us something.
Relax yourself, you sound like the thought-police, soooo controlling.

Anonymous said...

Total recall!

Anonymous said...

I remember when the democrats and President Obama made all the promises to the world in passing the TARP and Stimulus packages. Some 7 billion of the stimulus went to San Francisco, foreign countries, African American business's in Oakland (only to be destroyed by OWS). What I am trying to say is that your phoney cries of "the people will have no control over how the money is spent" or "undesignated tax" is somewhat patronizing, To, those of us that pay attention to what games democrats play. This is money that will stay in Pacifica and not go to any Jihadi's that hate Americans. Paleeze. Vote yes on Measure V. Save our City Services.

Anonymous said...

1011 There are no words.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:11 What are you talking about? The Democrats endorsed the phone tax just as they endorse every tax because it will increase their union supporters salary.

If you're not sure where the money will be spent you only have to look at who donated the most money to yes on V. The employee unions.

As far as keeping promises the city has a really bad track record and we all know it.

Go peddle that crap somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

You think 1011 was serious?

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that 10:11 would be in favor of a Taxing on Free Speech. Does that make him a Commie.